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  1. cbarrier90 added a post in a topic Brow signs $145m extension with Nola   

    Al still would have been signed. The difference is McBob would have been on the bench and AD would have been in the McBob role. This explains the infatuation with power forwards from that point on to "protect" Al, as Cho searched for that one player who could be AD lite. Vonleh may, but who knows when that comes to fruition?
    Regardless, the team woud have probably still rushed the rebuild and probably ended up with the same mess of a roster New Orleans has around Davis right now.
    It would be one thing if we had a great team that was one Davis pick away from world domination, but regardless, the team has had numerous opportunities to get star players and put together a contending roster since then and they keep failing.
    Sure, AD would have been great, but we've got bigger issues than bad luck.
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  2. cbarrier90 added a post in a topic Charlotte Independence Thread   

    So what's the deal here? Are we that good? Do MLS teams even care about this tournament and if not, why?
    We're actually timing our MLS move so we can make a play for a past-his-prime Messi...
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  3. cbarrier90 added a post in a topic Charlotte interested in Belinelli   

    Great. But if we go into the season with Roberts as the backup PG again it could get ugly.
    Mo has one foot out the door already so what other options are there?
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  4. cbarrier90 added a post in a topic Is this too basic of an idea?   

    The problem is that player is currently on the Warriors so in the meantime they need to put something together that resembles a basketball team for him to take over. They can't say it because of tampering rules But it wouldn't surprise me if that's why this offseason looks completely rushed and short sighted at best.
    Right now the only guy who at least looks the part is MKG. But he's limited offensively and his neverending motor causes him to miss a third of the season. His attitude is what you want out of a winning squad and that's why I think he's become the go-to player rep now that he's gone through speech therapy. 
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  5. cbarrier90 added a post in a topic Cringe worthy article   

    And people actually hate JR and Gettleman. Ha. No idea how good we've got it.
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  6. cbarrier90 added a post in a topic Cringe worthy article   

    A few things:
    The Cho/Clifford era is the best era of basketball this franchise has seen in that time frame. Jordan is the best owner in franchise history. Marinate on that.
    Also, it turns out the Bobcats name was the best thing to happen to Charlotte. Had we been named the much more awesome "Flight" and that brand had taken off (pun intended) one could argue there would have been no groundswell of fan support for bringing the Hornets name back once Tom Benson bought the New Orleans franchise.
    The frustration for me at least is I see an organization that wants to do right by the fans and the community and all indications are they have done that. As bad as it is now, I think we sometimes forget how much worse the BoJo era was for various reasons and consequently how toxic that Bobcats moniker was and probably will always be around Charlotte. 
    Facing an uphill battle, MJ and company have clearly made great strides off the court with the franchise, but with all the recent moves, I question whether the right people are in place to really put this franchise into the upper echelon of the league on the court and whether MJ has the patience to see a true rebuilding effort through without middling.
    Until then, that article will just keep counting the blunders.
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  7. cbarrier90 added a post in a topic Hornets Forum Revival...   

    Love the changes!
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  8. cbarrier90 added a post in a topic Aaron Harrison joins summer league   

    Turner. Harrison. Hairston. Daniels.
    So many shots. This will either be awesome or a trainwreck. Should be interesting.
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  9. cbarrier90 added a post in a topic Biz is a free agent   

    No one is defending Al, but this is where you and the rest of the biz crowd are making the wrong argument. The improvements we had when Al wasn't in doesn't mean Biz is somehow good, it just means Al and his ball stopping was that bad. No one was making this argument when Al was making an All-NBA team, were they?
    IMO both should have been shipped out to completely overhaul the center spot with a guy like WCS (or in this case, see what Frank's got) but the team wants to stave off the inevitable rebuild another year.
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  10. cbarrier90 added a post in a topic Biz is a free agent   

    Ya think?
    That's great that they're trying to make us better right now. The problem is it's now being done at the expense of the team's future which was what made it such a trendy pick as a franchise on the rise last season.
    It's one thing if they wanted to use money to supplement a great draft haul, but they doubled down on convincing themselves they could win now with underwhelming young talent at best, and now they're scrapping that plan altogether and becoming the exact team they swore they wouldn't be when they tanked that 2011-12 season.
    We could be looking at a team that misses the playoffs but has Winslow, Vonleh and a cheap season of Biz in tow. We gave that up for one year of Nic Batum and Frank Kaminsky. Sixth seed for days. Wonderful. Sure glad we spent all that time tearing it down!
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  11. cbarrier90 added a post in a topic Biz is a free agent   

    Between this and the Vonleh trade reaction you would have thought we were on the cusp of a championship with those two and not coming off a 33-49 season in which neither could even get off the bench.
    If this works, great. If it doesn't, folks will probably lose jobs and we'll be back in tear down mode, hopefully with management that chooses Leonard, Butler and Thompson over Biyombo next time.
    The bigger issue here is once again we see a disconnect in a front office that bottomed out to avoid the exact situation they just put themselves in again. There is no long-term plan. Only reactionary movements to short term trends. Lance is bad? Get rid of him. Golden State won with offense? Let's get a bunch of offense. Finished below expectations last year? Let's go all in. Al Jefferson won all-NBA one time? Don't trade him!
    I'm jealous of Philadelphia. It may not work, but at least they have a plan and the patience to see that plan through. Can't say the same here.
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  12. cbarrier90 added a post in a topic Biz is a free agent   

    This. And, if we knew we weren't going to be extending it to him, why not trade the guy? Clearly he has a valuable skill for the league so at least try to get a return on your bad investment.
    That's two top ten picks gone in the span of a couple weeks. If this doesn't work out, we are so low on young assets at this point that when Cho gets the boot we should be deconstructing back to the infamous 7 win season again.
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  13. cbarrier90 added a post in a topic Coming to terms with the Frank Kaminsky pick...   

    Winslow fits perfectly with what the Heat are trying to do in replacing Deng. In this system, he'd be playing out of position and be stuck behind Batum. Had we known Justise would be there, the Batum trade probably doesn't get made.
    It's all a matter of where the franchise is in the rebuilding process. I really think winning the ASG is what changed this whole process. All of a sudden "just be flexible and keep your potential high" turned into needing to make up for lost time.
    Ironically what ended up happening last season is the fanbase began accepting that we had bad luck with injuries and the like that led to last season and held on to the fact that we still had flexibility. Had we wound up with an "all in" roster like this last season we'd all be stoked!
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  14. cbarrier90 added a post in a topic Biz is a free agent   

    Acquiring players that can actually play offense. Cliff can scheme to minimize defensive inefficiencies. He can't make Biz catch those entry passes.
    Frees up 4 million dollars. Dump Cody and Marvin and go after Trillsap.
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  15. cbarrier90 added a post in a topic Greg Monroe NOT meeting with Hornets...   

    This thread is the thread Charlotte deserves, but not the one it needs right now...
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