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  1. 2016 NFL MVP Odds

    Well, there's a reason why average QBs get huge contracts, QB prospects get overreacted every year, and teams make smdesoeration trades to get to the front of the pack to try to draft a franchise QB.
  2. NFL Top 100 Players of 2016 - Guess Our Players

    Cam, Kuechly, Norman, Short, TD, and Olsen should definitely be on the list. Star, and all three interior OL due to our run game should get heavy consideration. I guess Stew should too to be honest.
  3. 2016 NFL MVP Odds

    Probably just be throwing money away. The last defensive player to 1in the MVP was LT and that was 30 years ago in 1986. Before then? 1971. That concludes the list of defensive players to win the MVP. A WR has never won the MVP. In fact, LT was the last guy to win the MVP who wasn't a QB or RB. 30 straight years of QBs and RBs with the list skewing heavily to QB. The smart money is on a QB. If you're gonna bet on a non-QB, pick a RB.
  4. Madden 17 Carolina Panthers Ratings

    My crack at it above
  5. SI article on Keyarris Garrett

    Biggest physical concern I have is 9" hands. That's tiny for a guy his size. I'm 5" shorter and have the same size hands.
  6. Edmund Kugbila making a comeback

    Best of luck to him, but based on Gettleman openly admitting that he made a mistake drafting him, I doubt there's any interest from the Panthers' end.
  7. Your biggest concern going into the season?

    DE and youth in the secondary. Rookies are likely going to see a lot of PT in the secondary. There will be mistakes and some outright blown coverages.
  8. Someone sell me on why Butler was a good pick?

    Short is our only pass rushing DT. Star, Soliai, and Love are all run stuffers. Imagine our pass rush last year without Short. Butler should bring another DT who can be a disruptive force rushing the passer. Looking beyond this season, it gives us flexibility. If we can't get Short locked up this off-season and he has another double digit sack season he could potentially be looking at a Suh type deal. Not sure we'll be willing to do that.

    I don't see Philly as near the lock that the majority of Panthers fans do and I have no idea how Bersin continues to cling to a roster spot.
  10. Would you rather see Sanchez or Paxton in the opener?

    Gonna be Sanchez. No way they throw Lynch to the wolves in a primetime game against our D. It could ruin the guy. But hey, there's plenty of film on Sanchez and the guy unequivocally sucks, so I'm fine with that.
  11. Don't Sleep on Dean Marlowe

    I think this draft speaks volumes about how we view our current DBs. If your name isn't Kurt Coleman or Bene Benwikire, you're probably fighting for your job.
  12. Gettleman says BPA philosophy changed this year.

    We don't draft for need we all said. Gonna take the BPA we all said. Then we proceed to spam CB picks throwing mud at the wall hoping something sticks. LOL Surely we have one of these guys pegged as a safety. I hope they all become great players.

    At this point, Gettleman should just go full troll. Take another CB in the 7th.
  14. Sign Anquan Boldin

    And DTs. All the corners and DTs.
  15. Don't look for a big move to replace Josh Norman

    Well, knowing what we know now, this thread is fuging hilarious.