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  1. Come out of your stretch like a MVP

    Hot yoga is brilliant. You know some yoga studio was tired of paying some high ass electric bills to keep that AC cranking in the summer and then was like, "LOL! I got an idea..."
  2. Hope to see Short retained, but if it means a Suh contract we just can't do that. I'd rather see him elsewhere than see us give a DT that type of hamstringing money. My concern is that if we don't get him locked up this offseason and he has another double digit sack season, someone will be willing to give him Suh money. Then again, Gettleman values DT >>>>> CB and might be willing to keep Short with the tag. Meh, all things considered, way too early to worry about that stuff yet, but it's May and ain't a damn thing else to talk about.
  3. Carolina Panthers OTA Notes and Photos

    yours will be shitted, mine will be tented
  4. I don't have much respect for her coaches for allowing her to continue.
  5. Sooners reporter talks Williams, Sanchez

    Honestly though, we don't need competition along the OL like we do at WR. I'm just fine with Oher at LT, Kalil at center, and Turner and Norwell at OG. I'd just like to see RT upgraded. If we can't upgrade at RT, then Shula just has to get better at compensating for our weakness there when we face good speed rushers. I would do hope to see some competition for the backup positions though. If Oher gets hurt... oh wee mayne. He may not be an elite LT, but he's the only competent LT we have.
  6. Sooners reporter talks Williams, Sanchez

    He was a 4th round pick for a reason. Great OT prospects aren't available in the mid-rounds, but that doesn't mean they can't become darn good NFL players. It just means they probably have a ceiling that's less than elite. That's okay. With the salary cap, you're never going to be able to afford to field a team of All-Pros at every position. I just hope he can be better than Mike Remmers. We don't need him to be an All-Pro, we just need him to be an upgrade over Mike Remmers who in his own right isn't terrible overall.
  7. Selecting the 2016 Panthers Wide Receivers

    KB/Funch/Ginn - those three are locks IMO The last two spots are anyone's guess, but despite my middling opinion of Philly, I suspect he has an inside track to one of those spots but he won't survive another camp and preseason like he had last year. If he shows hands of stone again, he'll be sent packing especially if the talk about Byrd is legit. I don't think that both Philly and Byrd make the roster - it'll be one or the other IMO. Philly's game experience gives him an edge, but Byrd's speed can't be taught and it'd be nice to have another legit burner on the roster in case something happened to Ginn. Philly is NOT that fast by NFL WR standards; stop typing. My guess for the last two spots is Philly and Garrett. Garrett gets the nod over the rest due to his hands and higher upside than Bersin. We just can't afford to carry Hill. We have enough WRs with hot/cold hands already.
  8. Proehl talks about Damiere Byrd

    KB, Funchess, and Ginn are locks IMO. But I think they're the only locks.
  9. Panthers Release Boykin

    This pretty much sums up my thoughts on the matter. Boykin was on a one year veteran minimum deal. Unless there's something going on off the field, there's no real reason not to at least bring him to camp and see how he looks. If he doesn't look all that great, cut him. If he seems like he's going to be an issue, cut him. If you don't think he's going to be a good influence on the rookies, cut him. But cutting him mid-May? It's just weird. Makes me thing there's gotta be something else going on that we don't know about. My good buddy is a huge Eagles fan and he texted me saying that he bet that Boykin started raising a stink as soon as we drafted a bunch of CBs. I pointed out that Boykin was on a one year vet min deal and he said, the dude is just that cocky. He's a really good nickel, but he think he's an elite outside CB. He's not.
  10. 86-84 career TD-INT ratio 74.3 career passer rating 5.8 yards career average per attempt 51 career fumbles 37-35 career record and hasn't had a winning record since 2010 He's hot trash.
  11. Well, he spends most of his time on the field with his thumb up his ass, so this is going to impact him more than most.
  12. Panthers invite RB Jalen Simmons to Camp

    Virtually every D1 recruit plays the "just go out there and wreck poo" position in HS. They're playing against guys like me. They're just out there straight wrecking shop.
  13. Panthers Release Boykin

    Wouldn't be surprised if there's more to this story. I don't think you cut a guy like Boykin because three rookies looked decent in non-contact drills. Especially since Gettleman wasn't even there to see it. Wasn't Boykin on a vet min contract? No reason not to at least bring him to camp unless there's something off the field going on.
  14. Hard to believe NC State would be that stupid. I'm sure they would've love ed to have him at QB for another season. With that said, I have two fraternity brothers who actually grew up with Russell Wilson and neither one has a single negative thing to say about the guy.