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  1. Floppin

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    How does an earthquake related fire started from a fallen power pole or the like any fuging different from the same type of fire that doesn't follow after an earthquake? fuging nothing. An earthquake doesn't magically cause fire to create fire storms. Especially considering its not even happening when the fire is burning. What an absolute idiot.
  2. Floppin

    Official Mike Pence dot com

    Really what?
  3. Floppin

    Official Mike Pence dot com

    http://www.officialmikepence.com For the lols. Make sure to check the sub pages.
  4. Floppin

    National Anthem

    Dude got sand in his vag and stood there with his middle fingers raised through two songs. What did he think was going to happen when he was invited on stage? A hug?
  5. Floppin

    Well, that was discouraging

    How could you not recognize this as the angry musings of a homeless and very probably mentally ill person? He's wandering around threatening people with his shirt off while carrying around water. The last thing you should consider about someone like this is the veracity of the words coming from their rants. They deserve empathy and concern and help. Not scorn.
  6. Political ideology is not a latent trait of man. It is not race, sex, or otherwise. Nazism and white nationalism are a specific willfully joined ideology. It is not misunderstood and years passing does not change that. It is violent, racist, and fascist. It preaches a conformity to an ethnostate only achievable through genocide. So yes, all Nazis deserve their heads bashed in. They do not deserve our understanding or patience. You don't reason with Nazism. It is understood.
  7. Not nice? Ok..... You favor a theocracy? Also you gave no solution as to stopping the spread.
  8. How do your propose stopping the spread and increasingly prevalent rise of Nazi and white nationalist ideology? How do you propose stopping those who oppose these view aggresively - ie Antifa. Why do they need to be stopped at all?
  9. Floppin

    political censorship, new part of the lefts platform

    Unless the government is imprisoning conservatives for the things they say then no their right to free speech is not being infringed. fuging morons.
  10. Floppin


    Only if you really enjoy championing perpetual Golden Mean fallacies ad infinitum.
  11. Floppin


    Hi Pstall
  12. You haven't picked up on the parody yet huh?