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  1. It's semi-formal if I recall. But I'm going to be wearing a suit and such.
  2. ACAB is the only rhyme scheme

    I don't even now what to say about this. I didn't actually know that this was a real thing. I always just assumed it was a "wink wink" kind of deal.
  3. I'm a Boone native and app state alum. Listening to the call as Lynch blocked that field goal against Michigan while standing in a fire code capacity and completely silent Murphy's bar room is something I'll never forget. Boone was absolute chaos afterwards.
  4. Your opinions seem to follow a consistent theme.
  5. This year on the huddle would be the Panthers' equivalent of 2010.
  6. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    I know it's just a stock model that the shirts appear on but holy crap.
  7. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    LOL never-underestimate-black-queen-was-born-in-august-womens-premium-t-shirt.webp
  8. QB Coach Available

    What exactly are you trying to say? Do quarterbacks of a certain age not require quality QB coaches?
  9. Global cooling?

    It's usually some bullshit magical mystery ride via Twylyght asking dumbass questions in an effort to lead you through the wormhole towards how every argument relates to a violation of his liberty.
  10. Global cooling?

    Oh I know. But if you haven't had many arguments with Twylyght then you don't understand what I meant. You'll find out soon enough if you continue to engage him.
  11. Global cooling?

    Incoming cryptic circular nonsense inquiry argument - AKA the Twylyght special.
  12. The sale of Fox to Disney of everything except for Fox News and a few other networks concerns me for some reason. I just sense ulterior motives with the Murdocks for some reason.
  13. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    Ahh, gotcha. I can't imagine wanting to wear something like that regardless.
  14. Something is clearly wrong with the route calls during games. The fact that players end up all bunched up in the same area consistently can no longer be blamed on individual player mistakes in my opinion. It happens too consistently and with varied routes and players - there's no consistency that can be pointed towards player wise for this problem so it has to be design issues. I personally think that Shula over complicates his play call verbiage by assigning routes individually with most play calls. Meaning, he'll call a formation and then assign individual routes within the call. During this process he's fuging things up and the result is that routes get congested or incorrectly relayed. I also think this is why our calls come in so slow due to an over complicated verbiage.