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  1. Work place drug test question

    Do you mean this as a right to know while on the clock or in general?
  2. Work place drug test question

    Kemper sports manages multiple courses and the Baltimore group owns multiple courses including Brunswick forest with Cape Fear National down near you. I worked for both companies once upon a time.
  3. Work place drug test question

    Why do you say that?
  4. The Saha challenge

    Yep, now its borderline unreadable.
  5. Work place drug test question

    Kemper Sports or the Lord Baltimore Group by chance?
  6. The Saha challenge

    There's a direct correlation with an invasion of embolden idiots that have influxed here and a degredation of the dialog.
  7. The Saha challenge

    Imagine being someone that has made nine posts in two years but the fact that someone ignored Saha gets you so riled up that your asshole's too tight to play fartbox tongue tag so you just have to make a comment to release the pressure.
  8. Work place drug test question

    Any restaurant that drug tests is goddamned retarded. Say goodbye to about 95% of your staff.
  9. Super Bowl possibility for nfc

    I'm not sure this guy knows what an algorithm is.
  10. Super Bowl possibility for nfc

    So by algorithms you really mean crazy conspiracy theories?
  11. It was at his house and apparently given to him by a friend after his friend decided not to use it on his neighbor. Meh, while it could have been used for something nefarious I think this story is much ado about nothing.
  12. The d is a good thing. Take your d and like it.
  13. I'm not saying that Worley will turn it around as josh did but your memory of josh might be a little off. Until he pulled his head out of his ass and started to listen to coaching and learned to play within the system Norman looked fuging awful. I mean terrible and he was rightfully benched because of it. The only flashes he had shown prior were during drills in training camps and Worley can also say the same. Again, I don't have hope that Worley's projection will be anywhere near the same.
  14. Aaron Hernandez's Brain

    Whatever makes you feel better chief. Keep charging those made up conversation windmills.
  15. Aaron Hernandez's Brain

    Again, what are you goin on about? Did you have a stroke? Are you lost? At what point exactly have I been discussing climate change? Certainly not in this thread and certainly not with you.