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  1. Joe Webb and Aqib Talib Received Fines

    That Talib wasn't ejected for that attempted homicide was ludicrous.  That he isn't suspended for it is beyond any reasoning or belief.
  2. My guess is that they're confusing TD with Harper or Cotchery.  But I have no facts, just guessing.
  3. DE targets for this draft

    added Kaufusi and Buckner.
  4. Your Offseason

    Not a fan of trading out of the 1st.  That 5th year option is going to make getting KK and Star both signed much easier, for example. 
  5. DE targets for this draft

    Yea, I actually had a different writeup for Nassib at first, and then went back and watched a couple more games' videos and he looked better.  I dunno which games of his you've watched, so I dunno if you're opinion is drawn from the same ones my original opinion was or if you've seen everything I have.  The first couple games' videos I watched he was slow as hell and I had a similar opinion as yours, 3rd/4th round.  Then the next couple games I watched were a little more impressive.  I saw the tools to build a good DE.  Like you, I'm sure my opinion on most of these guys will change at least somewhat as I do more research. I didn't know that about Spence, I've only watched a few videos on each of these guys, no other research so far.  He was already off my board, but now he has very little chance of further videos/research redeeming him heh. 
  6. 2016 3 biggest roster holes.

    Yea, I mostly agree with OP. I don't think CJ is definitely gone at this point, but regardless of whether he is or isn't we need to be drafting a DE high.  With the time it takes them to develop, we'll already be behind the 8 ball unless we get a freakishly quick adapting-to-the-pro-game DE. I dunno if Safety is as big a need as some others.  Boston had been playing that role lately and I think he's done solidly.  He could be upgraded for sure, but it wouldn't be as large of an impact upgrade as at some other positions.  Let him compete with Marlowe for the starting job and the winner gets valuable reps.  CB is another I want drafted within the first 3 rounds.  I think we can go ahead and pencil in Josh (at least 1 more year) and Bene in as #s 1 and 2.  I dunno what it is I'm not seeing, but when Bene has played out wide he's always seemed better to me than playing the slot.  But I want another high potential CB for the slot position, and in case we can't retain Josh past this year.  Better to have a blue chipper with a year under his belt ready to start year after next than have to go into the draft picking one high and making him start as a rookie.
  7. Along the Sidelines - Superbowl Edition

    Great photos.  My favorite is the middle Stewart TD pic, where he's pretty much at the apex of his leap.
  8. Ezekiel Elliott

    Based on just a little bit of watching videos, kid is talented.  Dunno if we're spending a 1st round pick on a RB though... Maybe after watching more I'd see the value better, but RB is way low on my list of positional research atm, heh.  He seems quick as hell and powerful enough, very interesting prospect.
  9. DE targets for this draft

