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  1. If someone runs a red light while I'm legally crossing on a green light and t-bones me, how am I at fault?
  2. I know its not the point of your story but how is someone that is on the receiving end of a t-bone automatically at fault? There's a tons of scenarios where they wouldn't be.
  3. Floppin

    All Things Conservative - Thread

    I didnt even bother watching or researching it. With O'keefe it's a 100% guarantee that it'll be bullshit.
  4. Floppin

    All Things Conservative - Thread

    Anyone hyping an O'keefe video is a retard.
  5. Floppin

    Woman says God saved her truck driver husband

    I'm not sure what you're talking about? Short of maybe wind speed they were pretty dead on at least a full week in advance. The NHS predicted landfall within 2 miles of actual landfall like 8 days in advance. School was canceled as early as Tuesday the week of to allow for evacuations. I still have my daughter in Mooresville because its not safe or apt to return her to Wilmington yet. You're being ridiculous.
  6. Floppin

    All Things Conservative - Thread

    Voter ID legislation being the cause? Sure, ok, probably. Because it was preventing dead people and illegals being counted as votes? Lol, nope.
  7. Anyone who's been around here for more than one season understands that Proudiddy loses his fuging mind after losses every year.
  8. The two aren't universally mutually exclusive as some would make it seem.
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    Maybe I'm misunderstanding what you are saying but people say they live in ILM all the time. They dont mean they literally live at the airport.
  10. Floppin


    He did mean it as he lives there. People from Wilmington often refer to it as ILM, especially via text based conversation.
  11. Floppin


    I'm aware of the why. It was rhetorical.
  12. Floppin


    Puerto Rico is still an ongoing unresolved tragedy being the other point that you're missing.
  13. Floppin


    I didn't even notice that it was higher and that's not the point even if it is/was higher. The figure is what it is because that's how hurricane death totals are figured. It's like you arguing that people that jumped from the buildings during 9/11 shouldn't count or only those who were directly blown up by the planes should. It's nonsense and pointless and completely beside the point of the graphic. The point is that we memorialize certain tragedies for political motivations while ignoring others. The why is the question.
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    I guess I just don't understand your accuracy championing as there's nothing innacurate about the figures. Its pointlessness speaks of some other motivation.
  15. Floppin


    I think the point being that you "well actuallying" the death rates appears as an attempt to minimize the tragedy when the whole point was that the death count is largely immaterial to how we memorialize tragedy while ignoring others.
  16. Floppin


    You mean half way between ILM and SC because otherwise.....what?
  17. Floppin

    Midfield Logo promo video

    Western carolina BBQ is the best and y'all can suck my nuts if you disagree.
  18. Floppin

    Paid actor at Trump rally lol

    Foreign agent being the phrase in question I believe.
  19. This is a head coaching call not the OC.
  20. Its mostly surrounds ECats ranting about the glories of conservative politics and bootstraps and the evil of socialism while simultaneously bragging about collecting unemployment while not actively looking for employment and instead partying and doing lots of blow.
  21. Exciting in theory but usually not very much so. These games are usually ugly and boring. Ineptitude - Especially at the QB position - becomes very apparently as the fringe players play for extended stretches and ball movement is inconsistent and ugly.
  22. Floppin

    New Team President Tom Glick

    That'll change if revenue and media exposure keep trending up.
  23. I meant to tell you congrats the other day but my week has been insanely busy. Congrats buddy. I'm excited for you.