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  1. Chicago Bears observations ....

    Sounds like a team that Shula will try to exploit the edges on. Here comes wide pitches to Stew. 2nd and 15 instead of the usual 2nd and 12.
  2. Run Game Woes - Ted Ginn Jr.

    Except that teams aren't really stacking the box against us in the first place because we have no running game right now.
  3. Run Game Woes - Ted Ginn Jr.

    This. A lot of Panther fans seem to be ignoring what is obvious and disturbing - teams are completely shitting down our running game with their front seven alone.
  4. I wanted Fournette. He wasn't available. So no point debating who we'd rather have. Kareem Hunt though...
  5. Rosenthal with GOLD

    Wins are wins. We were something ridiculous like +20 in turnover differential in 2015.
  6. Rosenthal with GOLD

    The Saints are playing well right now and are already up 1-0 in the head to head match up.
  7. Panthers release QB Brad Kaaya

    Kayaa's physical talent just never translated on the field. He can throw the ball, but he plays scared.
  8. Rattled? I know he's a rookie but did you see that perfect ball he threw into double coverage off his back foot with a defender in his face in OT on the road? The kid's got it. I hope we don't just disregard him because he's a rookie.
  9. Any given Sunday. The parity looks especially strong in the NFL this year. Doesn't look to be any dominant teams and even a winless team like the Niners have been in every game they've played. They're a lot better than you'd think for an 0-6 squad. I'm not overlooking the Bears, but I do consider this a must win game. Gotta win the games you're supposed to win.
  10. Most likely, I think this is probably Hurney trying to be clever again while looking like a complete hack. Same as how we carried two kickers for awhile this season then ended up losing Butker anyway. With Rodgers and Winston getting hurt, Hurney probably feared one of them may go after Gilbert.
  11. Daryl Worley Posts Cryptic Tweet...

    Ealy showed flashes of being able to potentially become great.
  12. Too early to talk MVP, but ROY is Watson vs. Hunt vs. Fournette. It's a three man race.
  13. Bears Extend Fox for Five Years

    This has to be a joke. Yep, actually looked at the posted article.
  14. If we can get anything for DA we should take it. He's done. He's looked awful since last season.