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  1. Yep, but kind of flies in the face of "For the greater good" unless the greater good is US centric. Which is fine I suppose if you don't mind shitting on the rest of the world, but lets call a spade a spade shall we.
  2. Its from a shitty sci fi series. Twylyght didn't come up with it on his own. He's not half as clever as he wants to think people think.
  3. We have a history of destroying burgeoning progressive societies and installing theocratic and/or fascist regimes to further our geopolitical goals.
  4. Snowflakes want The View cancelled

    You're hopeless.
  5. Snowflakes want The View cancelled

    So having every facet of his conspiracy theory debunked we have devolved into stating that he has seen them pop up on random fuging television commercials. Because obviously the best way to hide children that you've fake killed is to have them doing soap commercials. No proof necessary of course. I'm totally shocked by this turn of events.
  6. Snowflakes want The View cancelled

    That's not it at all. I'm fully aware of the awful things our government is capable of. But all you're doing by lending Credence to these types of conspiracy theories is muddying the water and making it impossible to actually combat the atrocities that our government is capable of producing. There are real conspiracies and then there's bullshit meant to distract. You're falling for what you claim to be awake for.
  7. Snowflakes want The View cancelled

    So you're telling me that these false flags are just talent factories for more false flag actors? Do you understand how fuging stupid that sounds? Of course you don't......
  8. Snowflakes want The View cancelled

    Jesus...... I have a daughter. Do you realize how many people know I have one and/or know her personally? fuging thousands. You don't think anyone would notice that my daughter who supposedly died suddenly wasn't dead? My child would only be one of 27. So you're going to try and make us believe that either these 27 pairs of parents somehow have managed to keep their kids completely hidden from public view for 6 years entirely, or that they were perfectly ok with being paid to have their children taken from them.....(to where you think exactly god only knows) And for what? What is the point?
  9. Snowflakes want The View cancelled

    Well you're officially retarded. EMT's are part of EMS. Why would EMT's or any other EMS personnel ever have to enter the building? According to the procedure that Ifuging posted for you, that is Conn. LAW, the police have the ability to determine responsiveness and determine death and subsequently evacuate them themselves to the exterior of the building as the rest of the building continues to be secured. You act like only a fuging EMT has the ability to move an injured child. These responses happened within minutes. It was chaos, I'm sorry that no body fuging snapped a picture of the four people that were evacuated with their fuging iphone for your peace of mind.
  10. Snowflakes want The View cancelled

    What do you mean by who? fuging police and then emergency services. It's literally outlined in what I've already posted and tons of other articles. I mean, I'm trying to be nice here but you're being goddamned retarded. Read READ READ what I posted. If the victims have obvious mortal wounds and are unresponsive then they are presumed dead on site as per procedure. They would clear and check rooms as they secured the building, responsive victims would be immediately evacuated. AS HAS BEEN STATED WAS DONE. Listen, taking pictures of dead children being removed is insensitive at best and fuging disgusting at worst. No one owes your conspiracy theory poo, especially pictures of child sized body bags to ease your deluded mind. If that's all that's holding you back here then you have bigger issues then I realized.
  11. Snowflakes want The View cancelled

    You need to reread, because you're obviously illiterate. EMS is Emergency Medical Services, but you obviously don't understand the procedures outlaid regardless. The two children that were still alive were removed immediately and died at the hospital, as were the two teachers who were wounded but survived, as outlined. They weren't filmed being removed obviously. The other bodies weren't removed for some time. Filming the removal of a bunch of murdered children is both insensitive and unnecessary. Look I've literally busted all of your nonsense on this and yet you're clinging by threads to nothing. Do you not realize this? Open your fuging eyes man.
  12. Snowflakes want The View cancelled

    I said I wasn't going to respond again but the powers out at the office so fug it. First point, no it's not weird. Could have been anyone asking for an interview. Someone posing as a student doing a study on the topic. Someone posing as local news. poo it could have been a local news source that used the information for an written article. Regardless, it's not an audition and there's literally zero evidence that it was other than the fuging title of some Youtube video. Again you can't judge how people cope with grief. You aren't them. It's normal to go from laughing to crying, especially in this instance. Laughing is a natural defense mechanism, but once the cameras are on, the reality of why he's there and what he has to talk about becomes very stark. As to the last bit of nonsense. There had never been a crime quite like this in history so typical procedures don't exactly apply. However, everything was done to the letter and by the law of Conn. Just because it seems odd to you, does not mean that it's shady or deceptive. Here's a break down of the law for you and how exactly the children were pronounced dead.
  13. Protesters

    I never said that all rights had the same set of restrictions there Einstein. You specifically asked "tell me which other “Right” requires any of those". To which I replied "Pretty much all of them". There are no absolute guaranteed rights in the US. They all have restrictions. If you don't understand or believe this, then you're a deluded moron.
  14. Protesters

    Yeah I mean, they don't have to cover total damages. There would be limits and it doesn't have to be anywhere near 1 million. Similar to any other type of insurance where there are payout caps. poo my business insurance only covers a million bucks and I have work with 10 million dollar homes.
  15. Protesters

    I'm not sure. I'm not in insurance or an actuary so I can't speak to the rates and all that. But I think it's a necessity.