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    What round is the dude pushing the boulder gonna get drafted?
  2. My Meaningless Mock Draft

    Rookie contracts have high value these days. Very high value, they are capped more coupled with the age variable. You would have to get more for your 3rd year guys if trading a starting prospect.
  3. LoL, listen my friend. There will NEVER be another Steve Smith. Lets just hope he's good ight :)
  4. Your final predictions (#30)

    Action Jackson Flaxon Waxon
  5. Peanut wants to play one more year

    He should stay long enough to market a new energy drink. Peanut Punch is just a product waiting to happen.

    You mean like. . the guy that holds the yard marker? Yessir! championship brother, championship
  7. Predict Gettleman's Day 3 WTF pick?

    Where was that German wr gonna go? 7th sounds good from someone like that.
  8. 2016 Panthers First Round Draft Selection Tree

    I think youre overrating not me lol. KB is a 2nd yr, Funchess is a 2nd year. They needs snaps. Do you understand that young guys need snaps to learn the game? Did you forget KB didnt play a snap in his second year? Stephen Hill still has a shot and they have that 5th guy they signed at the end of last year that is a possession guy to replace Cotch. Just. . lol. . tell me where this new #1 receiver is gonna get snaps in camp? At what spot he gonna get snaps? the slot? ahead of Brown and Ginn just like that? you mean Rivera, the notorious veteran leaner right? I dont watch college ball so I cant speak much on Coleman, but I can tell you that his description sounds almost exactly like Brown's. I find it very odd that so many people didnt recognize that Brown was the key to our offense without KB last year. Without him the offense was broken. He runs every route in the tree and catches well. Now KB is that and much much more and Funchess will play his role with Brown. They will alternate depending on the yardage and ball placement.
  9. Chris Gamble to announce 2nd round pick

    I remember when I bought a Gamble jersey at the home game vs the cowboys the year before he retired and they told me that was the first one they sold all year. It was like 3 qtrs through the season I think. No one ever knew who he was because of Charlotte's pathetic media. lol funny part was the Charlotte media was more concerned about hosting a bunch of corrupt politicians that proved to be huge liars.
  10. My Meaningless Mock Draft

    This thread made about 100 times more sense than every other one that mentions us drafting a wideout in the 1st. I guess replacing your center is a timing thing and now seems to be a good time to bring in a young good one with all the big nasty vets we have.
  11. 2016 Panthers First Round Draft Selection Tree

    What wr would benefit from getting no snaps I wonder
  12. SPOILING PICKS = BAN HAMMER $@^$%@*^&%

    Its Panthro. . .

    Thanks for hosting and providing, General
  14. Not that I will ever listen or watch to anything on ESPN ever again for life but. . my favorite line on that show was "Cmon man is this a big boy show or a middle school show - mmm kind of a middle school show"