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  1. REPORT NFL to look into why no Cam presser today

    17,250 people were murdered in the US last year. The population pf the US is 323,100,000 so the percentage of citizens murdered is 0.00005%. I'm just pointing out that your argument is retarded.
  2. He said, "you don't sit" And he's not Latino, he's a white boy from Mooresville. I live in Mooresville.
  3. Nope but one thing that helped was that sentencing in NC is based on "offender level" which is based on a time period I believe 7 years prior to sentencing, so if you space out your crimes properly you will be sentenced as a first time offender level every time.
  4. Nah, he's white. I used to be young and dumb. I have three drug felony convictions, a simple and serious injury assault, dui, eluding, reckless endangerment, 2nd degree trespassing all on my record and never spent a minute in prison.
  5. Nope, worst part was he was with a group of panther fans, he was the eagle fan friend of the group. He was still there at the end of the game.
  6. Not related but I almost got into it with an eagles fan sitting in front of me. He kept calling Cam a dumb N***** over and over again and then called my girlfriend a stupid bitch for kicking his chair on accident. So I started intentionally hitting him with the flag they gave out last night while waving it around (not the most mature on my part but I drank like 8 of the hopsecutioners) and got bitched out by two chick panther fans behind me as They told me to "just be the bigger man because panther fans are classy". I stopped but fug that, the two black ladies beside me left because of him using racial slurs over and over. If anyone deserved to be punched it was that douche.
  7. Need two tickets for Thursday.

    I need two tickets for the game on Thursday. Does anyone have any available?
  8. Need two tickets for Thursday.

    I just bought two tickets from ticket exchange last night. 533 row 6
  9. Meh, not that it matters. But it is astonishing how many poo posters have used some form of UNC in their usernames throughout the years. That's not to say that all users with UNC in their names are bad posters so don't get all upset.
  10. And me as well. Or are you calling me a moron?
  11. I need 2 tickets on the off chance anyone has extra.
  12. I don't own any idiots so I'm pretty sure its actually yours. Thanks for the offer though.
  13. Something about tarheel usernames and completely idiotic opinions. Its amazing the correlation through the years.
  14. Frustrating play call

    If anything I would think KB should have gone a bit deeper into the corner. Funchess basically toed the goal line and it was 3rd and goal so that's pretty good awareness, similar to running routes to the sticks. It was just a bad play call, that's a play call for when you have more space, doing it in the end zone clogs it all up.
  15. Man it sucks being 4-1

    He might lack gaul but I bet he has visigoths.
  16. Peppers vs. Kuechly

    You were called a troll for saying Stafford is the best lion ever, not for your comments about pep/keek.
  17. Jacksonville's defense is going to be a problem

    Two shameless OP bumps in a row. Nobody cares.
  18. I guess I've never heard it used as a legal term except in the case of dropping below misdemeanor level. They never refer to marijuana as decriminalized until this point for instance.
  19. That's because possession under 1.5oz or whatever is no longer a criminal charge. Its an infraction not a misdemeanor. Something that carries a misdemeanor charge is still "criminalized".
  20. Changing it from a felony to a misdemeanor is not what decriminalize means.
  21. World Series

    You're really going to use this argument while being a panther fan? You sound like a cowboy fan.