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  1. Seen Cam's stats vs the blitz lately? I hope teams blitz us mercilessly.
  2. Falcons shittin the bed (gameday thread)

    As bad as the Saints D is and given the productivity of our O, we may put them away by mid-2nd quarter.
  3. If you assign a spy to Cam, you have already put yourself at a one man disadvantage. Frankly, schematically, I don't know how you do it. That's probably why we're 11-0.
  4. Old School Football

    Back then, there was less parity in the league, and it was before Bill Walsh and the 49er's made it more of a finesse game. The mid-70's Steelers are the first team to come to mind when I watch the 2015 Panthers. They may have had that d!ckhead Bradshaw at QB, but they could dominate on both sides of the ball. The D, with guys like Mean Joe Greene and L.C. Greenwood would punish you to the point that opposing teams would lose their will to compete early in the 2nd half. On O, Franco Harris was a bruising running back that got stronger the more he carried the ball. And there was no dink and dunk going on. Bradshaw would chuck it up and Lynn Swan or Stallworth would go up and get it. YAC wasn't as important, as they would move down the field in chunks. They were the most physical team in the league, and no one wanted to face them. This same description fits us perfectly (except our QB is multi-dimensional and isn't an ass).  
  5. We are not "legit"

    It's actually the other way around. If you want more people to bet the other team, you make the Panthers a heavy favorite (give the other team more points).
  6. Gano's leg strength

    He's had nothing but touchbacks since we had one run back for a TD.
  7. Old School Football

    I've been watching football for many years. Watching the Panthers over the last week brought back memories of some great teams from yesteryear. Teams like Madden's Raiders, and Chuck Noll's Steelers. It doesn't matter if the D is a bit off. Our O can pummel you on the ground or in the air. And we aren't talking dink and dunk, but big throws downfield. O has an average day? No problem. Our D can flat out humiliate you. This is one of the more complete teams I've seen in my lifetime, and it will be a shock if they go down easily in the playoffs. We have it all. A great running game. A big play passing game. A stifling and opportunistic defense. I hope some of our younger fans appreciate just how historically great this team is. It's a great time to be a Panther fan. We get to witness history in the making.
  8. Throwback Thursday.."Ron Rivera Expected to be Fired today"

    I was dead wrong about Ron. Even coming into this year, he had not completely won me over. He may not be great tactician, but the guy is a master motivator that knows how to push all the right buttons.
  9. The Washington game, coupled with NE's injuries, made it pretty obvious we were the class of the NFL. The only team left that could give us  run for our money is Arizona, but personally I think we are the most balanced team in the league.
  10. SQUAD

    Jason Avant
  11. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    Bad calls both ways. Refs letting a lot of contact go uncalled.
  12. 10 reasons the Panthers are 10-0

    Excellent article.
  13. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    Ever watch a cat play with it's prey? That's what I want  to see today. Pin them down, let them get away once or twice to give them a sense of hope. After a couple of repetitions of this, the prey knows how it's going to end, and they give up. Maybe it's a bit cruel, but it's part of a cat's nature, and can no more be changed than the inevitability of today giving way to tomorrow.
  14. What Cowboys Fans Are Saying

    For the sake of diplomacy, I will give our Dallas visitors three crumbs: 1) Romo is a good to very good QB 2) Dez is a damn fine WR 3) Your stadium is beautiful We're still going to kick your ass tomorrow. We are a cohesive team of 53. You guys have some talent at top, little quality depth, and you don't yet have the chemistry to play as a complete team.
  15. That '96 playoff game marked the end of the 1990's Dallas dynasty. They haven't been the same since.     Edit: sorry PanthersBigD, didn't see your thoughts before posting.