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  1. I prefer the old UFC guys when compared to the hedge fund crook, the debt collector, and the shady car salesman.
  2. Panthers Ownership Rumor Roundup Corner

    I want the new owner to be a multi billionaire not some consortium of multimillionaires.
  3. It sucks but when they went 3-0 against us they get to gloat.
  4. Ron Rivera likely gone with new owner

    Watch them bring Fox back lol
  5. Please no dumb penalty giving them a first down trying to block the punt or something.
  6. We have a chance to win it. Come on Cam!
  7. Come on pick 6.....come on
  8. Lol the first one he broke
  9. That was a self destruct possession. If we don’t get a turnover it may be ballgame here.