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  1. Cavs @ Hornets: Game Thread

    Nice picture of the greatest athlete in a generation and LeBron James.
  2. Cavs @ Hornets: Game Thread

    Oh, well it's happened so much I'm just numb to it. Call it sour grapes but I really wasn't impressed with that Cavs team. Granted I don't think Kyrie played but their second unit is going to be a huge issue if they have a prayer in the playoffs.
  3. Cavs @ Hornets: Game Thread

    It's the NBA, they know this going in. Same thing with the Panthers game last night. Don't leave it in the ref's hands.
  4. Cavs @ Hornets: Game Thread

    It's been FIVE YEARS. In that time LeBron has probably lost at least a hundred games. Maybe if the offense didn't grind to a halt in the fourth with hero ball we would have had this game fairly easily. Bron whines a bunch but that's not why the Hornets lost.
  5. Cavs @ Hornets: Game Thread

    You would think after five years of losing we would figure him out, but no. Said it before but we could go 81-0 and of LeBron is on the Sixers we would find a way to lose that game. I think the streak will end soon, but still, it's getting ridiculous.
  6. Cavs @ Hornets: Game Thread

    Haha I don't know if we'll win but we've frustrated the heck out of LeBron.
  7. Cavs @ Hornets: Game Thread

    Another game against LeBron, another game when the lid goes on the basket late. Ugh. So frustrating.
  8. Panthers Work Out Cortland Finnegan

    This is a carbon copy of the Roman Harper thread from two years ago and that has turned out alright.
  9. Panthers Work Out Cortland Finnegan

    Jones is a special teams guy and has stuck around for a few years at the bottom of the roster because of it. He wouldn't be cut in favor of another nickel.
  10. Johnson and Hardy

    Given what we've seen from him in Dallas, Hardy's performance while he was here might be the biggest testament to the coaching staff and locker room ever. It's a shame Greg let his opportunities here slip away.
  11. friday morning schadenfreude

    The NFL conspiring AGAINST the Cowboys. That's a good one right there.
  12. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    Was just thinking this. If we aren't happy I can't imagine that locker room is either. Really need that patented "break your will" drive with a TD to start the half.
  13. They flexed Panthers-Falcons to CBS last year, so maybe they're the new Brian Billick in 2013.
  14. Steve Clifford Extended

    Would not be surprised if McHale's firing initiated or sped up the talks.
  15. Steve Clifford Extended

    Per a Bonnell tweet which I can't embed. If I may put on the homer glasses here for a bit... The players like him and he seems well respected around the NBA community. According to an offseason article from Woj, many around the league were monitoring this situation and waiting to see if Clifford would be available after this season. It's also important to note that I believe this is the first time in modern franchise history a coach has gotten an extension, and given our history in that department, that kind of stability can't be understated. Much like a maligned Ron Rivera, this year Clifford has shown the ability to adapt to his personnel, which was a legitimate gripe in previous years. He's not perfect and still does frustrating things at times, but the ability to evolve is there, and that's very important.  We've seen in Charlotte what can happen with coaches and lame duck seasons. Not saying Cliff would have taken the Fox route but who knows what would have happened if *knock on wood* everyone was hurt at the end like last season? *Waits for the flying tomatoes*