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  1. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    You hate yourself as well, its pretty bizarre.   psst you got to breathe today, wake up
  2. Favorite Carolina Panthers Opening Night Moments

    Panthers Mexican wrestling masks? My Ray Mysterio Jr. levels are off the charts.   Im gettin one
  3. Lets dispel the "small market" persona

    bigger market than Denver anyways and have been for some time now.
  4. Moooooooose speaks on The Evolution of Cam Newton

    As I watched that I was thinking to myself, Why dont they have smart people like Moose on ESPN? He is an analyst. I hope he gets a lot more air time because he was spot on with everything he said including the part about being one of the only ones to put his word down on Cam.   I remember him arguing with Frank Garcia, Frank saying he didnt think Cam was gonna do anything in this league. In fact, pretty much all of WFNZ made a point to try and get as many doubters on the air as possible to stir up controversy. If they hadnt done that then maybe Cam would do more interviews with them.   Man they lost a lot of air time and marketing dollars by screwing that up. A couple of big interviews with Cam would get huge air time right now. Thats their system though, Chip Kelly style. WFNZ thinks its ok to just commit to being douchebags.   Moose decided to never start that show with Frank because thats what the WFNZ guys are all about. They wont inform you about how the offense works are give you details about the teams intricacies. Just that there was a disagreement or a fight or someone said we suck. lol, Breaking Loose with Frank but woops no Moose. It couldve been awesome and the ratings couldve been huge. . . but WFNZ went with "Lets continue to be trolls".
  5. Smitty on Dan Patrick Show

    Dan Patrick has just been killing it this week. Hammering people about why they dont like Cam. . . hammering.
  6. Kurt Coleman: "We don't notice pressure"

    Ginn Coleman and Brown have to be re-signed. Need them Ohians. . Ohio Statians? Ohian Statians?   Those dudes from Ohio, lets keep them, and that ugly guard too!
  7. The Ultimate Shitty QB

    this was fuggin stupid btw.   beneath Panthers fans
  8. Wait... what?

    Well, I suppose I will never forget Matt Moore because of the huddle and all the constant trolling. I tried not to participate but the sheer volume of posts on the subject was staggering.
  9. Why? they werent the best team in the AFC.   Who cares about a bunch of nobody massholes that have to cheat to win. They promote lies and deception just like their politics up there in the Boston area.   That area of the country is done as far being a voice for this nation. Time to move on to new and better ideals, its inevitable.
  10. Did Cam just terrify/call out white America?

    I dont understand the thread and Im not reading 20 pages but, the media NEVER had a problem with RG3, they flocked to him in fact at first chance.   This isnt a racial issue. The problem is that much more likely that a guy like Irsay and probably a few other sleezy owners like Blank and/or Snyder bought so much bad media coverage for the Panthers to promote their QB and teams, now it looks like its a racial issue.   Hope theyre happy with what theyve done. Proud of making them dollars do good I bet.  
  11. Please help me out

    I like you, Monsta,  Ima send you $20 for a dome shrinkifier.
  12. I have to imagine anyone that sits anywhere near them gets an incredibly funny show. Thanks
  13. The Concept of Retribution

    Why is it acceptable to tolerate excessive abuse when you have made a mistake? It is a very strange notion to think allowing people to hurt you after you have hurt someone else will make things better. The idea that you CONTINUALLY owe retribution to someone through punishing yourself, or others not involved to punish you, is ridiculous. You can make amends to set right what you did wrong, communicate it with those you hurt and try to make it right, simple. No one else needs to be involved. Beckham can call Norman any time he wants. Whats with Deon or Cam having to be involved?   Now that the Panthers so strongly accepted that blame for Norman and several other nonsense stories like a bat on the field, will other refs be looking to flag us early since we're so ssscaAAArry now? Will the general public be quicker to say "They brought bats on to the field and called Beckham a F****T, so yeah I can see why they got so many flags against Atlanta on Week 16"?   The real question is this: Will YOU as Panthers fans be quicker to say that Norman should be flagged more often now for how he reacted to Beckham?     People who punish themselves are just losers who wallow in self pity without making things right. Have no fear though, this country is about to change A LOT. Those fools have had their time and enough of ours.
  14. Guess who's eating crow now

    Shrug, Chris Chase is very bad at his job. . He's happy about it.  
  15. Missed it by a finger tip.

    I was grateful to watch the game today with my dad. We laughed at this. . paused. . rewound, laughed more. . about 7 times, before we could continue watching the game.