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  1. Steve Clifford Extended

    Per a Bonnell tweet which I can't embed. If I may put on the homer glasses here for a bit... The players like him and he seems well respected around the NBA community. According to an offseason article from Woj, many around the league were monitoring this situation and waiting to see if Clifford would be available after this season. It's also important to note that I believe this is the first time in modern franchise history a coach has gotten an extension, and given our history in that department, that kind of stability can't be understated. Much like a maligned Ron Rivera, this year Clifford has shown the ability to adapt to his personnel, which was a legitimate gripe in previous years. He's not perfect and still does frustrating things at times, but the ability to evolve is there, and that's very important.  We've seen in Charlotte what can happen with coaches and lame duck seasons. Not saying Cliff would have taken the Fox route but who knows what would have happened if *knock on wood* everyone was hurt at the end like last season? *Waits for the flying tomatoes*
  2. When the NFL schedule was released, much was made about the "gauntlet" the Panthers were facing after the bye week and after what looked to be an easy start to the schedule. As it turned out, the Panthers ended up winning all four of those games and are in the midst of an undefeated season. The Hornets, after a somewhat surprising and relatively easy start to the season are now about to face their first litmus test of the season. So far, though they've had their ups and downs (as should be expected with such a roster turnover) they sit two games over .500 and are genuinely more enjoyable to watch this season. Now, starting tonight, comes a stretch where we find out early on just how good this Hornets team stacks up against some of the best the NBA has to offer. Wizards Cavs Bucks  Warriors  @ Bulls Pistons Heat @ Grizzlies  Celtics All of these nine teams either made the playoffs last season or have aspirations to make the playoffs this season. The good news: Save for Grizzlies to Celtics, there are no back to backs in this stretch. In addition, 7 of these 9 games are at home, including a stretch at home that continues until the Bulls game. The bad news: on paper, talent wise there is no team that appears clearly weaker than the Hornets, and in the case of Cavs, Warriors and arguably the Heat, the Hornets do not possess the top level of talent to win (again, on paper.) With this in mind, what are your expectations for this particular stretch of games? Win-loss predictions? Keep in mind this nine game stretch only accounts for nine percent of the total NBA season, roughly 1.5 games in NFL terms, so while a rough stretch here would be a setback, it's not a "make or break" scenario.
  3. Frank Alexander - Suspended for 1 year

    My lasting memory of Frank is him getting a personal foul after he sacked Russell Wilson to turn what should have been 4th and forever into a first down in the 2013 opener. I'm pretty sure that was his last play in a Panthers uniform, if not close to it.
  4. Hornets vs. Kings

    This was a game everyone could be happy with. Kemba was magnificent in the 4th quarter and overtime. The lineup that started the comeback and finished it: Walker, Lin, Batum, FRANK, Zeller Defense needs a lot of work but that's to be expected with a bunch of offensive centric guys on the roster. What a win, and one they desperately needed with their own "gauntlet" coming up. 
  5. Wonder how much money Chuck Barton made off his photo. That's incredible.
  6. Hardy turned himself into an example this year. All he had to do was not go off the deep end and he had a giant contract coming his way. He couldn't do it. Now all he has to do is lay low, stop talking, and just play football. He can't do that either. All the talent in the world and he just can't get out of his own way. Stop blaming the Panthers and start blaming the guy who messed up and continues to mess up.
  7. SNF Game Thread: Bengals (8-1) @ Cardinals (7-2)

    They may not be doing you as a media consumer any favors but between that and the "Cowboys resurgence" narrative if you can't see the fun in getting to play the underdog role at 10-0 I can't help you.
  8. SNF Game Thread: Bengals (8-1) @ Cardinals (7-2)

    This. He interrupted Tony by saying "No, don't listen to him, stay focused!" The "please lose one" at the end is probably in reference to all the talking he will have to do about the Panthers and all the hell Dan and Tony are going to give him about that benching comment a year ago as a result. He does have a point, though. The focus shouldn't be on going undefeated. It should be on the Super Bowl. Roman Harper has said the same thing coming from his experiences with the Saints. The longer this goes on, the more difficult it will be to block out the fact that there's a zero in the loss column.
  9. GETTLEMAN freaking MAGIC!!

    Given his resume with the Giants and what he's done here, how was he not hired by any team until just a few years ago? Was it age? Too old school? Difficult to work with? I recall much younger Marc Ross being a popular name thrown around at the time and he was also on Reese's staff with DG.
  10. I'm not sure the Panthers are feeling any pressure related to the streak. Not that they will or should, but they could put it in cruise control if they wanted to and still make the playoffs. If anything, with Romo back and the division up for grabs, Thanksgiving Day and the win this week, one would surmise the pressure is on the Cowboys.
  11. All the redskins fans in BOA

    Hoping for a "Sad Redskins Fans" slideshow...
  12. Official Redskins at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Good point. Still an issue, though.
  13. Hornets beat 76ers

    To be fair, Al is going to be a tough cover for any young player, but yeah, JO is certainly living up to the "next Big Al" billing, although he's much further along in his development at that age than Al was. Since Okafor has a higher ceiling, I would love to "rescue" Nerlens Noel from that team, as he appears to be the coordinated version of Biyombo and could be that protection at the rim this team desperately needs. He has a contract coming up and Philly is experimenting with him at the 4 and predictably the results are bad. They love to take on lottery talent that hasn't quite panned out so I'd throw in Zeller, PJ and a protected 1st and see if Hinkie bites. Heck, throw Covington in, too. I like him and we need some wings.
  14. Redskins social media is trolling Panthers fans

    Looking forward to @Panthers response in the event of a victory tomorrow.
  15. Not jersey related but Jurrell Casey just got hit with taunting. Lol.