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  1. It never happens

    So does anyone know that these 265 voters represent as a % of all voters in the same area?
  2. Liberal bathrooms of the future

    Hey. We won't judge you.
  3. J-No on SportsCenter

    What the hell is he supposed to say and do? Would you willingly take 70 cents on the dollar at your job because you like who you work with?
  4. Ok so here is my question. So are you saying that there aren't fans amongst the non-white that as also football purists? So what is it about white football purists only that make them view camnegatively ?
  5. Deangelo Williams picks....

    How can he walk with so much sand in his vag?
  6. Braylon Beam Going To Superbowl Courtesy Of Ellen Show

    This is freaking awesome.
  7. Voth gets hijacked by JJ Jansen

    I quite enjoyed that.
  8. I knew this would be Bell without opening the thread
  9. Well he would need to have actual assets to recover and the. You have to hope he doesn't declare bankruptcy. But at a minimum you could at least print out the court ruling as something to put on your wall. So there's that.
  10. If You Bank With Wells Fargo

    This is a fairly common process. I've had at least three banks ice used have a similar restriction.
  11. Star Wars TFA Discussion <Spoilers>

    Just saw this tonight and thought it wasabsolutely amazing. I know a lot of people felt like it was a rehashed ANH, but I had a slightly different take. There is no denying there are parallels, but I felt more like it was a tip of the hat to the EU. In the EU, Hanand leia have a son who specifically falls to the dark side and takes on a mask just like Vader. Heck even him being named Ben is a reference to other EU story arcs Overall enjoyed it. Will see again.
  12. Looks like Cincinnati is next

    To me the entire point that you have to play it back 6-7 times in replay and site technicalities is reason enough to know the officer screwed up. If the officer was dragged with the obvious intent to kill him, where are his wounds?
  13. that has jack to do with it. I agree that it isn't wise to mouth off. I never have when I've been pulled over. But being rude and argumentative shouldn't get you killed.