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  1. LinvilleGorge

    Sugar coating RBs, CJ lead back

    Denver didn’t win that game on offense. They had less than 200 yards of total offense. Anderson averaged less than 4ypc despite having a 34 yard carry early on. The guy hit the open market after a 1000 yard season and netted the #34 RB contract. It’s the only argument I need, Sean.
  2. LinvilleGorge

    Sugar coating RBs, CJ lead back

    Call t what you want, but the NFL has determined he’s a JAG. Denver let him walk with no answer on the roster and then drafted a RB in the 3rd. Anderson hit the open market and landed a contract that makes him the #34 paid RB in the NFL. For reference, that puts him below Jonathan Stewart. Now, I absolutely think we got a solid value in him and that Gettleman overpaid and over the hill Stew, but it is what it is. The market determined Anderson’s value and it wasn’t much. Like I said earlier, he’s a good backup/marginal starter. I think he’ll be a good compliment to CMC but it’ll be a huge disappointment if CMC isn’t getting the bulk of the snaps.
  3. LinvilleGorge

    Sugar coating RBs, CJ lead back

    This. I think he and Anderson can be great compliments to one another but I’ll definitely be disappointed if CMC isn’t the featured RB.
  4. LinvilleGorge

    Sugar coating RBs, CJ lead back

    We were throwing him the ball so much because A) our receivers sucked and B) our run blocking sucked. If CMC turns out to basically be a 3rd down back, that’s a bust for a top 10 RB.
  5. LinvilleGorge

    Sugar coating RBs, CJ lead back

    Worst OL by what measure? https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/ol This has them ranked as a top 10 run blocking OL.
  6. LinvilleGorge

    Sugar coating RBs, CJ lead back

    I hope we roll with CMC as the starter. Anderson is a solid RB, but there’s a reason why Denver let him walk when it wasn’t going to cost a ton to keep him. He’s basically a JAG. Good backup, marginal starter type of guy. If a guy like that keeps CMC on the bench, it’ll be time to start pondering that “B” word.
  7. LinvilleGorge

    Pacman Jones fight at airport(video)

    Dude has a glass jaw. Nothing even landed remotely solidly and he went down like a sack of potatoes.
  8. LinvilleGorge

    Cam IS on the hot seat!

    I’d say it’s safe to say Winston is on the hot seat. He’s put himself in a precarious spot with the league office and brought a lot of negative publicity to the Bucs. His rookie contract is also coming to an end. Are they willing to ink that guy to a big new contract making him the face of the franchise and basically hooking the organization to that wagon? It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if they went QB early in the draft next year.
  9. LinvilleGorge

    Cam IS on the hot seat!

    I think we have to let Cam be Cam and that means letting him run. I’d be all for fewer called runs though. When I say Cam doesn’t run enough I’m specifically talking about scrambling. Cam rarely scrambles anymore and it leads to more sacks because he’s buying time to try to throw. I don’t want him to be a one read and bolt QB like Vick was, but three reads and bolt might be a good idea especially if the OL isn’t any better.
  10. LinvilleGorge

    Cam IS on the hot seat!

    I honestly think Cam is too hellbent on actually passing the ball when we run passing plays. Cam very rarely scrambles these days except for trying to buy time to throw. The vast majority of his rushing yardage comes on called runs. If he’d actually scramble more often it would make him harder to blitz. Teams blitz us relentlessly because they know Cam will hold onto the ball trying to buy time to find a receiver instead of bailing and running.
  11. LinvilleGorge

    Bad review for an old friend

    The run blocking definitely didn't do him or CMC any favors last year, that's for sure. But even on the occasion where there would be a good hole, Stew just no longer had the burst to get through it.
  12. LinvilleGorge

    Bad review for an old friend

    Stew was a good RB for us when healthy but anyone who watched him last year in particular can’t be at all surprised by this report. No clue what Gettleman was thinking.
  13. Makes sense. We all know Cam is as good as anyone when he’s on, but when he’s off he can look really bad. Fortunately, he has a lot more good games than bad and while every player is going to inevitably have some subpar games helping Cam he more consistent will definitely help the Panthers. I don’t think that’s entirely on Cam either. Norv is experienced enough and smart enough to realize every QB is going to have some off games and it’s up to him to adjust the offense when Cam is having an inevitable off game.
  14. LinvilleGorge

    Panthers TC Preview...NFL.com

    Secondary, OL, and WR are definitely the units I'll be watching most closely in TC, probably in that order.
  15. LinvilleGorge

    JR Statue to remain

    I'm shocked the NFL allowed that to be in the contract. I wonder what the penalty is for breaking it? I wonder if it would be required to replace it if it happened to come down as an act of vandalism? There's gotta be a way around that clause.