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  1. I don't think he ever truly recovered from that leg break. It basically ended his career.
  2. Saxy Quick Takes: Off Saison Edition

    Calling either a low end starter is a huge stretch. They're bottom of the roster type CBs who shouldn't be anywhere near a starting position unless a team gets hit with a rash of injuries.
  3. I find that very hard to believe. I don't think Dave Gettleman ever gave a single flying fug about being "that guy".
  4. Saxy Quick Takes: Off Saison Edition

    What exactly would qualify in your mind as "particularly awful"? Because, that's right there is it.
  5. Even if we do like Corn, I'm pretty sure we drafted him to play the nickel position anyway.
  6. The scouting department certainly seems to be questionable, but in their defense they have no real power or control. They provide their reports and the GM makes the decisions. They can provide the best scouting reports the world has ever seen and they're worthless if their advice isn't taken.
  7. Yeah, I don't think you look at your roster and see former 5th rounders there and think, "well, no need to invest more draft capital at this vital position group"
  8. Tidbits from my source

    The best way to get the best bang for the buck out of the salary cap in the NFL is to draft impact players and get production out of them while they're on their cheap rookie contracts. We spent way too much valuable draft capital (early round draft picks) drafting at positions of depth where those guys were going to be buried behind better, more experienced players and drafting project players.
  9. Tidbits from my source

    I'm honestly not THAT concerned even if Samuel has a career ending or career altering injury. I was looking forward to seeing his development but at this point he was still nothing more than an intriguing developmental piece. He was just super raw as a WR. That was always my issue with Gettleman's WR drafting. He really didn't draft WRs. He drafted guys who fit the athletic mold of what he wanted in specific WR positions. Of the three guys he drafted in the 1st or 2nd round, only KB exclusively played WR in the college and even he was viewed as a WR/TE tweener by a lot of people. Funchess split time between TE and WR and Samuel split time at RB and WR. All of these guys came into the league really raw as WRs so it's not exactly surprising that KB was the only one who found early success.
  10. It's that time of the year for me.

    There's no immediate need for DE, but in terms of the future, it might be our #1 need based on our defensive philosophy. Peppers is pushing 40 and is only playing one more season. Addison is on the wrong side of 30 himself. Horton is a solid rotational DE but nothing more. Everyone else on the roster is completely unproven and only Hall was considered a legitimate NFL caliber prospect coming out of college. We build our defense around the front seven and lean on a strong pass rush. If we're going to continue that philosophy we absolutely need to add young talent and do it soon. I sure hope we don't force things and reach on a DE, but DE should be on the table for us everywhere in the draft if the right guy is there, including at #24.
  11. We're pretty bad off. Probably not any worse off than we were last year, but honestly we may have had the worst secondary in the NFL last year. I don't think Seymour is any worse than Worley but I don't think he's any better either. If we thought Corn was the answer we wouldn't have been trying to sign Breeland. Right now, Colin Jones would probably be our starting FS. Honestly, I'd probably rather have him out there than the version of Coleman was saw last year, but still, if your starting FS is Colin Jones you have a big problem.
  12. There are a lot better options available on the FA market at safety than there is at CB. We're going to have to take a CB early.
  13. Speaking of failed physicals..

    It'll probably depend on the contract Grant eventually signs. If it's roughly equal to what the Ravens were going to give him I doubt they raise too much of a fuzz. If it's significantly less, then yeah they probably will.
  14. To anyone disappointed, why? We have 4 draft picks between the the 5th and 7th rounds. Unless we want to just throw darts at the board we need to be scouting some guys who will likely be available in this range.
  15. And neither is Worley. We're basically at the same spot we were before the Worley trade and before the failed Breeland physical. We still need another starting CB.