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  1. There's too much obsession about this mythical #1 WR. KB has proven to be a legit starting caliber NFL outside WR. We need another one. This is Funchess' put up or shut up year. And honestly, I don't think he's done anything to earn even that. But, he's gonna get a crack at it regardless. I hope it works out and he shows everyone that he can be a starting caliber NFL outside WR, but if it's not working out, I hope we don't hesitate to make a change. Put someone else in there and give them a shot. Maybe Shepherd? I don't know.
  2. To put it in perspective, KB was 27th in the NFL last season in targets. Olsen actually had the most targets on the team and he was still only 18th.
  3. CMC was 4th in the nation in broken tackles and averaged 3.3 yards after contact. We'll see if he can translate that to the NFL, but he was elite in both regards in college.
  4. A participation trophy for Wesley Woodyard and the rest of the Titans.
  5. I think your sarcasm detector may need a little fine tuning.
  6. Because it's something I've been talking about since at least June. http://www.carolinahuddle.com/boards/topic/138930-captains-corner-munnerlyn-goes-around-charlotte-asking-people-panther-trivia-questions/?do=findComment&comment=4142712 Everyone else's catch rate last year was at or above their average with the Panthers. Everyone except Funchess.
  7. Funchess had one of the worst catch rates in the NFL. THE worst among players with 50+ targets.
  8. Dude was accused of rape, stole crab legs from the grocery store, etc... but Cam once possessed a stolen laptop and has a "fake smile"
  9. Not surprising at all. KB isn't as consistent as I would like plus he's the guy Cam tends to force the ball to most.
  10. They can't build a winning culture with this QB situation and half of those high first round QBs will probably bust. You don't want to end up with Blaine Gabbert or Jake Locker.
  11. Never understood the people who dog KB for putting up nearly 1000 yards in the two seasons he's played while so many hold out hope for Funchess to become this mythical #1 WR. Sure, I'd like to see KB be more consistent, but he's definitely not a problem for this WR corps.
  12. Tyrod Taylor is throwing lots of passes to guys wearing the wrong jerseys. Bills need to tank for a QB.
  13. Yep. One of my criticisms of Gettleman is that he didn't draft WRs, he drafted athletes who fit the mold of what he envisioned as a WR.
  14. I never liked the idea of trying to pair KB with another oversized WR. Still hoping Funchess can prove that he can be more than what he's shown so far.