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  1. Never have. It's just super inconvenient for me to get down there, but I'd be up for it if you want to put something together.
  2. This just seems dumb and pretty pointless. These guys get free rides on the PS without having to earn it (though they don't count toward our limit) and even if the guy kills it and earns a spot on the roster, he can't be elevated to the 53.
  3. I just want the dude in shape and on the field. Ever since his NFL debut when he had 6 catches for 92 yards and a TD I've felt like thia guy can be an elite NFL WR if he just puts in the work. It's up to him.
  4. The Heisman is a college football award and college football success doesn't always translate to the NFL. The dudes that win that thing are by and large college football legends regardless of how their NFL career goes.
  5. Boulware - 6'0" 238 TD - 6'1" 236 Shaq - 6'0" 230 Beason - 6'0" 238 Lavonte David - 6'1" 234 Patrick Willis - 6'1" 240 Physical size didn't have anything to do with Boulware going undrafted. Sure, ideally you'd want him to be 2-3" taller but tons of very successful NFL LBs are very similarly sized compared to Boulware. Luke is just a prototype. He's pretty much exactly what a LB coach would draw up both in terms of stature and athleticism if he was to sit down and draw up an ideal 4-3 MLB on paper. Boulware just lacks NFL athleticism. I'm rooting for him, but he reminds me a lot of a lesser version of former Wake Forest LB Jon Abbate. The guy was one helluva college LB and everyone knew he wasn't the best of athletes at the NFL level but then his workout performances exposed just how athletically limited he truly was. He barely got more than a cup of coffee in the NFL. Similarly, Boulware was a very productive college LB who everyone knew wasn't the best of athletes, but he didn't test out quite as dreadfully as Abbate did. His workouts pretty much confirmed what everyone already suspected - he's a well below average athlete for an NFL LB. That doesn't mean he can't be successful but he's definitely got an uphill battle ahead of him. We'll see. I'm rooting for the guy.
  6. It's really cool to see how tight our team seems, even across the lines of offense and defense. Football is a weird sport in that the offense and defense are essentially two different teams. They face off against each other constantly. They're essentially each other's opponent day in and day out. They have different coaches, work on different drills, really they're damn near two completely different teams. OL and DL in particular usually don't like each other. Our team atmosphere is definitely pretty unique.
  7. The bigger you are, the better you're going to hide extra weight. Let a small 100 pound woman gain 20 pounds and it'll be very obvious. Less obvious on an average size man. MUCH less obvious on a man the size of KB.
  8. Yep, thats exactly what I said wasnt it? Massive reach.
  9. Coming to camp heavy probably played a role in popping that ACL in the forst place.
  10. 20? Maybe if he was an average sized guy. He's a huge 6'5" guy. He's at least 40# heavier. 280 honestly might be giving him the benefit of the doubt.
  11. Yep, there's a handful of us posters who live out here in CO. I'm up in Evergreen about 30 miles west if Denver.
  12. KB's off-season conditioning regimen:
  13. This is KB at 240: He looks every bit of 280. This is extremely disappointing.