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  1. A Funchess Reminder

    Im not so sure its the speed of the receiver so much it is the combination of speed, size and skill. What I mean by that is that KB stretches the field. Watch him in his rookie year and tell me how many times we went deep at him. It was a big threat. His ability to run all the routes he does gives him the ability to break deep when he's in one on one.
  2. A Funchess Reminder

    Waiting to see what kind of runner Hill is now. I suspect he doesnt have the agility of KB or Funch. Funch was running from the slot, running quick slants. It was nasty, he has very powerful legs. Need Olsen to hang in there and slow his role on the broadcasting career.
  3. Should Dex be banned?

    we all gotta start somewhere, just sayin
  4. Carolina Panthers OTA Notes and Photos

    My pants are going to be properly shitted if Hill is looking balls in and catching away from the body.
  5. Selecting the 2016 Panthers Wide Receivers

    only three receivers on our 90 man roster can do that. One is Bersin who you guys dont have making the team, I understand. Two is KB who is of course making the squad. and lastly is Brown. If KB goes down who will replace him? Well, you have a years worth of tape to check of the answer. Who runs all of KB's routes if he's out? Maybe now the huddlers' lineups will reflect differently. It's laughable to think Brown isnt making the roster first of all. . to have him in the PS? lol, he's not spending more than 2 minutes on a practice squad.
  6. Selecting the 2016 Panthers Wide Receivers

    HIll has no chance of making the squad.
  7. Not quite, but we dont have a media that will defend anyone here though. Worse, they love to drag our players through the mud every chance they get.
  8. Im a huge fan of 5'3 QB's that heave prayers in the air. Why is Wilson rated so short. . I mean low. . I mean small. . I mean. . ?
  9. Should #89 be Replaced?

    A player has to be defining to a team to get his jersey retired. Steve Smith was us, he represented everything about us. Our style of football gravitated around tossing it deep and pounding it in someone's face. That was 89. I know it takes a lot to get your jersey honored like this, but I would think that he defined that era for the Panthers after Mills.
  10. Should #89 be Replaced?

    Chuck you lost your credibility years ago to be making dumb comments like that. Let's not go digging through the past. hehehe
  11. Should #89 be Replaced?

    24 is already gone so they dont seem to have a problem making statements quickly when they want to.
  12. Great threads you post, I appreciate it, but there are a few more layers here I'd like to make you aware of. I guess, it was the General who had a thread a couple of months back explaining that sometimes people use athletes as examples to show how they are morally superior. They point at a guy like Cam and say to their girlfriend "I would NEVER dance like that, I would hand the ball back to the ref and walk off the field". Worse, what if they work in the media and are pompous pricks like Si's King who values his worth as more important than the players. Guys like that have a big microphone and even bigger ego's. They will broadcast to a lot of people falsely sensationalizing something that isnt really a problem or isnt really the story. Steve Smith taught Cam every thing he knows as far is rubbing it in faces goes. It was a thing long before Cam was here. This is similar to the transgender topic going on in NC right now. Pepsi Co, PayPal, Brian Adams!! lol. People need to make statements in order to scream to the world, "IM MORALLY SUPERIOR SEEEEEEE. I LIKE GAY PEOPLE. DOOOWN with North Carolinians and their anti gay NAZiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis!~!1!" It is vane and negligent to make statements on these subjects to the general public without understanding the whole issue and all of the variables, but people like Brucey Sweatstein dont have any problem ignoring things like this when theyre trying to gain fans and notoriety. It's not important to him if you have to teach sex ed to 3 yr olds before you want to, he's busy trying to state how great of a man he is to the world. So too with Cam, all too often, he makes it easy to point at him since he's emotional. Personally I would celebrate 3 times more than Cam and I would literally do it in guys faces for like 5 minutes if I scored like Cam does. They would literally have to cut away early from me for commercials because I would be busy LAUGHING in some dudes ear as he walks aaaaaaaall the way off the field. . . all slow and poo . . .every single touchdown. Then they would come back from break . . . . and I would still be pointing nodding and laughing at the camera -15 yard penalty- whatever coach, worth it.
  13. Some jabroni on Reddit found a gem at a yardsale

    The part about being arrogant is telling though. At least scouts saw it too. Sadly I remember still wanting him. . . in the first. I wouldve taken anyone back then though. Matt Moore and his one man fan club The Real Deal were driving us all mad.
  14. Has this site re-graded our draft before this one's yet? lol, Are we still last?
  15. Philly Brown had shoulder surgery

    The problem with your explanation is that youre acting as if what one receiver does has no effect on the other. Youre acting as though if KB was there Brown still wouldnt have had yardage. So youre concepts of understanding of how receiving works is ALL broken. If you cant watch the game and see that Ginn cant run deep outs and in's because he cant catch. Funchess wasnt agile enough to do it at high speed so they wouldnt let him run it either. Then the strategy of your offense is very broken without a guy who cant run all the routes. Its critical that a receiver runs these routes on pass plays as well as run to provide misdirection and move the defense where you want them to ideally be. How much longer will you guys pretend to understand what youre talking about? I mean maybe youll learn so more if you read some more stats over at PFF, TOOOOOOP Daawg.