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  1. Sorry. Gettlemens Draft This Year Blows

    We lost Peanut Tillman to retirement. We lost Norman. I am going to erase the street free agents we HAD to start in the SUPER BOWL from the roster. They suck. Teddy Williams? You call yourself a CB and all you do is get special teams penalties and beat out by street free agents. CUT. Lou Young--street free agents beat you out. CUT. What does that leave us with, after clearing out the debris? Our CBs, except Norman, have been a weakness. Instead of trying to upgrade 5 spots, what is wrong with what we did? Make CB solid, grab a stud DT, and a solid value at TE (a person who can block the speed rushers). We still have CJ, Ealy, and Addison at DE--and I feel that another will emerge between Cox., Miley, and Dehaire.' Do you know how long it takes a 4-3 DE to mature? (2-3 years) Is all the fuss about a T? Well, if you go back 3 years, about 75% of first rounders struggled. What more do you want? We addressed a HUGE weakness and got stronger at 2 other positions. Now lets look at the undrafted players: Jeremy Cash will make this team as a SS/OLB. Garrett has a real shot at making the team as a WR, I personally like the RB from Marshall to sit on the PS until Tolbert is injured or retires. Jake McGee is probably better than Dickson and SImonson. LAST SEASON, GINN WAS OUR #1 WR. Cotchery and Funchess etc. Cam bought time for them to get open. This year, Cam will have more weapons (Benjamin, maybe Garrett, Funchess, an improved Brown, Ginn as a #3 or 4, etc. will allow Cam to release the ball sooner. Sometimes we treat the symptoms and not the cause. Gettlemen knows what he is doing. How long will it take doubters to realize that?
  2. About those corners...

    I agree, and if you want to know how accurate these sites actually are, then take a look at them after the draft. It is about perspective too. Bradberry was not a 4th rounder we took in the second, he was a second rounder these sites predicted would be taken in the 4th--they were wrong, not the Panthers. And they cant possibly know fits--when I saw some sites projecting Bullard to us as a DE, I realized that they know nothing. Michelin "Firestalker" 165, blah blah may be the best tire for a mid-sized SUV, but not for a Honda Accord. Yet these sites are rating the tires without knowing what kind of vehicle they are for--crazy, really.
  3. Someone sell me on why Butler was a good pick?

    Let's not forget that he can play the NT position as well and Star may want too much $$ for a 2-down player.
  4. Panthers Tango with Cash

    I think we got better with the second to last pick (Beau TE) and our Undrafted FAs--I think 2-3 from this group will make the roster.
  5. Panthers Tango with Cash

    AWESOME--I was hoping to draft him in the fifth.
  6. Thanks. I am liking our CBs now---I realize they are rookies, but I have never really felt great about the CBs here.
  7. I suggest that this is a money issue, not a rotational issue. I agree with you though.
  8. Insert 7th Rounder here

    Hackett P from Utah. Reason? We need a Punter, and someone in the front office is Mormon.
  9. I dont know, but I do know that street free agents played in front of him when it counted. If you look at his stats from college--very normal.
  10. I made the same statement. I guess you could say that the Norman situation forced his hand--I wrote a long explanation of the draft in this thread -- I think Butler was if you step back and look at it from DG's perspective. And I wonder about the psychology. If you are desperately researching a position, maybe the wish list psychologically makes it hard to pass over players--but we drafted need after the first round. I bet he admits it.
  11. 1. Drafting Vernon Butler: At first, I was disappointed, but (thank God) I can analyze and problem solve—I thank my teachers. Over the past few years, some rather dynamic changes have occurred at DT, brought about by players like Brockers and Wilkerson. Focus on the NT position specifically, and you may have noticed that they were not as valued this year as they were as recently as Star’s draft year. Need an example? Andrew Billings would have been a first or second rounder in years past. This year, he went in the 4th round. Sure, some of that was due to the depth of the draft, but 2-down players, be they NTs or LBs, are being devalued. But we should have taken a pass rusher, like Ogbah or Dodd. Nope, not if you see them as one-trick ponies or a one-hit wonder. Dodd was good because Lawson was good, and Ogbah has no real moves. Butler, on the other hand, is 6’4” and 323 lbs. He is capable of playing the N or the 3T. Did you hear that? Capable of playing the Nose. Star is on his option year, and KK will get a lucrative deal. However, what do you do with Star, a 2-down player? He will want big $$. We get little pass rush off him, even though he does a great job of freeing up the LBs. But how good would we be if we had a NT who could get at the passer as much as KK? Remember when we would bring Hardy inside to rush? Remember when that caused us to bring in Horton at DE on passing downs? It is possible, if Butler has a good year, that the Panthers let Star walk and go with KK and Butler, using the $$ we would have spent on Star somewhere else—like DE. 2. Drafting 3 CBs: Were you watching the Super Bowl, where Cortland Finnegan and Robert McClain STARTED? Now the only starter, Josh Norman, is gone. There are no CBs out there in free agency, and I assure you that CB was our biggest area of need. We have very good secondary coaches, and yes, we probably needed 3 CBs to compete. First, Teddy Williams was not able to play beat out street free agents at CB—I doubt we can afford to keep him on the roster just to get flagged on special teams. Second, the only starting CB still on the roster has been banged up, never finishing a season. Boykin is on a one-year deal. And some of you got mad when we drafted a second CB—furious when we drafted 3. Dumb. Bradberry was rated in the middle of the pack by most of the websites, but if you read the writers who do not lazily parrot what they read other idiots say, you will find that it explains why the draft is so far apart from their projections. Bradberry has all the tools and is perfect for our system. He was good value where we got him. You’ll see. Worley is also smart and big, but he is a better hitter. He is a bit slower. Sanchez is probably the next nickel. We are now set with 5 CBs—Bene, Boykin, Bradberry (killer Bees), Worley and Sanchez. Not bad, just way young.
  12. Think this way: S: we have young players developing (Marlowe, Boston) to go with veteran SS Trent Robinson and FS Coleman. T: We had pretty good OTs last season and Williams was developing. DE: After the big 3 (CJ, Ealy, and Addison), we have Cox, Miley, and Dehaire--developing. WR: We have Benjamin returning, Funchess will be better, Ginn, Brown, and developing players Hill/Norwood/Hamilton/Byrd/Bersin. CB: We have Bene Benwikere, Boykin (nickel), Nobody developing. Nothing in the pantry. So, why again should we have picked other positions?
  13. Me too. I was thinking Worley was going to S at the time.
  14. There is not a 5th rounder who would beat out Hamilton, Byrd or Norwood either. People do not get it--we were paper thin at CB WITH Norman. I thought we might take a third CB, but I thought it would be Harlan Miller.
  15. Worley is my guess, but maybe not: Sanchez the nickel (along with Boykins). Robert McClain, Teddy Williams, Lou Young--bye bye CBs: Benwikere, Bradberry Boykin (nickel0 Reserves: Worley and Sanchez (nickel)