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  1. Who wins SB50 MVP and why?

    Cam, because at that point he will have a Heisman, National Title, OROY, MVP, and Super Bowl, and he will have accomplished all of it within a five year period.
  2. Settled for Collins instead of getting McNair. Ugh. At least we eventually wound up with McNair 2.0.
  3. That is worrisome, but while having a tell didn't exactly help matters for New England, having to resort to "Throw it to Gronk and pray" on offense is ultimately what cost them that game.
  4. Cam Newton disappointed me

    But being outside of the market and having kids with you doesn't entitle you to special attention from Cam. As Ace boogie said, he had his hood on and was surrounded by his handlers, a telltale sign he doesn't want to be bothered. "Kids love Cam because their dad loves Cam" followed by saying the kids were upset sounds like projection straight out of Tennessee Mom's letter, hence the reaction you're getting in this thread
  5. Watch the game at Roman Harper's Condo

    It probably means she is just part of his "team" looking after the place while he's gone.
  6. The Keep Pounding Drum

    Well in that case, Braylon.
  7. Because Cam took "his" team away from him. Double Trouble had one great season and it ended with a playoff loss that the franchise IMO never fully overcame until this NFCCG. Cam is the MVP and has taken the team to new heights in part because the old guard is gone. I'd be bitter, too.
  8. Someone who remembers that season could expand, but basically we drafted Kerry Collins after trading down from #1 in 1995, went to the NFCCG in 1996, and then his alcoholism caught up with him.
  9. What will be the motivating factor for this team?

    Thomas Davis  Jared Allen Charles Tillman
  10. Panthers practice crowd

    I still remember how crazy it was at Fan Fest. No one was prepared logistically for 55000 people. That team was coming off an 8(!) win season.
  11. Wait... what?

    Brett Basanez Hunter Cantwell
  12. players Panthers are meeting with at the Senior Bowl

    It's easy to forget how much of a cap hell we are still in. They've all played well, so it hasn't been a concern, but Davis, Kalil, Stewart and particularly CJ are all playing on contracts well above their market values thanks to Hurney. One would assume that as that money comes off the books, it will go to the new core guys at reasonable prices. IMO going forward the guys we will have to let go are the guys like Klein and (probably) Tre Boston. Star/Short are great together and should be considered part of the core.
  13. Did Cam just terrify/call out white America?

    Because America still expects their athletes to be humble, relatable, every-men and women and when they aren't, they ruin the age-old stereotype built up by fans and are then "punished" for doing so. This has been going on for years, regardless of race. Peyton Manning is from the South, does everything by the book, and has built his brand as a guy that you'd like to sit down and have a beer with. Folks obviously love that, and they should. Tom Brady is from California, married a supermodel, is demonstrative on the field, and has built his brand as someone who is very affluent and not just an everyday guy. He has never been as well received as Peyton by the casual fan. You can make the same "modern day" comparisons with Wilson and Newton. Thankfully, as we begin to usher out the Bradys and Mannings and usher in the Newtons and Wilsons, I think you'll find a younger generation much more accepting of the "fun" Cam style, and as a result, if they win next Sunday, the 2015 Panthers will be more appreciated later on as opposed to the present day. I wasn't around to see it but I imagine folks do the same thing with the '85 Bears now.
  14. players Panthers are meeting with at the Senior Bowl

    Neither are going anywhere.
  15. Even better is right after he says that, he pauses to reflect, then finally just says "They're better than us."