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  1. Don’t overthink this Hurney

    Yeah, Breaux is injury prone but he's probably the best CB still on the market and we need a veteran who is able to at least be a stop gap. He seems to fit the bill.
  2. Damn. That's some scary stuff. Hopefully he can get himself straightened out.
  3. He's a talented WR, he's just very injury prone. These moves at WR make me wonder how the organization views Samuel. Especially since we went out and signed a slot specific WR.
  4. We're not any better, but I don't think we're considerably worse. Coleman and Worley were really, really bad last year. And I don't think our secondary roster is finished yet by a long shot.
  5. Alabama DT Da'Ron Payne visiting today

    If we take a DT in the 1st round I'm gonna lose my poo.
  6. Expect Hurney to double up in Draft

    A USC WR drafted by Marty Hurney in the 2nd round... there may not be a more guaranteed bust in the NFL draft than that. Well, maybe a close 2nd to a 1st round Browns QB.
  7. Expect Hurney to double up in Draft

    Hopefully Iowa. Josh Jackson and James Daniels. Make it so.
  8. Eric Ebron signs with Colts

    This. Ebron is going to start in Indy. If we were going to throw that type of figure at a player in free agency, it should've been Mathieu.
  9. Ebron has our offer

    Sucks we didn't get Mathieu. I was surprised to see him sign for as little as he did.
  10. Having three 3rds would give us additional flexibility. We could make three 3rd round picks or it could give us additional trade value for a potential move up. Say if a Derwin James or Calvin Ridley slipped out of the top 10. #24 plus two 3rds could probably get us up into the 12-14 range. So would #24 plus our 2nd rounder if a team insisted on that. Maybe we'd be willing to part with our 2nd if we had three 3rds in our back pocket. We could potentially package two 3rds if we felt the need to jump back into the 2nd. It's not about just giving Butler away for anything we can get, it's about trying to put the best, most well balanced roster we can on the field. It's also about the team feeling the need to go out and add a high value free agent DT. I'm not sure the Panthers' organization is as high on Butler as some of our fans.
  11. I honestly have no idea who might be available. Look for a team light at DT and deep at CB. Can't be too many that fit the bill. Actually, the Cowboys come to mind. They're light at DT and they can't seem to figure out what to do with former 2nd round pick Byron Jones. They've bounced him between CB and S. We have needs at both spots. Yeah... Vernon Butler for Byron Jones. I'd do that. Seems like it would make sense for both teams.
  12. I've already said I wouldn't trade Butler for a 4th.
  13. If we trade him for a good pick we can spend that to address our weaknesses. If we trade him for a DB that obviously addresses one of our weaknesses. I don't understand posters like you who can't simply state their opinion without automatically considering any differing opinion to be dumb and make no sense. I really don't see how it's such a stretch to imagine that trading a former 1st round pick who will be in a rotational role again to bolster positions of obvious weakness couldn't potentially result in a stronger overall team.
  14. Predict this weeks moves

    It's really odd how quite it's been with us and safeties but them again, the Poe and Breeland signinga came out of nowhere. We have to add a starting caliber veteran FS even if he's just a stopgap.
  15. If Josh Jackson is there at 24, take him. I honestly thought we had very little chance at him but based on how raw he looked at the combine in the on field drills I actually think it might be possible. Teams that want to run a lot of man are probably going to be scared off of him in the 1st but his instincts, ball skills, and measurables fit us perfectly if we're going to go back to more of a cover 3 heavy scheme.