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  1. WCO, Coryell, E-P....

    The philosophy of our offense is more Coryell than it is WO or anything else. Its not really important what you call it regardless I think since it is such an amalgamation as you said. Still, the offense is based on the primary tactic of stretching vertical threats by using power run tools to set them up.
  2. Ron Rivera on Mike and Mike

    talking about Finnegan right now, good depth with peanut out of course. . yada yada   Gave Norman a good recap, talked about his past. Small school big fish, let Norman be himself. Talked about benching him last year being a mistake.   Not turning players into something theyre not with Cam and Josh.   Tailoring Norv's offesne to Cam with Shula and Chud. When evaluating Cam they noticed early in his rookie year that his eyes were always down field when scrambling so they knew he would be a solid throwing QB.       aww Ditka is very proud of Rivera. Dare I say now. . . he might be better, Mike
  3. Too good not to share--Norman tweet

    Did somebody use the same font as Jeff Gordan's 24? Ahhh it looks just riiiiight.   badass
  4. WCO, Coryell, E-P....

    Kelly's offense doesnt work for a variety of reasons. This has nothing to do with it, remember that Nick Foles was lighting people up in that system. Theres too few plays in their playbook and they dont do enough to set up the defenses theyre going against. They take away talent from their roster and now theyre puzzled.   That system is reckless, injury prone and predictable. In fact, ours is almost the vice versa of it.
  5. It's officially hate week again...

    Youre not excused for being the worst group of trash in the NFL.   Good luck suffering in mediocrity forever.
  6. Probably our most complete, dominant victory since...

    Fiz grateful, bookmark this thread
  7. NFL making a statement that Cam was in the right.     Lovin it
  8. I didnt poo on it you emo handbag, lol, out of control with the feelings hurt stuff . . relax. I made a point. You guys say dont hate right? Dont hate. . Educate! Right? Well let me explain as softly and kindly as I can so you wont misunderstand my tone. :)   If you dont understand the givens in your formulas you will never undestand why those numbers appear that way. More importantly you will miss all the truly amazing goals that are being accomplished because you have no relative point of perspective. Context needs perspective in order to to be accurately understood.      Im also an engineer and all I can say is, If youre an engineer who looks at numbers on a chart instead of understand why that machine does what it does, I dont want to be anywhere near anything you work on. It's definitely going to go boom at some point, lol. Guys like that are the reason why I dont hire anyone.
  9. http://www.sportingcharts.com/dictionary/nfl/air-coryell-offense.aspx     Here's something much more important to know. Coryell offenses are made to stretch defenses vertically instead of horizontally like West Coast offenses. Rivera by way of ol Norv is a Coryell guy.
  10. I cant ignore them because people constantly post them and mislead other people with nonsense. . . then I have to deal with idiots all day telling me that Cam is not an accurate passer or Aaron Rodgers isnt a good leader.
  11. David Newton asks: Is Cam making himself a target?

    He's a target because he's a 6'5 stud who can do everything, but youre kidding yourself if you think what he does doesnt impact the other team emotionally. Look at 89 and tell me there were no teams that minded him celebrating like he did. They wanted 89's head every game.   Smith was 5'9 and an underdog. . and people STILL hated him when he celebrated. Think what happens if a stud does that.
  12. Nice talking at you
  13. There cant be patterns when so many variables are changing. Its not just the other team, weather, stadium, injuries. The number of probabilities is infinite when you think about perspectives, whether so and so is fighting with his wife, so and so's father just died, this guy's kid wants the GI JOE doll with the Kung FU grip, which I cant blame the kid. KB, I m just scratcching the surface with variables here.  What youre doing cant be done, there is no pattern that will accurately predict anything for you. Instead why not explorer How Cam runs the most difficult offense  in the league and why. AIr Coryell with a QB that can tuck and run middle will not be duplicated anywhere in the league, it cant. Furthermore, because we run Corywell and take deep shots, our offense takes less risks with bigger payouts. The problem is that you see 15 for 30 on attempts. . . but it was for 300 yards. Its not the receivers, the blocking, or any other nonsense experts say that keeps Cam's numbers the way they are. Its the system, the most difficult one to run in the NFL and therefor the most unpredictable and deadly. . therefor the most difficult to defend.   STATS BE DAMNED, they dont matter.