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  1. Top Roster Questions at each position

    Who they just let walk for two million dollars and who never played because his desire to improve as a basketball player was questioned and he is still inept offensively. Why would they bring him back? And if you want Biz, why not just go after the bigger, coordinated version in Hassan?
  2. Based on draft position, the trade up for Armanti was bad, but the pick it garnered was used on Ras-I Dowling and none of the players around the 3rd where we selected Armanti were of any consequence. The trade of a future first to select Jeff Otah cost the Panthers a pick that could have been used on Hakeem Nicks and Patrick Chung among others. The Otah pick itself could have been used on Aqib Talib or Chris Johnson, but Hurney had already chosen Stew earlier that round. The Everette Brown trade is hands down the worst based on lost draft capital. The Panthers could have selected Connor Barwin or LeSean McCoy and the next year's FIRST ROUNDER they gave up to move into that slot was used on Mike Iupati and could have been used on Maurkice Pouncey, Demaryius Thomas, Jermaine Gresham, Dez Bryant, or Devin McCourty.
  3. Top Roster Questions at each position

    1. Batum wants to stay. I don't know if the market will dictate he's a max guy, but I think we keep him around. 2. Neither. Would rather have Joakim Noah. We tried a Whiteside experiment in Lance two years ago under similar circumstances and it crashed and burned. Having learned their lesson, I doubt they go that direction. If Miami doesn't go after Durant, Hassan will stay there. If we actually wanted Howard as badly as rumors indicate we would have offered more than Al+Hawes at the deadline. I think he could have a small renaissance here but I dont think he fits the locker room. 3. We have all the leverage on Lin. He loves it here and for the right price I'd love to have him back. Depends on what he wants to do as far as money vs. comfort. 4. Would like to have Lee back but we already extended Lamb and if we assume MKG finally stays healthy then Lee will be reduced to a bench role. I think we dump Lamb and try to bring Lee back since he is looking for some stability after being traded constantly during his career. 4. I'd be wary of bringing Marvin back on an above market deal if for no other reason than Frank has now started in the playoffs and if he is your stretch four of the future then Marvin doesn't need to be that stopgap anymore. He made starter money this year so who knows what happens here. I appreciate your hard work BP, but I don't agree with your offseason at all, haha. Cho has always preached flexibility since he arrived, and signing two max deals especially to guys like Batum and Howard just isn't fiscally responsible. Sign: Lin, Batum, Lee, Noah, Daniels, various benchwarmers to get to 14. Walk: Marvin Trade: Lamb Draft: Taurean Prince, SF, Baylor Kemba-Lin-FA Batum-Lee-Harrison-Daniels MKG-Prince Frank-Hawes-FA Noah-Zeller-FA
  4. Game 7

    I'd rather have broken down Howard as a reclamation project (Jefferson, McBob, Marvin, Lin, etc.) than Whiteside, who has Lance Stephenson written all over him outside of Miami.
  5. Game 7

    With the state of the league currently, for this franchise it's not about one player away from a title as much as putting a quality product on the floor every night. After years of tanking and not getting anywhere at some point they needed to at least give us something and this was hopefully the start of something.
  6. Game 7

    lol seriously? I thought you were one of the reasonable ones here!
  7. Game 7

    If this season was your definition of mediocrity I question how your fanhood survived 2004-2015.
  8. Game 7

    Meh. Figured that would happen. Great season, exceeded alot of expectations, but a very interesting offseason. Cho and company need to do a LOT of soul searching for who needs to stay and who needs to go on the roster. Cautious optimism for the future but optimism nonetheless.
  9. Game 7

    Last night's game was full of bad nights from so many guys on the roster the fact that it was so competitive left me encouraged for tomorrow. Playing with house money is where this team seems to thrive anyway.
  10. Falcons Fans: Carolina Gets It

    Seattle guy thinks Michael Bennetts are a dime a dozen!
  11. Vernon Butler was already a Panthers fan

    That tweet was posted during the NFC Championship. Louisiana Tech's season ended the week before Christmas. Butler had already begun making preparations for the draft. He knew he was going to be in the green room. Context is key.
  12. Falcons Fans: Carolina Gets It

    There's a thread saying Neal helps the pass rush with his cover skills. Oh, Falcons...
  13. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    So does anything change with Star's long-term prospects with the team?
  14. Forget predictions. Who do you want?

    Treadwell, Lawson, Ogbah, Joseph, Cravens, Shepard, Cyrus Jones