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  1. cbarrier90 added a post in a topic: NBA Finals Thread   

    You bring up a good point that helps explain why these playoffs have been so...boring.
    1. Obviously, the competition just hasn't been there. We have had a total of two game 7s in the entire playoffs and four sweeps. No East series made it to a game 7. Eight times this year teams got 3-0 leads effectively ending the series before it could really get started.
    2. Injuries: CP3, Wall, Conley, Love, Gasol, Irving, Matthews, Howard, Parsons. Then Carroll and Korver. All if those injuries were to significant players on their teams and completely changed the outlook for a majority of teams in the tournament. I'd throw in KD and Paul George and Chris Bosh and MKG as surely their teams could have made it if not for their untimely injuries.
    3. No villains. Let's face it, it was fun having the Heat and LeBron play the heel for the last four years, but this year there wasn't a team that you could really loathe enough to openly root against. The Rockets ruined the game with Hack-a-Jordan, but then the Clippers, another unlikable bunch, collapsed and along the way deprived us of what would have been a much more fun Spurs - Warriors or Clips - Warriors series. LeBron is still LeBron but being in Cleveland with the underdog role has brought folks back into his corner. Then there's the Warriors whose only crime, much like the Seahawks is now EVVVVERYBODY likes them.
    Ultimately we got the best matchup possible but as Batman alluded to a shorthanded Cleveland team could meet the same fate as that Heat team last season, out manned and over matched against the better team.
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  2. cbarrier90 added a post in a topic: Drafting PF makes the most sense...   

    Taking BPA isn't a bad thing. The problem is when you stockpile talent at a certain position without trying to do something with the players you already have there.
    Case in point: If LA passes on one of the bigs to take Russell, Philly will probably take that big because he's BPA. And when they do, they will have three very nice tradeable assets they can move around as they please. For them, it's about finding the player with the best star potential.
    I loved the Vonleh pick, but it only works if Cody, who I don't see as anything more than a role player long term, is moved for either a future pick or another player at a different position. Either that, or try him at the 5.
    I don't mind drafting a Cauley-Stein or Turner if Mario isn't on the board, but if that's the case, we need to move on from Biz and, next year, Al.
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  3. cbarrier90 added a post in a topic: Eastern Conference Finals Thread   

    Could you be any more hyperbolic?
    I like LeBron James. I appreciate his style of play. I love what he's done for this generation of the NBA. But I hate the thought process of LeBron James fanboys. Because of statements like this^. 
    He has a whopping TWO championships. He's in his twelfth season. If he can't beat the Warriors, how much does he have left for the prime of his career?
    He will be in the Hall of Fame and all that good stuff, but the idea that he's some unparalleled talent we will never see again is just a bit of a stretch.
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  4. cbarrier90 added a post in a topic: Eastern Conference Finals Thread   

    Lol is this serious?
    And the LeBron/Magic comp refers to their playing style. LeBron has always been more of a fan of getting his teammates involved and running the show (one of his early pitfalls, we wanted him to be more of the "assassin" takeover type, which he discovered in Miami.) Magic pioneered the "point forward." Lebron has added the athleticism.
    Again, the closest we have ever seen to another MJ in terms of style is Kobe Bryant, but folks just HAVE to believe that what they are watching right now is the greatest thing ever.
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  5. cbarrier90 added a post in a topic: Eastern Conference Finals Thread   

    Magic Johnson his rookie year in 1980. Magic has always been the more appropriate comp for LeBron, not MJ.
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