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    In a state of confusion?
  1. It's funny that all those posters that thought it was a good hire no longer post on here. Coincidence?
  2. Don't waste your time. There's no reasoning with ignorance.
  3. This will not end well for you.
  4. You're not throwing him under the bus? You guys are hilarious.
  5. Fire Shula plane banner

    Even the Shula defenders can't justify the stench of the current state of affairs with the offense.
  6. It would be conceivable if there was an actual GM search going on.
  7. Panthers Are Working Out Kickers

    I find this amusing.
  8. Shula speaks

    I really wish he wouldn't speak. The more he does the sicker I get.
  9. Calm down people!!!!!!!!

    This dumbass is IM'ing me. Welcome to the ignore list fool.
  10. Calm down people!!!!!!!!

    No, it's fans like you that give us a bad rep. But you do you.
  11. Calm down people!!!!!!!!

    What are, 10?
  12. That's a losers mentality. There is no way to spin only scoring 3 points in that game. You can't see the forest for the trees.
  13. Calm down people!!!!!!!!

    Who is this retard? Nobody is this dumb, has to be an alt.
  14. Calm down people!!!!!!!!

    And next week we will be 4&4. Look me up and tell me how good we are at 4&5 cause I would love to see you try and spin that poo.
  15. Calm down people!!!!!!!!

    Yes I do! I call it like I see it and right now I see nothing positive what so ever about this franchise. Sorry to burst your kittens and rainbows balloon.