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  1. Falcons D better with Courtney Upshaw

    Every team is trying to get better, Upshaw may help the Falcons D. The division is going to be tougher this year in my opinion. All the teams have made decent moves so far. The Panthers haven't made any splash moves but Gettleman has a way of picking up a few key veterans after the draft to bring into camp.
  2. Cyrus Jones in the 3rd?

    Cyrus Jones is worth considering in the third round. Mike Mayock feels he can be a starting nickel back right away and make a difference in the return game. The Panthers need help in the return game. Beneweikre will be moving to the outside potentially creating a need for a nickel back. I trust Gettleman and his staff to study the film and make that decision. In my humble opinion I think he may be worth a shot in the third round.
  3. I wouldn't mind Weddle coming in at the right price. Gettleman is not going to overpay for someone anyway. I think Weddle has enough left in the tank to help the team.
  4. Voth: CJ open to coming back

    His contract has exceeded his value. The Panthers finally have a GM who is not sentimental in his decisions. Gettleman would probably resign him for the right money. I find it pretty doubtful though.
  5. No 7th Round Pick ('17)

    UDFA the same as 7th round picks usually. I think the Panthers will be alright. Maybe Norwood can develop and contribute next year.
  6. I think Philly can help this offense. He has progressed every season. He should be a fourth receiver who can stretch the field. Should he be counted on to carry the offense, no. I still feel the Panthers need get a gamebreaker in the return game, if that guy were hypothetically a receiver than Philly may be odd man out.
  7. Darron Lee

    If he is BPA. I think gettleman will take a pass rusher but who really knows.
  8. Still can't watch it. Seen a few plays. The Panthers offense beat itself with multiple mistakes. Denver's D is good but there were many missed opportunities. This one hurts more than 38. You never know when will get back.
  9. Better know a prospect - Kevin Dodd

    Pass rush is an issue that must be addressed. Picking at 30 it just depends who is available when we pick. Dobbs sounds like an interesting prospect who could help. OT or CB/safety will be possible selections too. Gettleman could surprise us and take a WR with return ability but I don't it.
  10. The offense as a whole wasn't good enough and Shula said that. He didn't just single out Cam. I think there are some things could have done offensively to counter the pass rush. The multiple drops, fumbles, false starts and overthrown balls. Those things are on the players. Shula did make some questionable decisions too. As for not giving Remmers any help take a look at the strip fumble for a TD. Tolbert is supposed to be helping chip Miller and he completely whiffs. I don't know how many more times that tight ends and running backs screwed up there assignments. I still can't bring myself to watch much of the game. The offense and special teams let the team down. Credit to Denver there D showed up for the playoffs and created big plays. It stinks. Easy to blame Shula but a large part was players not executing.
  11. 2003 or 2015.... which one hurt more?

    This one hurt most. The constant mistakes by the offense just made the game almost unwatchable. In 2003 both teams played well and the Panthers weren't expected to win. The oppourtunities are few and far between. I just felt like this year was our time but Denver had other plans. I do feel like the potential to return is better. Time will tell.
  12. Super Bowl 51 Is Ours

    It will be interesting to see how they handle success. They will not sneak up on anyone next year. Barring any serious injuries the Panthers will be in contention. It's just so difficult to make it to the big game. You have to seize the moment when you get there. This loss bothered me more then the first one to New England. The defense couldn't have played much better and the offense continued to shoot themselves in the foot. Denver's D played a heck of a game. It would be cool to win super 51 for Sam Mills. I remember thinking after 2003 we will be back and it took 12 years. I believe we have a better chance to make it back this time. The Panthers actually have a franchise QB now. Keep pounding!
  13. LT is the obvious position. I'm concerned about Short and Lotolulei if their problems persist that is going to be a huge problem. Safety could be issue also. I am overall excited about the team though. If they can stay healthy this team can be pretty dang good.
  14. Best/favorite NC craft brew?

    NoDA coco loco porter, OMB copper and Green Man the dweller stout. There are many more too hard to narrow down as favorite overall.
  15. Agree or Disagree...

    yes debatable yes