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  1. BIGH2001

    Bucs are 2-0

    Imagine if Cam wore something like that to a press conference
  2. BIGH2001

    Bucs are 2-0

    Don't get excited yet. Has Fitzpatrick ever been to the playoffs?
  3. BIGH2001

    Kuechly looks like poo

    Probably feeling effects of the hyper extended knee last week...and the illegal block from Sanu earlier in the game.
  4. I wouldn't get so excited about them yet. Fitzpatrick still hasn't been great over an entire season. There's a reason he is a career backup.
  5. This is usually where Cam takes a few huge hits
  6. There's a reason the Broncos got rid of him.
  7. Holding or not, the effort before that was pathetic.
  8. Gonna be a long year if we keep getting destroyed on the lines like today.
  9. Ready for some more 2 yard crossing routes and dump off to McCaffrey
  10. BIGH2001

    The Atlanta game is an opportunity

    Glad this game is early. ATL tends to get much better as the season goes on, at least they have the last two years. Would rather catch them now on the road. We have played terrible in ATL but my unscientific memory says we have better games, with better chances to win when we play them down there early on. That includes the famous Nakamura game.
  11. Most teams would be absolutely fuged without their starting qb