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  1. Looks like I'm not the only one

    Got psls in section 104 (his section). Can confirm that he is in fact a jerk. 
  2. What is our gameplan with T.D.

    Whatever TD deems appropriate. The man has EARNED the right to make his own call in this game. 
  3. On a side note, if any of you who are going happen across a game ticket that you are going to discard or someone else is, please grab it for me.  I'm not going to be able to go to be game but would love to have the ticket. I will even give you some cash for your troubles and shipping. 
  4. That trindon holiday punt return still pisses me off. There was two blatant block in the backs and He fumbled before he crossed the line. 
  5. Ricky Proehl has done some great work with our wideouts and the above photos illustrate their progression.  I remember looking at photos in training camp of Philly and Funchess and neither of them were looking the ball in. The two photos above show great technique and focus and I'm sure that is something Ricky had helped them develop. 
  6. They're scared

    "Week 20:  Carson Palmer is awful in the playoffs  there is no way you beat that Broncos defense" "Week 21:. Well...damn. Congrats" finished it for you. 
  7. The "Gettleman Getdown"

    The thing I like most about it, is the fact that this team has shortened the offseason a whole month by playing into February. 

    You guys that didn't get picked, did you get a letter as well? or are the letters only for those who were selected?
  9. Broncos to Wear All White

    We're 0-1 all time in white in the Super Bowl.  May as well put the blacks on to get that first ring 
  10. Biggest play of the game

    The throw to Olsen up the seam is the play that I thought sealed it. I believe it was on 3rd down in the 3rd quarter.    When he completed that pass everyone knew the Super Bowl was imminent. 
  11. TD

    Only jersey I still wear is my blue Thomas Davis 47.  I remember being bummed when he switched to 58, but as the years go on, the 47 becomes more and more special. 
  12. Breathtaking.

    Seattle may have Macklemore, but we have this gem.    Suck it Seattle. We win again. 
  13. The coins in an aluminum beer cans are extremely loud. Just sucks you have to pay so much for the beer
  14. Larry Fitzgerald vs. Cortland Finnegan

    We absolutely positively have to pressure Palmer with four guys.