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  1. Evidently I hit submit in the middle of typing. What I was trying to say is that I know full well that any NFL coach knows a lot more about football than I ever will bit it's baffli g how many mind numbingly dumb decisions get made. Decisions that you really don't even have to know much about football to know that they're terrible decisions.
  2. I know full well that any NFL coach knows a helluva lot more about football than i
  3. He's already refusing to announce Mayfield as the starter going forward saying that he needs to review the film first. Is this guy actively trying to sabotage his own career? What is he, something like 2-33 in Cleveland now? Their #1 overall pick QB comes in and gives them a huge spark and brings them back from two TDs down to get the W and Jackson "needs to review the film"??? LOLOLOLOL!!!!
  4. LinvilleGorge

    Any Chance Texans Would Trade Clowney?

    Rings are rings and Eli played out of his damn mind in the playoffs in both of those years. I don't think the Giants regret that trade in the least.
  5. LinvilleGorge

    Any Chance Texans Would Trade Clowney?

    Just signed him? The Bears gave up two 1st round picks for the right to sign Mack to the biggest contract for a defensive player in NFL history. I know it looks good right now with Mack tearing it up, but we won't know how this story ultimately plays out for several years. For quite awhile, it looked like the Chargers had fleeced the Giants in that Eli trade, but now Eli and the Giants won two Super Bowls together while Rivers and the Chargers have only made it past the divisional round once.
  6. Those are the busts we usually remember most. It doesn't necessarily mean there's more of them. Until the rookie salary pool came along, most top 10 draft picks started right away no matter what simply because of the massive contract they signed. You can't sit a guy who's one of the highest paid players in the NFL at his position.
  7. Trubisky is playing in an all new offense for him. That would still be the case had he sat last year. Most of that "learning" he would've done would be worthless to him. Mahomes may turn out to be the better of the two, but he's in a much better situation right now. Much better surrounding offensive talent and he's been immersed in the same offensive system since the day he was drafted. I'm not sure if it's accurate that more busts have started from day one. Look at the Browns right now with Mayfield instead of Taylor. Bad teams need a spark. They need some hope. If the rookie is the best player, play him. It's dumb not to because of a mantra of forcing a rookie to sit. I'm not saying that every rookie should play right away and that some can't benefit from not playing right away, I'm just saying to play your best football players.
  8. LinvilleGorge

    Any Chance Texans Would Trade Clowney?

    That was $17M for a DE this year. It'll be more next year. Hell no to that.
  9. I think those busts would've likely busted anyway. No way to re-write history. One thing is for sure, there have been and there will be many guys start from day one and succeed. There also have been and will be guys sit and learn and succeed. And vice versa for both as well. There's no foolproof formula either way. You just have to find the right guy and I think the right guy ultimately succeeds either way and it's why I don't advocate sitting a guy just because he's a rookie.
  10. Brees has said the same himself. Pretty sure Brees has actually said that Mayfield could be better than him.
  11. LinvilleGorge

    Any Chance Texans Would Trade Clowney?

    It was an exaggeration. The guy WAS drafted primarily on hype and potential though. He's had one standout season in the seven years since he graduated HS. The guy is a pure hype train. Time to forget the myth and accept the reality. He's usually hurt and even when healthy he's good but far from great. Mario Addison is a better football player. Straight up.
  12. Cam started from day one. So did Peyton. So did Roethlisberger. Plenty of great QBs start from day one. I'm a firm believer that you either have it or you don't. Sitting a guy doesn't protect him from anything. At some point, you're going to hit a rough patch. You either have the mental fortitude to push through it or you don't. Whether it happens as a rookie or whenever you get your shot doesn't really matter. I'm not ready to crown Mahomes yet (or Fitz in TB for that matter). Plenty of QBs have looked good in flashes but as teams get more film on a guy in that system to study, that's when the truth comes out.
  13. No reason to sit a guy if he's your best option.
  14. LinvilleGorge

    Any Chance Texans Would Trade Clowney?

    This is pure comedy. 20 sacks in four seasons. One double digit sack season since he graduated HS, none in the NFL. Tons of talent, but he's fragile and he's just not that great at football. But hey, he sure looks the part and he had great workouts, oh and don't forget... he hit that Michigan RB really hard!