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  1. There is little doubt JR acted in a very disrepecful, hurtful and inappropriate way. I am glad he is gone. That said, the hate displayed by NJ Panthers12 suggests some kind of personal animosity. It is not normal to demonize anyone to that extent, short of being a serial killer, rapist, etc. Most humans are highly flawed, but most also have a few redeeming qualities.
  2. It wasn't the logo per se that people didn't like. It was the impression, right or wrong, that Jerry cared more about the success of the league than that of the Panthers.
  3. Marguide

    Would you rather have Derwin James?

    The draft is an absolute crapshoot. Generally speaking, the more picks you have, the better the chances of landing good players. So DJ plus Gauldin hopefully will produce more than James alone. The one exception to this is if you need a QB. Pay whatever it takes to land your guy.
  4. I understand your point, but when I compare what Kap and company did to what Mc Nair said, what Richardson did, what Snyder's organizations did, to me it seems people are pissed off over the wrong issues. The knees over police excesses were justifiable imo. The behavior of a significant portion of the owners were/are not. You have Irsay, Richardson, Synder, Mc Nair. Hell, that is a significant portion of the owners. Average Joe's are up in arms about the wrong things.
  5. Me either. This sounds too much like the old boy network controlling who gets to join the club. The NFL desperately needs new blood. In the owner's suites, in the head coaching ranks, etc.
  6. Marguide

    Redskins cheerleader scandal

    Jesus Christ, I can't believe I am in total agreement with one of your posts. He'll has frozen over.
  7. Agree. Great info and insight. Thank you Scott for keeping us up to date on the nuances of the sale process.
  8. If even half of that is true, he's gone. But this is bigger than just what happened with Snyder's team. I suspect the era of cheerleaders is about to come to an abrupt end.
  9. Marguide

    Ben Navarro, "The Cool Cat"

    I would seriously consider switching my allegiance to the team if Casserly came anywhere near it. The man is an absolute moron.
  10. Marguide

    Rashaad Penny vs. Nick Chubb

    In general, I agree with you. However last year I wrote off Kamara for his ball security issues but obviously this hasn't been an issue in the pro's. Why? I don't know. Some players can be coached on that problem and some can't.
  11. Clutch hands like Bersin, but has the speed to do something with the ball after the catch. Free agency is about improving the bottom of the roster too, not just the top.
  12. Marguide


    With all due respect, Jenkins pre-injury was an absolute beast. Significantly more disruptive than Short. Unfortunately between his injuries and personal struggles, his window was short.
  13. Marguide


    Mike Rucker, while a solid to good player, was never near-elite. He was more or less equal to Addison. Both benefit(ed) from the players surrounding them.
  14. Guy's got 100k followers so apparently at least that many people think he is legit (or at least entertaining).
  15. Marguide

    Breeland 18 cap hit is 3.7 MM

    Almost every GM in the business backloads contracts on a routine basis as the cap typically goes up each year. It's more about who you sign and what you give them in guaranteed money than whether or not the contract is backloaded.