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  1. Marguide added a post in a topic Seahawks offer Wilson $21M/year but Wilson wants more   

    Cam's contract is not front loaded. The cap hits are evenly spaced throughout, except for this year, which is lower than the following years.
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  2. Marguide added a post in a topic NFL's Most Underrated: Kawann Short   

    Short is a flat out stud. He has the talent to demand lots of attention when OC's put together their game plans,and teamed up with CJ and Star, it's highly likely 1 of the 3 are going to win on nearly every down. Everybody wants to focus on Luke and TD, but the guys up front are the meat and potatoes of our D.
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  3. Marguide added a post in a topic The July thread to end all July threads   

    I don't know the song, so perhaps that's my problem, but your poem/song left me with a severe case of wtf.
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  4. Marguide added a post in a topic The Male Pedicure   

    Funny, I''ve had a pedicure, and it was also part of the getting laid foreplay. Judging from the responses here, I'd say the correlation coefficient for male pedicures and attempts to get laid approaches 1.0. It would be interesting to research how many of these male pedicures actually had the desired result.
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  5. Marguide added a post in a topic Beginning of the End For the Redskins?   

    Yeah, big government shouldn't interfere with private business. Except, of course, when they want to be interfered with, maybe to get an anti-trust exemption, or tax breaks, or help with infrastructure around the stadium etc. But otherwise, dammit, keep your nose out of our businesses!
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  6. Marguide added a post in a topic Remember when we had "Remember when" Threads   

    I remember the time he tried to illustrate his awesomeness by bragging about his extensive watch and shoe collection. Watches and shoes...
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