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  1. Should say most unsuccessful blitzing as well. If you blitz you better at least disrupt the timing or a QB worth his oxygen will pick apart a zone scheme. We sucked at blitzing.
  2. Jon Snow

    Julio Jones holding out

    You can keep him. I hope your team gives him a big fat raise and cripples your cap but I suppose they will work something out. Third leg Greg pulled something similar recently although he didn't hold out he got himself a nice raise with two years left on his contract. It happens.
  3. Jon Snow

    Julio Jones holding out

    Pay the man!
  4. Jon Snow

    Training camp resource

    You get the runs just by saying the name.
  5. This is what I'm waiting to see happen. I don't buy his "I don't know anything" comment. The man has been a part of one team long enough to know the behind the curtain details for day to day operation. I can understand him not knowing "everything" about the Panthers yet, although he should have done enough investigation to know what he's buying before he placed a bid. But I'm sure he still has to check all the closets for skeletons and find out where the bodies are buried.
  6. Neither do I, just wanted to clarify his chioce of words for the peanut gallery.
  7. I don't put much stock in what talking heads have to say, especially on this matter. Tepper is unpredictable.
  8. Being one of the last two to place a bid is much different than being one of the last two finalists with high bids.
  9. I'm holding out hope that he gives the FO an enema within the first week. I would have thought there would be some rumors floating around about his intentions for the team but it's been very quiet so far.
  10. You would have to ask them. By the tone of this discussion I get the impression that if you're not ashamed of it you are a racist.
  11. Have no idea who that crowd is. I'm not ashamed of who I am and my identity is not tied to any ethnic groups.
  12. Struggling with hatred of your own race I see? Is that what white guilt is? I'm done with you. Enjoy your black panther party.
  13. You should have been banned already for your bigoted rants but I guess that's allowed now.
  14. You have no idea how I am aligned on the subject. You assume you know and already labeled me a racist so why bother discussing my opinion?