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  1. The quote taken out of context makes it sound completely different than what he meant. It wasn't a slight on the coaches at all.
  2. Nah his science blog was actually pretty cool. Had some good poo about mars elevator theory. I just stumbled across his amazon page where he sells his coloring books and it was funny.
  3. I didn't dispute that. I was just saying that I had looked into his name when he popped out of the blue.
  4. I asked how that guy ended up here because I suspect he was just randomly googling Tyson or subjects on this topic specifically. He's some weirdo science nerd from Arizona who makes adult geoscape coloring books to sell on Amazon.
  5. Justice for Daniel Shaver and family

    Or perhaps reporting on violence against the black community is safe because in reality the majority of racist america doesn't give two fugs about the community and the rest are brainwashed into thinking that racism is made up in order to facilitate some race war for some nebulous nonsense reason. With few exceptions, the citizenry outside of the black community views these killings as "well he should have complied", "fuging thug deserved it" and "should have just shot the ******", so nobody really gives a poo. Their movements are undermined by a misrepresentation of the facts - IE warping the narrative of the BLM movement into some supremacy movement or some otherwise nefarious conspiracy machination. As soon as the reality of police brutality against all sections of society are recognized, and these lily white suburbanites start to fear for their life when they get pulled over for a broken tail light, only then will we see change. Until then, its just some dead black person that they don't care about and they probably had it coming. But you know why this won't happen? Deep down you know the answer. It's because white people don't have anything to fear when dealing with police historically, by and large. They realize it, and you realize it. Until recently the militarization and backslide from deescalation procedures haven't really affected the white majority, maybe when it does to the same degree as certain minority segments, you'll see people give a poo about their fellow citizens getting gunned down for nothing.
  6. Justice for Daniel Shaver and family

    Yep, and you can guarantee that any time there's any news that portrays the police in a negative light you can bank on at least as much fluff pieces on police tickling kitten feet or some nonsense to counter public perception.
  7. Justice for Daniel Shaver and family

    I just checked. I see nothing about Walter Scott on the main page. I do see this however. Gotta prop up the blue amiright?
  8. Justice for Daniel Shaver and family

    “What did he have? I know it’s an off-duty thing but he said he was trying to take his Taser; yeah, that would be a damn shame, I guess, if had to shoot the ******,” the one officer can be heard saying. “I find what this officer said absolutely shocking, and disgusting,” Spencer’s attorney, Paul Cristallo said. “To me, it sounds like they are expressing regret that they didn’t shoot him and I think this shows a department-wide problem.” http://thefreethoughtproject.com/shoot-euclid-cops-beat-man-regret/ Nope, not racist. Not one bit.
  9. How did you end up on this forum? Just curious.
  10. Mecklenburg County got hacked

    This affected me. One of the systems that went down is the online permitting services. I work as a manager for a construction contractor and I haven't been able to pull any permits for the past 3 days.
  11. 2020

    I said the lies are racist in source. Not necessarily that you are racist. You have time to figure out where you're wrong. Clearly you've fallen into some bullshit sites and whatnot. Learn to check your news sources for their actual sources and recognize the difference of op-ed from actual news. Instead of just raging against the MSM because someone told you too on the internet, find your own reasons to disagree with them. Check both sources for the MSM and those that say that the MSM is bullshit and then go from there and figure out why this narrative exists. You're not lost, but you're off to a bad start.
  12. 2020

    You've been insulting people all day on here snowflake so shut that nonsense down. You have a dad regardless of whether hes passed away or just not part of your life, either way it matters little. Everyone is influenced by others to form opinions, especially 16 year old children. You're spouting racist lies all over the place in here so you're influenced by someone clearly, whether you've taken your upbringing and found your own sites that feed a sought after conformation bias or it's from someone directly in your life. Typically children mirror their family in these matters during their formative years.
  13. 2020

    You need expand your horizons beyond the trailer park before its too late. Also quit getting your news from your daddy's bookmarked racist sources.
  14. 2020

    No he's some 15 year old kid.
  15. I see the MAGA pedo crew have given their grooming project access to the internet.
  16. Who Dat? Who Dat? Who Dat Cat gonna eat Swamp Rat
  17. 35 - 10 Panthers win easy. 9 sacks on Brees who throws 3 picks.
  18. If we rush for 250+ and only score 23, something has gone horribly wrong.
  19. Thats the short version but yeah.
  20. Years ago there was a poster who went by the name electro. It was found out that he starving and neglecting a horse and then the guy committed suicide.
  21. Not really anything out of the ordinary for him. And it wasn't directed at you directly.
  22. It is, I don't care that you did. I was just using it to highlight my point.
  23. Nobody changes your opinion no matter how many times you post that you own up to being wrong, you don't. You just post passive aggressive nonsense then go on an offended tirade when called on your bullshit. I mean I let you pull me into your shitposting and here I am white knighting for Fiz who I don't particularly like. But whatever, continue to just call people trolls who don't post with unicorn-rainbow like positivity, rather than actually debating their points.
  24. He explained himself in the OP. What exactly do those responses deserve? Why should he explain himself to people that post middle finger emojis and fling insults. Those replies weren't offering any counter views to the OP. Insults will get insults as a reply. Don't be intentionally dense.