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  1. Sounds like Kwame Brown syndrome. All the physical talent in the world, just none of the real world life experience. The obvious difference being that Kwame was fresh out of HS while Apple spent three years at Ohio State. He should've been much more prepared to be out in the real world on his own.
  2. Meh, I like Rodgers. The media is just hyping up his return to drive interest and viewership. We got this. The Packers have too many holes right now for a rusty Rodgers to mask.
  3. Jerry Richardson Being Investigated

    JR reading the huddle
  4. Consider the fact that the GM who drafted him in the first round is gone I don't think that much matters at this point.
  5. You mean to tell me Joe Person is being a hack and pissing people off? Shocker.
  6. The coaches obviously love Shaq, I'm just not seeing it. Then again, we continually try to fit a square peg into a round hole with the way we use the guy so us fans have probably never really seen how good the guy might actually be.
  7. Next Gen Stats on CAM

    I don't care what the scale says. Cam looks physically great. Cam said afterwards that he intentionally didn't want to score in that play due to the time left on the clock in order to force the Vikings to have to use their timeouts. I thought he may gave been joking but it honestly didn't seem like it.
  8. Keep dreaming bro, I wish this was the J. Stew from a few years ago but it's clearly not. CMC is still a rookie adapting to the NFL. Stop making strawman arguments.
  9. Won't be enough. Belichick and Brady vs. Marrone and Bortles? Their D and Fournette just won't be enough.
  10. The NFL is salivating at this possibility

    This is a team that had to go to OT to beat a winless Browns team. Yes, Rodgers is great but he'll also probably be dealing with some rust and that Packers team has lots of issues. With that said, I'm sure they'll bring their A game. Getting Rodgers back will be a huge lift for them.
  11. Sorry man, numerous times the hole has been there and Stew has just been a step slow getting there. At this stage in his career he needs holes you could drive a truck through.
  12. These stats don't occur in a vacuum though. If Stew is slower to hit the hole, that's going to negatively impact this state. Yes, the OL has definitely not looked as good without Ryan, but Stew is hitting that hole slower too. It's not an either or scenario. It's a bit of both.
  13. Quickness and initial burst are a lot more important than pure straight line speed for a RB. Those are the areas where Stew seems to have lost a step or two. He still looks good once he gets rolling, it just takes him longer to get rolling.
  14. Can't knock Jackson due to his availability. We have enough been a run first team Stew's entire career as well. Yes, Stew spent some years splitting carries with DeAngelo but honestly I think one of the big reasons why DeAngelo stuck around as long as he did was due to concerns about Stew's ability to carry the load due to concerns about his durability. Even when he was playing he was oftentimes held out of practice or limited in practice. That doesn't exactly instill confidence in terms of availability.
  15. The numbers don't lie. Jackson has nearly 50% more rushing yards. Nearly triple the receiving yards. Eight straight 1000+ yard seasons. "Talent" is arbitrary. Production is real. I actually feel the opposite from the majority in this thread. I think Stew is vastly overrated by most Panthers fans. Anyone who thinks he's up there with the likes of Adrian Peterson, Le'Veon Bell, Ezekiel Elliott, etc. is just delusional. At his best he was a borderline top 5 NFL RB. He was always damn good when healthy, but to hear some Panthers fans talk you'd think he was Walter Peyton or Barry Sanders