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  1. Those are his snaps at Ohio State. He certainly couldn't see that number of snaps here in one year, especially when he spent a lot of the year hurt.
  2. Love those saying we just need to add a Steve Smith or Julio Jones type, as if hall of fame class (or at least in contention) WR's grow on trees. You either have to be damn lucky or ready to pay an exorbitant price to get that class of player.
  3. What Bucs Fans are saying....

    Where is that Apple roof cleaning guy? But you have to give him credit for creating a company that gets people to pay for what the rain would otherwise take care of.
  4. I loved CMC coming out. Samuel, I don't know, we'll have to wait a year to see what we have. I was just glad to see an effort to give Cam some weapons. That said, I would like to see an experienced WR signed in FA and a draft heavy on DB's. This team is not that far away but there is still work to be done.
  5. Question for you, as I respect your opinion...what were your thoughts on this year's draft? I liked it at the time but now I'm second guessing it a bit.
  6. Good to see you back. However... I just don't see this year's version of the Panthers as a dangerous team. I hope I'm wrong and you are right but I just don't see it right now.
  7. TNF - Saints at Falcons Thread

    I think the game very well may evolve into something similar to flag football. Many won't like it but it will likely soon be a much gentler game or football may cease to exist.
  8. TNF - Saints at Falcons Thread

    Some of us don't watch football for the violence. I enjoy the skill and strategy, not the headhunting. Those that enjoy the violent aspect better adjust their thinking or jump to another sport because football is evolving away from violence.
  9. Did you notice in the chart the Rams are #1 in the league in the first half, then slow it way down in the 2nd half when they have typically built a big lead? That's smart football.
  10. What happened to Byron and the Titans? I missed him going to Dallas. So he went from starter for us to 3rd string for Dallas?
  11. There is and has been for many years a strong correlation between sacking the QB on a given drive, and holding the opposing team scoreless on the drive. That's why pass rushers are so well paid. So yeah, the article was doing nothing more than stating the obvious.
  12. Wildcat is a wasted play, simple and plain. You run that when you are down to your 3rd string QB. To run it while Cam is in the game is pure idiocy.
  13. It was a brilliantly designed play. Maybe it came from Chud's book or someone else's, but it doesn't matter. Very few plays are truly original for any given OC. But the OP is correct, it doesn't matter if Cam audibles, Shula deserves credit as well. I thought he called a great game last night.
  14. I tweet very little and if I remember correctly you don't tweet at all, but I'm sure if we put a lot of content out there, occasionally we would say something stupid too. Overall, I think Geoff is better than most.
  15. Lattimore is a great player and would have been a solid pick but we had to load up on some offensive talent. Maybe it works out in the long run, maybe not. But I think most of us were looking to get some weapons for Cam first and foremost. As for Kamara, in college he had a tendency to put the ball on the ground. It takes balls to ignore that trait during the draft. Given a do-over, I would still be comfortable drafting Christian.