    Well, it's that time of the year again.  Time to keep this forum up on a new tab.  IMO, DE and CB are the two most vital positions to target in the draft so in this thread I'll be bringing up and discussing guys that could be options for us (mostly 1st-2nd round type guys).  Will edit as I do research accordingly.  The thing I look for most in any DL is quickness off the snap.  In my opinion, the guys that are quickest off the snap have an advantage over everyone else, if you can start faster and get moving quicker you will win more often than not.  This is also something that doesn't really get better.  Guys don't typically learn to fire off the ball faster than they did in college.  It would seem like it's a physical thing that could be improved with physical training, but often times guys that I've seen in college that are noticeably slow or quick off the snap turn out to be the same in the pros, probably has more to do with the brain than one would think.  Reaction time, etc.  Another important quality is obviously motor.  This is another thing that doesn't often change once they get to the pros.  After quickness off the ball and motor, I look for "technique" things as best my untrained eye can.  Things like lunging, leaning, spin/bullrush/swim moves, things like that.  Then finally I look at physical traits such as height, arm length, weight, proportions, etc.  I do most of my research at draftbreadown.com, it's my favorite site for videos because they're not highlight reels, they're breakdowns for full games.  I'll typically only really watch the videos vs the best competition they face but I'll watch them all if there's only a few available. Shaq Lawson, Clemson:  I've watched a few videos on him, nothing too in depth yet.  He doesn't overly impress me based on the Notre Dame and Florida St. videos.  He's slow as hell off the snap and heavy footed.  Seems to have solid power, but tends to be hesitant.  He does seem to have very good instincts.  Shortish, shorter arms.  As it stands now, would not want in the 1st. Kevin Dodd, Clemson:  One video, vs Louisville.  Quicker off the snap than Lawson.  Taller, longer arms.  Decent technique, but plenty of room to improve.  I'd be more interested in him at #30 than Lawson. Emmanuel Ogbah, Oklahoma St.:  Whoa, this guy is FAST off the snap!  One of the quickest first steps I've seen from a DE that I can remember.  His motor does seem to run empty at times though.  I saw a number of plays where the ball went away from him initially (QB rollout or RB run to the other side) and he didn't put forth much effort to pursue.  vs Ole Miss his first step was great almost every snap.  vs Baylor he seemed to just stand up and lean on the OT more often than not, so effort seems to be inconsistent.  Technique seems to need a healthy amount of work.  His super quick first step lead to overpursuit sometimes, didn't seem to have any moves to speak of.  He seems strong enough though, good proportions.  A little lean looking, but not a beanpole like some of the other recent highly drafted "tall, skinny" DEs.  I think he'd fill out very well in an NFL strength program.  I'd be happy with him at #30, high ceiling. Carl Nassib, Penn St.:  He's a bit slow off the snap, but once he does get moving he gets up to speed pretty quick.  Good size and build.  No technique, but solid stack and shed.  Gets off balance more often than you usually see.  Very raw.  Has the building blocks to develop, but would not want at #30.  Maybe in the 2nd.  Noah Spence, E. Kentucky:  Quick first step, but small.  Looked smaller than every other lineman in both games I watched.  Very quick feet, good awareness.  Good technique and active in stunts and pursuit, but dunno if he has the size for a 4-3 DE.  Not really interested in him for now because of size. Bronson Kaufusi, BYU:  SLOW reaction time off the snap.  But once he does react, he gets up to speed quick.  There was only one video on him, the Cincinnati game, so I need more video to really form an opinion.  Maybe this'll look different in other games.  Really good size at 6'6 280, good strength, top end pursuit speed seems really slow but he gets up to that top speed pretty quickly.  The only DE I've seen yet in this draft to actually utilize multiple moves, good spin move for a 6'6 280 guy.  Quick active hands and feet, hand fighting seems really good.  Based on the one video, I think he'd be a good pick at #30. DeForest Buckner, Oregon:  His reaction time is quick enough, but he doesn't snap or pop off the ball.  He seems to lunge a little.  If he can be taught to pop when he first moves, he could be dangerous.  No motor issues noticed.  Great size at 6'7, 290.  Good strength.  Great proportions, doesn't look 290.  Very active hands, but they don't always seem to be under control.  Seems his height causes him to lose balance occasionally, but didn't happen often.  If he could learn to explode off the snap, he would remind me a bit of Watt in college.  I have a feeling he'll be gone before it gets to our pick.  He'll be a bit of a project, but great potential.  Reminds me slightly of Arik Armstead last year, but better proportioned and quicker.  Would be happy with him at #30. For now, my ranking of interest is: Ogbah Dodd Kaufusi Buckner Nassib Lawson Spence
  10. It seemed that he was using the interceptions example to refute the garbage that people have been saying doubting his effort.  It was like "you're misrepresenting what happened here, so let me give you examples from the past to prove that show how ridiculous what you're claiming happened here is."  That's how I took what he said to mean. 
  11. We need a DE... so whom?

    I don't think we're cutting Stewart. So let's use that $40mil number. Let's say ~$10mil to go toward either CJ (on a new deal, if we do another deal with him hopefully it would be even less than 10) or another FA DE like Vernon.  Now we're at $30mil.  $14mil goes toward Norman's franchise tag. $16mil. I'm gonna guesstimate $12-13mil for Short's new contract.  $3-4mil left for rookies. Thats right up against it. One would have to believe that Gettleman has some tricks up his sleeve to make some more room.  The best thing is to get a deal done with Norman for $10-11mil and that gives us $3-4mil more, because we'll still need a few more role players to fill in some gaps (like Coleman, Peanut, etc were this past year.)
  12. You remembering it incorrectly. He didn't say he was afraid of an injury, he said he would have had to bend his leg backward the wrong way to get to it in his initial position.  In other words, it was impossible. 
  13. 1. Cam did jump at the ball, anything else said is irrelevant and trying to complain about it makes you a hater.  2. Cam fulfilled his obligation, he was done wrong by having the opposing team right beside him loudly bragging about how they were game planning him specifically. They expected him to talk to the media while having the opponent right beside him talking about him. He had every right to walk out once he answered the first few questions, he handled it exactly how he should: removed himself from a potential emotional conflict. He was a good sport when it mattered: when it came time to congratulate his opponent, which is more than some other QBs that played in that game could say in the past.  Saying Cam handled the interview poorly either makes you a hater, or ignorant.  Or an ignorant hater. 
  14. 2003 or 2015.... which one hurt more?

    2015. Because we were easily the better team and this was our year. 2003 was great, but we were overachieving.  
  15. We need a DE... so whom?

    I would be surprised if Irvin gets 10mil.  He's not that good, and if a 4-3 team gives him 10mil it'll be even more crazy.  He might be effective in a 3-4, we'll see.