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  1. I remember now why I quit posting on the huddle ......
  2. Yes - there was - listen to the press conference.  There is a clear question to elaborate and cam answered - then someone else said back it up.  
  3. Super Bowl Roll Call

    bummer - can't get it to load for me.  I have plenty of space.  What do you have access to with it?  
  4. So then who asked the original question?  Because to me, the voice that asked the question and the voice that asked to elaborate sounded the same.  But like I said earlier, the voice that said to back it up was different.  According to this guy's article, he is the one who asked the question and he is the one who asked him to elaborate. I kind of see a bunch of something made here about nothing.
  5. Super Bowl Roll Call

    Has anybody tried to download the Super 5o Stadium app and been successful?  I get an error message and don't know if it's my phone or a problem with the app itself.  The lead up to superbowl loaded fine.
  6. When I listen to the interview, it sounds like a different voice than the original one saying to back it up.  Maybe not, but higher pitched.
  7. Super Bowl Roll Call

    I would just like to say that I am quite pleased to see the number of people from here that are going.  Back for XXXVIII - a role call for who is going had nobody but me (board called Pantherfreaks - some of you may remember it back before the huddle).  And when you got there, it showed as we were vastly outnumbered by Patriots fans.  I met so many panthers family members because chances are - if you ran into someone dressed in panthers gear, they were a family member.
  8. Super Bowl Roll Call

    Team store has them - not Superbowl branded, but Panthers branded.  I'm using my lanyard from XXXVIII and will buy one from 50 when I get there.
  9. Super Bowl Roll Call

    In the row below you  and Green Lot 3
  10. Bay Area Guide To SB50 Fun!

    Where Panthro?  I'm a tad under 6 miles in Sunnydale in a residential neighborhood.  
  11. Bay Area Guide To SB50 Fun!

    I'm staying in Sunnyvale - so it will be easy (ish) to get to the stadium for me.  I've got a rental car which I assume will only be useful for getting me to the airport to Sunnyvale and back (although I did get a parking pass to the stadium - I'm a tad less than 6 miles away). So anyway - I arrive Friday morning and want to do a little sightseeing before heading to Sunnyvale by around dinner-time so I can take my hostess out to dinner.  Do you have any recommendations on what might be good to try to see knowing where I am coming from and where I am going to end up in the evening?  I will have the car and I know parking will be non-existent, but I'm going to have to figure it out.  Where is the airport in relation to your different areas?  I toyed with just leaving the car at the airport and picking it up later when I'm done - don't know if that's an option though with the rental place.  . And on Saturday, when I head back into SF - I'm toying with what to do - and know I'll be taking the trains (my hostess has given me suggestions that I haven't absorbed yet).  Thought about hitting up the touristy football related things like Superbowl City and maybe NFL Experience (is that in the same area).  I went to the Experience in Houston and it was pretty lame (IMO), but if you're going to a Superbowl you should at least do some of the Superbowl activities.  Then I may head to the Roaring Riot thing.  What else is there to see in that area? I'm still figuring things out .....
  12. How Many of You Will Attend the Super Bowl 50?

    You know what - you could call the ticket office and tell them.  We picked ours up this morning and my husband had to sign the statement not to scalp and to not sell to anyone who will scalp and to also tell anyone who they might sell to of the rules.  That would stick it to any PSL holder who who ticked you off by scalping their tickets.   
  13. Roaring Riot Events in San Fran

    Replying to this so I can find it later
  14. How Many of You Will Attend the Super Bowl 50?

    Tell me what that is ... maybe I am and just don't know what it's called