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  1. bigdog10 added a post in a topic Headcount for JAX (Week 1)   

    Got a group of five going
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  2. bigdog10 added a post in a topic Bortles better than Cam   

    Bortles isn't better than Cam, but he is improving.
    I saw a stat that the Jags first team offense has produced 8 scoring drives in 11 chances.  Hopefully, we can get off to a fast start in Jax because it would be a shame to drop a game to those guys.
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  3. bigdog10 added a post in a topic How Elite is this defense going to be?   

    Our defense wasn't elite by any standards last year and I don't think they will be this year. 
    Roman Harper is a huge liability in coverage, Tillman's health is a question mark, and we are going to be heavily reliant on Kony Ealy to be a very good defensive end. Couple those things with a worrisome Star injury and an offense that is going to keep this defense on the field; I'd say there are some things standing in the way of this defense being elite
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  4. bigdog10 added a post in a topic poor cam :(   

    Dwan Edwards very quietly had a great game. He was unblockable at times. 
    I know there were a couple posts on here talking about potentially parting ways with him and cole. Experience is a luxury in this league when you have injuries to your starters. 
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  5. bigdog10 added a post in a topic Kickoff Chant   

    Saw this on the big screen last night during kick offs. The fan base is going to need some training for something like this to take hold
    on a side note, I really like the blue siren. Id love to see them adopt that as a third down sound. It doesn't have any direct relations to the panthers, but it definitely infuses energy into the stadium when they play it at player intros and the start of the 2nd half. 
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  6. bigdog10 added a post in a topic How about Kony Ealy!   

    came here to post this very thing. The play after the sack was great. Perfectly played and a great display of strength, speed and disruption. 
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  7. bigdog10 added a post in a topic Give Brown a BREAK.. The Kid was Undrafted.. asking him to Replace Benjamin iS TOO DAMN MUCH   

    I'm willing to give him some time to figure this out. He is getting open. It looks like a concentration issue to me.  
    With that said, he has a game in the regular season like yesterday and I wouldn't hesitate to move him to the bottoms of the depth chart. 
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  8. bigdog10 added a post in a topic So which team picks up Wegher?   

    Atlanta or Chicago
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  9. bigdog10 added a post in a topic How safe is Tolbert?   

    The play design of the two carries tolber had are so incredibly awful it's not even funny. 
    The design had turner pulling (a pulling guard on a 2nd and goal fr the one!!!!). Turner pulled right into the back of Kalil, which resulted in the entire play collapsing on itself
    shula literally called the same set of plays against the phins that he did against the Niners in the 2013 playoffs. It had the exact same result as well.  
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  10. bigdog10 added a post in a topic Wegher and Ward, Ward and Wegher   

    Jeremy:  has wegher seen any reps returning kick offs in camp?
    it seems like he has great vision and speed. 
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  11. bigdog10 added a post in a topic Daryl Williams is the #1 graded OT by PFF   

    Just rewatched the game. Cam never came close to getting hit. This line has a nice gel this early. Could be a good year for our running backs and Cam. 
    Just need a receiver or tight end to emerge and the O should be solid. 
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  12. bigdog10 added a post in a topic Rivera On RB Cuts   

    thank God for some reason in this thread. People forget how important tolberts return last year was to the turnaround. 
    Tolbert does the non flashy stuff extremely well (like blitz pick up, short yardage, and catching balls out of the back field)  
    the huddle never ceases to amaze in preseason.  A few guys have some decent showings against other teams scrubs and all of a sudden we should toss out our proven commodities to make room for these sure fire all pros.
    Hell, if you went with the huddle on some prior roster moves, I'm sure Taye Biddle would be amongst the greatest to ever played WR and they would already be molding his bust for Canton  
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  13. bigdog10 added a post in a topic Rivera On RB Cuts   

    I don't think they will cut Tolbert. Likely talking about Fozzy. 
    I realize this means very little but Tolbert was featured on one of the seasons game tickets that psl holders get. Hard to imagine them cutting a guy they deemed worthy enough to put on the ticket along with nine other core members. 
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  14. bigdog10 added a post in a topic Coach Rivera: Frank Alexander, Defensive End has a torn achilles   

    WR and DE
    easily the two spots on the team we couldn't afford losses at. 
    What an awful week. 
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  15. bigdog10 added a post in a topic Official Panthers - Dolphins GameDay Thread   

    seripus question here:
    could shaq drop into roman harpers safety spot on passing downs. 
     I don't know enough about safety play or transitions but I think we've got to find a way for him to be on the field on all three downs. 
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