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  1. They're not "creating" the numbers. The stats are the stats. Their opinions are their opinions. The only thing they're creating is their rating system based on the metrics they prefer. Fans love to poo on Madden ratings, but in essence, they're creating their own Madden ratings.
  2. I watch a lot of football games and I have a pretty solid understanding of statistics and mathematical analysis from my professional career. I know when rankings don't match up with what I'm watching and I know how easy it is to lead yourself down a rabbit hole over-analyzing numbers. It's pretty obvious that PFF overthinks a lot of stuff while trying to show everyone how much smarter they are than everyone else about football.
  3. Not even gonna lie, I just googled PFF rankings images. No, I have no idea about their grading system other than I get a chuckle out of them every time I see one.
  4. LinvilleGorge

    Hunter Henry just blew out his ACL

    The main reason why I was against the pick to begin with. Back to back seasons we spent 1st round picks on depth at positions of strength while we had painfully glaring needs. Michael Thomas would've addressed one of those glaring needs. So would Landon Collins the year before. Imagine this team minus Shaq and Butler, but with Michael Thomas at WR and Landon Collins at S. I realize these types of revisionist history scenarios can be done every year, but those two really sting.
  5. Edited for a fairer comparison. I'm not convinced yet that he's actually significantly bigger.
  6. LinvilleGorge

    Hunter Henry just blew out his ACL

    Henry hasn't exactly set the NFL ablaze, but we can't exactly pound our chests over Vernon Butler either. What stings the most is that the Saints got an absolute stud of a WR in the 2nd round in Michael Thomas while we reached on a small school "hog mollie" in the late 1st.
  7. What else do you have other than your argument which has thus far consisted of "it's really bad because I say it is"?
  8. LinvilleGorge

    Hunter Henry just blew out his ACL

    He won't get a chance. We signed Poe to start. More specifically, we signed Poe to fill Star's role. Butler will remain a rotational guy in his 3rd NFL season. Great 1st round pick...
  9. LinvilleGorge

    Hunter Henry just blew out his ACL

    No he won't. That's why we signed Dontari Poe.
  10. LinvilleGorge

    Hunter Henry just blew out his ACL

    Every team in the league is thin at certain positions. It's a necessary evil of a salary cap and a 53 man roster. Getting lucky (or unlucky) with the injury bug is unfortunately part of the game. Every team is going to have some injuries, you just have to hope they occur at positions where you can afford to have them without a huge drop off.
  11. The pics definitely look good, no doubt about it. I'll reserve judgment until I see him on he field fully geared up during a game. Because he definitely looked slight of frame out there last season.
  12. It's funny that you think that I'm a Trump supporter. Hint: I'm not. You're reaching further and further. How's the air up there on your moral high horse? Ironic since you're the only one here dishing out judgement on others. Before you want to keep dishing on the Bills, you might want to Google "Marv Levy".
  13. Sorry that I'm just not automatically jumping to the Bills organization being anti-Semitic. It's putting the cart before the horse big time.
  14. If you don't understand why questioning a guy's "culture fit" in an organization when there was plenty of talk about teams being put off by his attitude leading up to the draft, then it says more about you than the Bills. You're just looking for something to be offended by. Concerns about it doesn't necessarily mean that Rosen is a bad guy or that he won't be a great NFL QB, but all kinds of dumbass reasons cause prospects to slip in the draft every year.