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  1. Yeah, my previous post was factoring in that McCaffrey won't be there at 40... because he won't be. The odds of McCaffrey being there at 40 are about the same as Garrett being there at 8. Just not gonna happen.
  2. I can't see a double dip at RB in terms of #8 and #40. Just can't see that happening. Now, I could potentially see a double dip in terms of #8 and a later round pick. It seems pretty clear that CAP isn't part of our future plans and Fozzy only has a two year contract with only $500k guaranteed. There's no guaranteed money next season. So, if we took Fournette at #8, I could definitely see competition being brought in for Fozzy in a later round. Maybe TJ Logan? And if we took McCaffrey at #8 or in a trade down scenario, I could definitely see a more power oriented RB being brought in to compete with CAP. Maybe Perine if we wanted to pull the trigger in the 3rd which is earlier than I would think we would make that move or maybe Elijah Hood if a later round which I think is probably more likely. Yeah, I'm UNC homering a little bit here, but I think both of those guys would fit the bill in theses situations both in terms of skill set and draft projection.
  3. CAP averaged 4.0 yards per game when Stew was out and he was essentially filling Stew's role. Virtually identical production out of a player that it seems like we can't wait to replace.
  4. This. I didn't like the restructure at all. We didn't need to lower Stew's cap hit, but we didn't utilize our leverage well at all. Stew had zero leverage in a RB FA market that is virtually nonexistent. Based on production, Stewart has been one of the most overpaid player in the NFL for the majority of his career.
  5. Exclusive footage of the "private meeting"
  6. He barely broke the 4.0 mark in 2015 when Cam won the MVP and we had the Moscow prolific offense in the NFL. He's just washed up.
  7. To lower his cap hit this year. We can cut him next year with only $1.5M in dead cap space from the deal.
  8. It's time for this fan base (and this organization) to wake up and realize that Stew isn't a young injury prone RB brimming with potential anymore. Now, he's an aging over the hill injury prone RB and it's time to move on.
  9. No. I'd be willing to part with the late 2nd. Basically, Fournette has to get past the Jags before I'd start making calls. If the Jags want him I'd let them have him. It would just be too costly to get in front of them.
  10. You don't have to be a Nobel Prize winning scientist to be a great football player. There's plenty of great football players that are about as dumb as a rock.
  11. I'd love to have Fournette, it I'd hate to give up both of those 2nds to get him. If we did that, we wouldn't have another pick in this very good draft until the bottom of the 3rd.
  12. I think CB is absolutely in play. Still not sold on Worley, but he'd be great depth to have. Gotta remember, we have virtually nothing at CB past Bradberry, Worley, and Captain.
  13. This. I want an elite prospect at #8. I wouldn't pass on an elite defender to reach on offense.
  14. I really like the UNC RBs and would not at all be opposed to a double dip. Fournette/Logan or McCaffrey/Hood.
  15. Wouldn't be surprising at all if the report was true. Also wouldn't be surprising at all if it's complete bullshit. Who knows? The thing is though that leaking info like this really won't impact his draft stock at all. Any team that's seriously considering drafting him will have done their own medical checks on those knees.