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  1. I can't. I have a Samsung 70inch suhd and it blacks it out once the game starts
  2. Nope, it blacks it out on the tv with a message that says "nfl games can not be cast/mirrored please watch on your Verizon phone or tablet" You can cast the NFL network and pregame and poo but once the game starts it disables it.
  3. The only thing I dont like about it is that you can't cast or stream it to your tv. I was hoping this year they would allow it but it doesn't.
  4. Anyone who doesn't see the benefit of workplace moral either doesn't work in a supervisory role or they're terrible at it imo.
  5. I'm 33 and have been in management in various industries for over a decade and if we're going to argue from a fallacious perspective of anecdote I'll say that I've had by far a greater issue with entitlement from older employees who are content with Bitching about lazy millenials while I constantly have to replace them with said millenials because the older employees become content and stagnate professionally while the younger generation out paces them in professional improvement.
  6. Bitching about the younger generation is a theme as old as time. It has equally been as idiotic now as it has always been. Its almost never based on reality. Millennials don’t have a reputation as a hard-working generation. The caricature of the Millennial worker is more or less a cartoon of an entitled recipient of hundreds of plastic participation trophies who cares less about paying his dues at work and more about perks like flex-time, beer carts, and nap rooms. Or perhaps I should say that “we” have that reputation, since I’m technically a Millennial — most demographers put the start-date for this generation at 1981. But according to a new survey by Project:Time Off and GfK, Millennials are actually more likely to see themselves — proudly — as “work martyrs” than older workers, and less likely to use all their vacation time. The researchers surveyed roughly 5,000 full-time employees who receive paid time off as a benefit, and found that Millennials were much more likely to agree with four statements they used to assess work martyrdom: “No one else at my company can do the work while I’m away.” “I want to show complete dedication to my company and job.” “I don’t want others to think I am replaceable.” “I feel guilty for using my paid time off.” 43% of work martyrs were Millennials, compared with just 29% of overall survey respondents. Millennials were also more likely to want to be seen as work martyrs than older workers; specifically, 48% of Millennials wanted their bosses to see them that way, while only 39% of Gen X did and 32% of Boomers did. 35% of Millennials thought it was good to be seen as a work martyr by colleagues, while only 26% and 20% of X’s and Boomers agreed, respectively. Millennials are also more likely to forfeit unused vacation days than other groups — 24% of Millennials, 19% of Gen Xers, and 17% of Boomers forfeited time off that they’d earned. (This ought to be an especially bitter pill for Millennials to swallow given that, due to their juniority in the workforce, they earn less vacation time overall than older workers.) Although it’s often said that Millennials are different from older generations, there’s little evidence to support it. Most studies purporting to show differences between Millennials and the Gen X and Boomer generations actually just show differences between young people and older people; as they age, young people in many respects become more like their elders. Consider, for example, the quarter-life crisis. It’s a phase lots of twentysomethings go through before they learn to cope better with stress and negative feelings. https://hbr.org/2016/08/millennials-are-actually-workaholics-according-to-research Take a nap old man.
  7. The poo posting is what makes this place tolerable. There is great content to be read here regularly, but a good poo post is a welcome break from the usual self-righteous pricks having circular arguments with each other.
  8. It was a perfect throw. Duke pulled a stupid and miss-timed a push off and couldn't pull it in.
  9. Remember Hurricane Sandy, Texas Republicans?

    You're literally the dumbest motherfuger ever dude. You deserve no response other than just telling you how fuging moronic you are. There are people who hold opposing views worth wasting a few words of reason on, but not you. The only peaceful Nazi is a dead Nazi. Get fuged dipshit.
  10. Remember Hurricane Sandy, Texas Republicans?

    I'm not sure we've ever seen someone with quite your level of stupid in the TB before. Jim stone and a few others were close but you're on a whole new level. The Nazis just want to be peaceful..... Amazingly stupid.
  11. McCaffery PPR value

    I'm the only panther fan in my 12 team ppr league and we drafted today. He went in the second round of our auction draft for $83 with teams having a $250 budget. I had to let it pass, that's just nonsense.
  12. Mayo brings the mustard

    Before preseason, looking at these boards, no one seemed to carrot all about Mayo.