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  1. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    A pair of real estate agents are arrested for sitting while black at a Starbucks while waiting on a business associate to arrive.
  2. Germany terrorist attack

    You're a member aren't you? Ill check for your response in the am. Its bed time.
  3. Germany terrorist attack

    That list might as well be titled "Dog whistle key words"
  4. Germany terrorist attack

    You see no problem with the last two? Regardless, I could give two fugs what they state their platform as. Their actions and leadership lend towards other motives.
  5. Germany terrorist attack

    I'm willing to give lucky the benefit of the doubt here. He's never posted any hateful things before. Also LOL at proud boys.
  6. Germany terrorist attack

    Multiple people mentioned Google but I may be wrong I was skimming. I was just making a general statement about Google searches in that context.
  7. Germany terrorist attack

    I missed that. But my point still stands for everyone comparing Google resukts like they should all be the same.
  8. Germany terrorist attack

    That was kind of my point.
  9. Germany terrorist attack

    Y'all realize that not everyone gets the same Google search results right? It's based on analytics and algorithms based on your history and habits.
  10. ACAB is the only rhyme scheme

  11. Trump slaps China with $50bn in tariffs

    This is a pipe dream. Even if we do bring manufacturing back, with technological and automation advances any job gaims will be minimal. Thats assuming the almost zero percent chance we make significant return to US based manufacturing. The labor in almost 80% of the world is cheaper than it is in the US. Youre talking about having to activate severe isolationist tariffs to even make it economically feasible.
  12. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    We've had this discussion before and you don't have to correct me every time. I personally know the difference, however, what is understood as libertarianism in its modern American iteration usually needs no qualifier as its the only one most know.