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  1. True, but I don't think it's a stretch to expect Oher-esque level play out of Kalil and we know Williams is a serviceable RT with a potential upgrade added in Moton. This is the best OT situation we've had on paper since Gross retired, which granted is saying very little.
  2. If we truly do field a borderline top 10 OL, we're winning the Super Bowl. Straight up.
  3. I definitely think being Ryan's brothwr played *some* role in Matt ending up in Carolina. How big of a role who knows? He was one of the few options available in a very sparse FA market for LTs so it's highly likely we would've had interest regardless.
  4. This.
  5. Go find me all the read option plays in NE's playbook. Don't worry, I'll wait.
  6. This. We need two starting OTs and a little depth at the position would be welcomed. With that said, if those two starters end up being Moton and Williams then I'd be just fine with that too.
  7. Of course Cam has made bad decisions and bad throws. Don't be ridiculous. Cam Newton won an MVP while Shula barely got a second glance as a potential HC candidate. That pretty much says everything right there.
  8. 2015
  9. Yep, I think every knowledgeable Panthers fan realizes Cam has been floating Shula. I don't think a team with a young OC with the #1 offense and MVP QB has ever not had that OC then be the hottest up and coming HC candidate in the NFL. Shula barely got any interest at all.
  10. I don't like putting so much stock on one individual play. Yeah, I think TD has lost a step and I've been saying for awhile now that I think we'll see the passing of the torch from TD to Shaq this season. However, any LB trying to cover that much ground against a guy like Coleman is going to struggle.
  11. It was reported shortly after Barnidge was cut that he may visit the Panthers. Now whether that was an actual report or just speculation is unclear. Seems likely that we would've at least reached out to his agent to see what they were looking for. Maybe he's looking foe more than we want to spend or maybe he's looking for an opportunity to start. Who knows? All I know I'd that if we could swap put Dickson for Barnidge for roughly the same cap hit, we should've already done it.
  12. Over/under on this guy getting banned?
  13. Hopefully Butker will send him packing.
  14. Agreed. No way the guy is worth his cap hit. He's subpar both as a receiver and a blocker.
  15. Not sure why Gettleman would get all butthurt about this to be honest. KB did show up to OTAs out of shape. Showing up out of shape has been an ongoing issue for KB dating back to his college days. Why defend him? Let the media bash the hell out of him. Maybe it'll help light a fire under him. I love when the media gives our guys message board material. Embrace that poo. I'm honestly starting to seriously wonder if PFT is nothing more than Florio's personal campaign to run for the NFLPA presidency. The guy is an attorney with nearly two decades of labor law experience under his belt, obviously has a major interest in football, and his site is insanely player friendly. Just wild ass speculation that's likely nowhere near the truth, but it does make me wonder sometimes.