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  1. I never said anything about getting back to the Super Bowl. I said we are building something much like the Packers, Pats, Seahawks and every other team with a franchise QB where the expectation is to be a playoff team every year. Think about where this team was just six years ago and that's an accomplishment. Once youre there, anything can happen, particularly if you get a fair share of home games. Seattle is a much more appropriate example for our roster building. Unfortunately their impatience to spend first rounders to win now ultimately helped the Panthers finally get over that hump once Graham struggled to fit and the interior of the line imploded without Unger. I don't know what our cap situation looks like but i know it's not nearly as dire as it used to be and we have space to start spending money at necessary positions. The same philosophy holds true whether or not you have cap space: it's not about making the flashy move, it's about making the right move.
  2. Nothing was ever said about not spending in free agency, just that the first priority should be given to the draftees that come through the system, especially when it's the best DT combo and the best corner in the game. After theyre taken care of, THEN you can splurge if you have the funds necessary. Problem is the talent on the roster that needs contracts is so expensive that money to make big moves may not be there. That's a good problem to have. When Denver acquired Manning they and everyone that signed after them knew they were operating on borrowed time and created their roster accordingly. Now they're going to face some upheaval and make some very tough decisions. Sure, there are great young pieces in spots, but they're going to go through some growing pains to replace those older vets they lose. Long term contention vs (relatively) instant gratification. Two different franchises with two different scenarios.
  3. Anyone greeting the team back home

    Just saw a guy on TV walking up to the gathering with an 88 jersey that said OLE THIRD LEG.
  4. Would be a great matchup, but i dont think they want to have the exact same matchup that ended the previous season.
  5. Cam was let down by his offense

    It's perfectly reasonable to criticize Cam's performance without being a hater. Shouldnt be a need to try and absolve the guy. He had a bad game. It happens. Everything around him outside of the defense did him no favors, but he didnt do his part to try to weather the storm and let the defense get the victory which, outside of some costly fumbles, may have been possible. Everything that could have gone wrong did. Cam included.
  6. We can't, but if you can find a reason (barring a Cam injury of course) for us not to waltz through the division for the foreseeable future i'd love to hear it. It's not even about the Panthers being that good as much as it is everyone else looking that bad.
  7. Turn on this team like rabid dogs...

    Yeah! Change the thing that helped the Panthers overachieve this season! That will do it! We are cocky, we have fun, and we don't care what folks think. Part of being successful is being a lightning rod for criticism when things go wrong. It sucks, but it comes with the territory (and get used to it, because this team isnt going away from big moments anytime soon.) We lost because those things that overachieved all year (receivers and O-line) finally fell apart. No amount of "doing things the right way" was going to change that.
  8. 2016 Early Power Rankings

    Yeah, it hurts to get it thrown back in your face when you lose, but i really hope this team doesnt lose their personality with the newfound expectations. Like it or not, that personality helped get them to this point and has given the franchise an identity they havent had in a long time.
  9. Big congrats to the Broncos

    He would sell you a Budweiser to help douse yourself with it and once you stopped burning he'd help you get your Nationwide Insurance in order for your medical bills and to help you feel better he'll bring you some Papa John's.
  10. One of the few positives from last night, i loved having the drum being hit right before the players ran onto the field. Really helped crescendo the moment, and it's so much better than bringing it out, hitting it, then having a break for an in stadium commercial. I would love to see them incorporate that entrance for games next season.
  11. What about Charles?

    CJ was always going to be a cap casualty this season. Between him and Jared leaving and Kony having a great game to build on, now is a great time for DG to overhaul the defensive ends. He did it in 2013 with the O-line. Give the pass rush the same quality and this team will be really dangerous.
  12. Roman Harper

    I appreciate what Roman Harper brought to the team during his tenure, but I think Tre is ready for the full time gig next season. Harper's job was to get Tre and the young secondary ready for the NFL, and he did a great job at that. Hes too much of a liability now and Tre is too good for us to bring Roman back. Sign the one day deal and retire a Saint.
  13. Big congrats to the Broncos

    There's no guarantee we ever get back to this point. And even if we do, will there be a more ideal scenario? A QB that throws wounded ducks with little to nothing much else on offense and being favored by many to blow the game out. It was such a "Panther" thing to lose that game the way they did. That's the frustrating part.
  14. I hope DG learned something tonight

    The Broncos had the money to get those upgrades. Dave hasn't to this point. He has certainly been a guy not afraid to make controversial 'splash' moves, so you have to wonder if they look to change it up coaching wise or if another tough round of cuts to favorites (Tolbert comes to mind) is ahead.
  15. Big congrats to the Broncos

    At some point even if you wanted to go full homer and talk about the refs putting us in bad spots it was painfully obvious the offense just wasn't up to caliber with a defense like that. In many ways it was like watching the 2013 playoff game all over again.