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  1. In this case they aren't necessarily restricting travel between states, just the ability to do so by plane.
  2. Your extra votes most likely get filtered out. Read up on how they vet and investigate ballots. Double votes usually just get removed by default. Edit: misread this thinking you were saying you always vote more than once haha.
  3. Nah, they usually catch this, especially in national elections. State voting rolls are compared to one another. I wouldn't give your dad any ideas unless you think he would enjoy prison.
  4. People blab nonsense all the time. There's investigations into voter fraud all the time and they usually find like 1 or 2 people if any that attempted fraud, most times unsuccessfully, and then they are charged with crimes. This is usually from voting in more than one place because of some paperwork error or more often by voting as some dead person.
  5. Yeah I understand what you're saying and I believe everyone should be auto registered. I was just explaining what the problem was with requiring ID to register as you seemed confused as to why it would be.
  6. I've gone to wrong place to vote before and they don't let you. Some are more helpful than others. I've been told that I can't vote there and basically told to piss off and then I've had other places look up where I'm actually supposed to be voting and been given the location address. This usually happens after redistricting. People are supposed to register every time they move to avoid confusion but that's not always easy for some.
  7. I'm 34 but I feel like when I was mailed my selective service paperwork when I was 18 that it also included my voter registration paperwork in the same package.
  8. Because registering is a prereq for voting so the same suppressive roadblocks would exist in both cases.
  9. Floppin

    Trump and Trade

    On yeah, snap back at me when you had previously not contributed any insight other than stating that people were going to respond with tripe. I was just pointing out that you at that point were only contributing tripe.
  10. Floppin

    Trump and Trade

    Any true capitalist should be very pro free trade.
  11. Floppin

    Trump and Trade

    Well so far it was only you and Zin being idiots....
  12. Floppin

    Space Force

    Dailymail is as bad as any US msm outlet in partisan bias. Its the Brittish Fox News.
  13. Floppin

    WTF have we become

  14. Floppin

    WTF have we become

    Who was talking about European ancestry?
  15. Floppin

    WTF have we become

    Old law but it's a new policy/application as of 6 weeks ago.