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  1. Two ACL reconstructions. One microfracture surgery. Currently recovering from a shoulder injury that required surgery. Torn labrum I think. Came up lame at the combine after running a blazing fast 40. There might be more, but that's what I'm aware of.
  2. Corey Davis via knees not requiring duct tape and bailing wire to keep them held together.
  3. All your DTs are belong to us.
  4. Must've only seen the Super Bowl. Ealy looked like a future HOFer that day. But that guy had never been seen before and hasn't been seen since.
  5. I think a trade back up would be far more likely. There's gonna be someone there at #8 that we really like.
  6. Shula busy trying to outsmart an NFL defense
  7. I honestly have no idea but I'm very curious.
  8. Can't argue with someone who lives in an alternate reality and ignores anything that doesn't agree with that alternate reality. Good day, sir.
  9. If you're going to insult people, at least be right.
  10. Well, CJ was a 3rd round pick for a reason. I expect Walker to go around that same area unless he blows it up at his pro day. Thomas will go high because he had great workouts as well.
  11. Word is that we love Solomon Thomas and he's relatively compact. So is CJ who has obviously been a great player for us.
  12. This guy is awful at RT, so we'll pencil him in at LT since he's left handed and all. Panthers fans be like
  13. I think his primary point was that it's basically impossible to be a bust as a UDFA.