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  1. To do list

    I think you hit the nail on the head. Many here refer to Shula as an ignorant, incompetent, play caller. I think it is more a case of stubbornness. And that stubbornness goes beyond the OC. Shula is running the offense Ron wants, and I don't believe that philosophy would change significantly if Shula was gone tomorrow. For better or worse, we want to be the Steelers of the Franco Harris or Jerome Bettis days.
  2. Double Trouble l At the same damn time

    I don't know why I keep seeing statements like this when it has been pointed out on a number of occasions that the helmet radio cuts out at 15 seconds. I suspect it has more to do with being slow getting out of the huddle or the center calling out blocking assignments. You could also argue that Shula shouldn't use all 15 secs. But that is the latest the QB could have the play call.
  3. What Saints Fans Are Saying ...

    Hey saints4life, what ever happened to the poster Bayou Bullet? At least I think that was his handle. The guy was brilliant.
  4. That is just how much their current cap hits are. The average compensation per year for KK is well above Luke's. Like 50% higher.
  5. OP...grow a pair. Unless you are 12 or younger, in which case it's okay.
  6. Question for Saints4lifeagain...what's the story on SP hating Ingram? What happened?
  7. Frankly, a lot of offenses have looked like crap so far this year. A few have looked sharp, but more have not.
  8. Falcons - Packers Game Thread

    Take away the 14 points Rodgers gave up on turnovers and It's a 4 point game. Falcons look good but they have gotten considerable help.
  9. Falcons - Packers Game Thread

    Rodgers has made some terrible decisions in this game. He gave ATL 14 points by himself.
  10. Falcons - Packers Game Thread

    Rodgers bad on like 4 of his last 6 passes.
  11. Have someone proofread for you. Everyone makes mistakes and It's easy to skim over your own. Another set of eyes is always good. But don't get me wrong; it's nice work.
  12. Damn Trai!

    If Trai hit me like that I would be looking at a long hospital stay. Like those guys you see in full body casts, with cables and pulleys holding up their limbs.
  13. Marty Hurney Vent Thread

    I haven't quoted the whole thing because of it's length, but just wanted to commend you on a well thought out, well reasoned post. There are few Huddle entries of this quality. Thanks.
  14. What Bills fans are saying ...

    Self of steam is hilarious. One of my favorites that is seen more frequently than expected is "pre-madonna". I guess that means someone who was popular before Madonna.