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  1. Jourdan Rodrigue Leaving Panthers Beat

    Yeah pretty much. Dont want you life invaded don't post ignorant racist poo in a public forum. She deserved the backlash she created for herself. Being held to task over over her own statements is a far cry from receiving death threats.
  2. Jourdan Rodrigue Leaving Panthers Beat

    Death threats is too much. She deserved the twitter backlash she got but didn't deserve to be threatened or fired
  3. This is why players are kneeling

    Who gives a poo. Running isn't a death sentence.
  4. This is why players are kneeling

    That's rough. I don't know how you can watch that and side with the police in any way.
  5. Jourdan apologizes for racist tweets.

    His remarks are a problem sure but there's now more to the story suggesting the reporter he said them to is also something of a problem. One doesnt negate gate the other and Cam should apologize.
  6. Jourdan apologizes for racist tweets.

    Absolutely yes. When I was 19 I knew enough to know racist jokes weren't funny. just because you know her personally and don't think she means that doesn't mean she shouldn't catch flak now shes either a racist or a complet fuging idiot to think it was cool to post knowing full when it would be on record down the road. neither of which excuse Cam. He should have apologized or been forced to apologize well by now. However I'm not going to feel sorry get her catching grief over her tweets
  7. In my 17ish years working in union shops the worst attitudes by FAR came from management but I agree in poorly led groups you get an us vs them mentality. Still like CWG says I think unions benefits and breaks on employers far outweigh their negatives.
  8. I am very pro union have been in a union and have also been in management where the workforce is union and I see both sides. My take is that I agree in principle you shouldn't be forced to join the union but at the same time whether you join or not you still benefit from the unions bargaining power and that isn't right Ultimately i I also recognize that "right to work" laws have nothing to do with providing employees some personnel freedom in regards to union memebership but are rather just tools for large companies to reduce unions bargaining power which ultimately hurts the average joe. If someone refuses to join the union they should also not benefit from any of the bargained for rights and be forced to negotiate on their own
  9. Possible assassination attempt on Trump?

    How could anyone with an ounce of common sense see that as an assasination attempt?
  10. Ready Player One

    Great book and looking forward to the movie
  11. Judge offers vasectomy for 30 days less

    not sure if it is technical unconstitutional or not but sure does seem like it should be wrong for the state to incent castration. Seems moreblike a eugenists wet dream
  12. FCC chair plans to undo net neutrality

    I spent close to 20 years at att and all of that time was supporting internet products. Everything about what I observed and the work I did tells me we do NOT want the "market" to solve this if the FCC allows the carriers to ignore net neutrality then consumers are going Suffer
  13. Senate set to vote on Trumpcare Bill next week

    I didn't balk at the question. You just chose to ignore what was implied. My stance is that the absence of coercion is a pipe dream. That's being practical. It it doesn't mean I also subscribe the to the philosophy of a nanny state or that the federal government has no limits. In general terms I'd like a smaller government but there are certain solutions that only make sense to be done at that level and I think healthcare is one of them.
  14. so why does the fetus potential rights trump the mothers and the you are all fine using the police power of the state to force her to bring the baby to term?
  15. Senate set to vote on Trumpcare Bill next week

    I support pragmatic solutions. I don't have a single philosophy that says I am a strict originality or not. On the whole I would tend to be more liberal as it simply isn't practical to keep a strict interpretation on a document that is hundreds of years old. It wont always map one to one to current issues and even the founders didn't agree when they wrote it on what everything meant so how can we ever apply a strict interpretations. So in this case an interpretation of promote he general welfare is fine for me to say it's constitutional.
  16. Senate set to vote on Trumpcare Bill next week

    i understand where your going but honestly it still comes off as a wordier version of taxation I don't like = theft. So then why not make your point that in your opinion this isn't an enumerated power and outside the scope of government. It would get more traction then going on a taxes=theft rant.
  17. Senate set to vote on Trumpcare Bill next week

    I think the reason you have a hard time getting anyone to listen is you don't seem to want to engage in any real conversation outside of taxes for reason I don't like = theft. Youve admitted the government can collect taxes and you didn't argue that all taxes are theft. But that's your only defense on taxing for healthcare.
  18. FCC chair plans to undo net neutrality

    I I understand the genera idea but I thought maybe something specific. I know att ignores data caps when you are on DTV, but hadn't heard anything about them preferring traffic over another provider. rolling back net neutrality is a horrible idea. The arguments over bandwidth consumption are completely bs. People already pay by usage and large companies are no different.
  19. FCC chair plans to undo net neutrality

    I'm curious what you are referring to here?
  20. I love the panthers. And I will happily take the tickets and drive my butt up from Atlanta.
  21. Looks like Cincinnati is next

    To me the entire point that you have to play it back 6-7 times in replay and site technicalities is reason enough to know the officer screwed up. If the officer was dragged with the obvious intent to kill him, where are his wounds?
  22. that has jack to do with it. I agree that it isn't wise to mouth off. I never have when I've been pulled over. But being rude and argumentative shouldn't get you killed.
  23. I find it odd that throughout this thread our staunchest small government posters are the ones advocating for compliance at all costs. i mean usually they are saying how we have to make sure we all have guns so the goverment can't take away our freedom. Yet when the government causes loss of life they trip over themselves to find excuses as to why that's ok.
  24. North Carolina election law trial.

    so basically you admit there's no evidence of there being a voter fraud issue but your are fine passing news laws and spending money until you find it? please provide proof of there being real fraud and that it has impacted elections. Not shoulda, coulda, woulda, and maybes. Even under set the current system that you claim is easy to cheat we have more than enough Morons out there that we should have seen a hell of a lot more convictions of this is really an issue. Can we try to fix issues that we know for certain exist before we start on the make believe ones?
  25. Really dude. So theif and bully is capital offense now. I know your trolling but damn