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  1. FCC to repeal Net Neutrality

    Ok. I can respect that position. I don’t agree with you in pragmatic terms as I do think there is a role for the government to play but I can understand where you are coming from.
  2. FCC to repeal Net Neutrality

    So exactly where did you make the leap that net neutrality equals price fixing and confiscation of private property? as it stands today all of the carriers under the existing restrictions can and do charge more money for higher bandwidth users and free market principles are in play. I would argue that your points of the government trying to force a solution to a non existent problem are exactly what removing net nuetrality will do. If you remove the restrictions what will happen is the existing carriers who are now increasingly becoming content providers will use their market advantages to stifle completion and essentially sabotage any Chance for the free market to function The theory of the free market is that competition is the key to the market working out in everyone’s favor would you agree? So the litmus test for net neutrality and the governments role should be whether or not this will help or hurt the competition in the market I would say that given the carriers are now also content providers and have huge incentives to not play fair that this will destroy the market and reinforce the existing oligopoly
  3. Are people so simple minded that they think the other owners want to get rid of him simply for goodell? how about jerry publicly grandstanding over the anthem debate and almost single handidly forcing what we already an issue into a potential disaster of epic proportions had the players decided to push back? How about all the reports of how behind the scenes jerry acts like he's not simply just 1 of 32 but that he's above the other owners due to seniority? Guess what a bunch of billionaires don't like? Someone trying to boss them around if the owners are discussing potentially removing jerry you can bet your life on it is over more than just roger.
  4. I love the panthers. And I will happily take the tickets and drive my butt up from Atlanta.
  5. Looks like Cincinnati is next

    To me the entire point that you have to play it back 6-7 times in replay and site technicalities is reason enough to know the officer screwed up. If the officer was dragged with the obvious intent to kill him, where are his wounds?
  6. that has jack to do with it. I agree that it isn't wise to mouth off. I never have when I've been pulled over. But being rude and argumentative shouldn't get you killed.
  7. I find it odd that throughout this thread our staunchest small government posters are the ones advocating for compliance at all costs. i mean usually they are saying how we have to make sure we all have guns so the goverment can't take away our freedom. Yet when the government causes loss of life they trip over themselves to find excuses as to why that's ok.
  8. North Carolina election law trial.

    so basically you admit there's no evidence of there being a voter fraud issue but your are fine passing news laws and spending money until you find it? please provide proof of there being real fraud and that it has impacted elections. Not shoulda, coulda, woulda, and maybes. Even under set the current system that you claim is easy to cheat we have more than enough Morons out there that we should have seen a hell of a lot more convictions of this is really an issue. Can we try to fix issues that we know for certain exist before we start on the make believe ones?
  9. Really dude. So theif and bully is capital offense now. I know your trolling but damn
  10. don't jump quite that far. It confirms there was a struggle in the car. Nothing else. It doesn't explain why said struggle continued and eventually resulted in Browns death. Back the the the topic at hand it would be nice if we can get clear facts. Similar to the body can discussion more cameras in jails would help but proove what happened but no one is going pay for cameras on every square inch.
  11. North Carolina election law trial.

    So through the constant circle jerk in this thread has anyone offered better numbers for actual voter fraud which would require any law change? All I saw was 31 in 14 years nationally.
  12. Dog Festival in China

    Not the least outraged due to the implied double standard.
  13. No but even with no change to the minimum wage they would have attempted this once the expenses worked out. Especially since rather than full fledged kiosks this can be done with a cheap tablet and a simple app now So while it makes for a cute headline to make it sound like this is a simple one for one due to minimum wage is just lazy.
  14. So does the original article actually say the reason they are adding kiosks is because of increased minimum wage or was this just a circle jerk just because it's a Monday?
  15. Too many black kids at the swimming pool?

    So what I got out of watching this is dude was embarrassed because he fell on his ass and then wanted to play billy bad ass. Even an when the kid doing the recording walked up to his partner he was sitting there calmly talking to the kids trying to find out what happened. The jackass cop highly escalated the situation and could have provoked the crowd to violence by slamming the girl down. Just wow