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  1. I'm out. God aweful performance.
  2. Watch them challenge and get an incomplete pass call
  3. If the defense can't score then it's a wrap.
  4. Black uniforms <<<<<<<<<White uniforms
  5. Only thing missing for the screwup bingo win is a Denver Pick 6.
  6. Yeah, not going to win this one. Far to many mistakes and the refs have screwed us on call after call.
  7. The Keep Pounding Drum

    Donald Trump because of all the winning
  8. I hate it came down to just trying to survive in the end but that's what we do.
  9. I'm thinking they kick the fg and then go for the onsides kick.
  10. As happy as I was in the first half I'm now completely pissed off......Is that what being bipolar feels like?
  11. They are the best at working the sidelines.
  12. You have the MVP yet are scared to let him be him.
  13. Pussy ass play calling.
  14. Epic collapse in the making.