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  1. Floppin added a post in a topic I love the Tinderbox   

    One of these days I'll be able to more actively contribute to the box like I once did. Probably a good 2/3 of my posts are from in here. It's always been my favorite part of the huddle.
    I love the main forum during active football times - draft, training camp, season, etc. But I love the tb year round.
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  2. Floppin added a post in a topic Police execute more young people on video   

    So I read about this last week and was going to make a thread but I was busy at the moment, so here's the story.
    The kid who was killed had his bike stolen from a nearby pharmacy. He was the one that called the cops. The other two kids were friends of his that were riding around helping to look for the bike. When the cops pull up on the friends the kid runs over to tell them they have the wrong guys, that these were his friends and not the thieves. 
    The rest you can see in the video. It's fuging ridiculous.
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  3. Floppin added a post in a topic Carolina Ale House   

    I work for the corporate ownership group over Carolina ale house. I'll inquire about our Wilmington location.
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  4. Floppin added a post in a topic Tell me about your idiosyncrasies.   

    I want to murder people with bad table manners. If I can hear you eating your meal over the dinner conversation you probably don't realize how close I am to literally shoving my fork through your eye socket. 
    And I can't  stand for stuff to be asymmetrical when it has the ability to be in symmetry.
    That's about it.
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  5. Floppin added a post in a topic self-representing in court   

    It's traffic court, it's nothing to worry about if your infraction isnt a moving violation. Arrive at court with your new license and that charge will be automatically dismissed and you'll just owe court costs.
    Every county does it different but almost all counties have a system in place to set you up for a voluntary dismissal prior to the calendar call. Brunswick county, for instance, has a table set up outside the court room where you can show licenses and registrations and whatnot for these offenses and they just mark you for a voluntary dismissal and direct you to the clerk to pay. You never have to even go into court.
    Contact the da's office and ask how they handle these things. They'll answer your questions...believe me they would rather not put you in jail for dumb poo.
    I've had the watauga county da's office allow me to fax in a copy of a new registration after I got an fta on my initial court date. I called then when I found out I'd missed court and they gave me the fax number. The judge signed off on a recall on the original court date and dismissed it. I literally never even had to leave my house.
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  6. Floppin added a post in a topic Huddle Mobile Web Update   

    I think they're talking about the app. The app always takes you to the last post, which is why I no longer use it.
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  7. Floppin added a post in a topic I dont know how i should feel about this...   

    careful what you wish for, it can suck you in and never let you out.
    that said, its my favorite part of the huddle, minus the panther section during the regular season.
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  8. Floppin added a post in a topic I dont know how i should feel about this...   

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  9. Floppin added a post in a topic Rob Ryan Reboots   

    pretty sure its "you....can't miss that"
    or this.
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  10. Floppin added a post in a topic Shocker: Socialist Sanders supported Communist dictators   

    well if you hadn't outed yourself as completely clueless before, you definitely did with the above statement.
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  11. Floppin added a post in a topic National Championship thread - Duke vs Wisconsin   

    That last foul on okafor was complete bs
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