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  1. Clutch hands like Bersin, but has the speed to do something with the ball after the catch. Free agency is about improving the bottom of the roster too, not just the top.

    With all due respect, Jenkins pre-injury was an absolute beast. Significantly more disruptive than Short. Unfortunately between his injuries and personal struggles, his window was short.

    Mike Rucker, while a solid to good player, was never near-elite. He was more or less equal to Addison. Both benefit(ed) from the players surrounding them.
  4. Guy's got 100k followers so apparently at least that many people think he is legit (or at least entertaining).
  5. Breeland 18 cap hit is 3.7 MM

    Almost every GM in the business backloads contracts on a routine basis as the cap typically goes up each year. It's more about who you sign and what you give them in guaranteed money than whether or not the contract is backloaded.
  6. What does a GM need to be?

    Hey, I didn't write the article, just found it a interesting counterpoint. And the fact DG and Dorsey got re-hired in itself may not negate a possible new trend. I mean Marty got hired too, right?
  7. What does a GM need to be?

    I don't know why I can't copy the link, but there is good article on CBS sports titled something like "Why old-style super scout GM's are a dying breed in the NFL". It's a good read. It talks about DG and Dorsey and Grigson and others as examples of the changing climate in the NFL. And again, I apologize that I couldn't paste the link here.
  8. What does a GM need to be?

    I find it ironic that having a strong scouting resume is being considered critical by many on here when many of the same people were lamenting we lost Brandon Beane before DG was let go. Most of Beane's background was logistics and travel but he was viewed as a legit GM candidate by many. The reality is successful GM's can come from varying backgrounds. If scouting was overwhelmingly important, Don Gregory would have been a GM long ago.
  9. Those of you thinking we should try to keep him on a cheap deal need to remember 2 things: 1) Keeping him ties up a roster spot that could be used to get young talent into the rotation 2) If he is on the roster, Rivera is going to want to use him, no matter how effective or ineffective he is. I am sure Norv would ultimately make the decision, but he may be influenced by Ron along the way. It's time to move on.
  10. Everybody that year wanted Brockers. I wanted Fletcher Cox and didn't understand picking Luke. As it worked out, they are both beasts. The draft is a total crapshoot, so anytime you can luck out on a player like Luke, well, you just count your blessings.
  11. Sorry, but I'm with p55 on this. The Hurney falling on the axe scenario fails the logic test no matter what is being reported now. If Hurney quit to protect Rivera (which makes no sense for starters) why has Rivera continued as coach through good times and bad? Additionally, we have direct quotes from JR that he doesn't like paying 2 head coaches at the same time (why he didn't fire Fox) but now we should believe he changed his stripes just a couple of years later? I'm not buying this. JR may be irrational, but he has generally been consistent in his approach re. coaches.
  12. I think this was just some self-deprecating humor. I can't remember more than a couple of instances of Olsen or anyone other than Cam speaking in the huddle.
  13. This has been refuted many times both by people within and outside the organization. Why people keep saying this is a mystery, or else they have an agenda. Yes, he tried to move up to get Clausen but never offered our 1st in exchange.
  14. It has nothing to do with JR being cheap or only caring about profits. The team has consistently spent to the cap or close to it. They couldn't have spent more even if they wanted to. The issue is where the team spent the money.
  15. Those are his snaps at Ohio State. He certainly couldn't see that number of snaps here in one year, especially when he spent a lot of the year hurt.