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  1. 7th rnd: TE: Beau Sandland

    For those of you who do not get this pick, Sandland is a lockdown Tight End. Seriously, WIth Sandland, Mc Gee, and Simonson --please tell me we can cut Dickson now.
  2. Panthers list Jeremy Cash as linebacker.

    He will be the talk of the NFL one day. Again, we will place at least 2 udfas on the roster. I think 2-3 others will make the PS. Not bad when you only bring in 6. I wonder if we only brought in 6 because we offered Garrett and Cash more cash that others to sign. However, Beaston, you have to look at these 2 players, Maybe the TE from Florida too, as part of the draft. If you do that, we had a very good draft. About Cash--we needed an OLB for depth and special teams--the roster has a lot of guys best suited for MLB in reserve, but not any solid OLBs. This was a great move in so many ways. I see him at 220-225 getting it done.
  3. Panthers list Jeremy Cash as linebacker.

    His fall makes no sense....He is smart and fast. I dont get it.
  4. Gettleman eating

    Stickem is illegal but maple syrup for you and the connas is not.
  5. Gettleman eating

    He probably won't because that is a picture. :) of those dumb comments I thought would be funnier online.
  6. Panthers list Jeremy Cash as linebacker.

    He is 100% in the box. I think Duke ran a weird D--like a 4-2-5 or something, which could be why so many clubs passed on him. He is going to make this team.
  7. Panthers list Jeremy Cash as linebacker.

    That is exactly the plan, if I were to guess. WLB. You have to think we are getting close the end of the TD era, and we will have the personnel to transition when that time comes.
  8. Boomer Sooner! Zack Sanchez is a Panther!!

    Why not? Aside from Bene Benwikere (who has missed games in each of his first two seasons) and Trent Robinson (a free agent nickel) we had NOTHING behind them. It takes 5 CBs who can play. I love the addition of 3 CBs. We really had nothing left---Now consider that one of the 3 is likely to bust (according to NFL draft probabiltiies---2 could be more realistic). I think Bradberry is going to be good, but not immediately. I think Worley might win the job and then lose it as Bradberry steps up. Sanchez will be a great special teamer and will take over when Robinson's contract expires, if not sooner, as the nickel. I never want to go into a Super Bowl with Robert McClain, a 32-year old Cortland Finnegan (fresh from his sofa), and an aging Roman Harper vs. a Peyton Manning again. Don't forget, Coleman was run out of Philly and not starting in KC---all we had was Norman in terms of reputation. I think we needed the 3 CBs--I didn't when we drafted Sanchez, but I see the reason clearly now. Gonna be fun to watch them mature (quickly) together.
  9. Edmund Kugbila making a comeback

    Translation: Jobs suck.
  10. About those corners...

    NICKNAME TIME!!!!! But first, a quiz: What kind of surface do the Panthers play on? ........................ What kind of grass?............................. 3 corners create a .................................. KEY: 1. grass 2. Bermuda 3. Triangle Therefore, the 2016 rookie CBs should be called the Bermuda Triangle. Thank you.
  11. The Bears Have Released SS Antrel Rolle

    I kinda like Cash, Robinson, and Marlowe. I would pass.
  12. Here is how I see it. Norman > Benwikere (this is not close--assumng BB willl probably take the #1 WR) Harper < Cash or Robinson (Not close--Harper sucked, Boston is no SS) Benwikere > Bradberry (for a while-- Bradberry will be better than Benet in time) Finnegan < Boykin or Sanchexz (again, not close) McClain < Worley (McClain was picked on like a kid wearing a bow tie on the first day of school) While Norman was terrific, Harper, Finnegan, McClain was not a dangerous combo. Peanut was decent for a while, but wore down quickly. I think we have upgraded our secondary, but it may not show immediately. We are now built to get better--before, we were doing it with mirrors.
  13. I think people saw that we did not adjust to what they were doing. Remmers, to me, has been a weakness that Cam's athleticism and weak LDEs in the schedule masked....If Nortman was below average, why are worried about Punter? I see what you are saying--who knows!?
  14. Before reading what the others say, I will respond to you. Nortman had a slow delivery; he was good at times, but he was not great--and inconsistent. Am I worried about finding a punter? Not really. I think we have 2 in camp now, and may add a third--many teams have 2 on the roster now. Safety is not a concern of mine at all. Not a bit. It is a strengths. We have Coleman, and Boston behind him. We signed Trent Robinson from Washington, a short SS with starting experence. We have Marlowe, a developing player---but we just signed Jeremy Cash, the ACC defensive player of the year. He, right now, is better than Harper. I feel S is pretty strong, actually. CB has to be a concern because we have to play a rookie. We have 3 rookies to compete. They are smart, big athletic corners. I am worried that we cannot shut down the opposition's #1 WR. Still, we could be OK there. DE? Well, I think CJohnson is healthy and will pick it back up; he is only 30. I think Ealy is entering that year when our DEs come of age--year 3. Addison is decent, and I seriously think one of the 3 we have been developing will be a fine fourth DE. Not great, but not that bad considering the pressure the DTs will be creating. My biggest concern is OT. Did the Super Bowl show everyone how to beat Carolina? If we don't run effectively, our passing game is pretty deep-- outs, digs, go routes- that takes time. Our Tackles are not dominant run blockers (but Williams could change that) but if we can't keep the pocket clean, we are in trouble--Cam is the team--let's face it. Here is the bright side---we have backs (Whittaker, Wegher, Tolbert) who can make our screen game effective. Cam needs to work on it--with his running ability, the screen is a great way to keep the Von Miller's honest. I think we are getting a TE who is an offensive threat but is also able to block. Getting Benjamin back, Funchess getting better and specializing in hot route slants, and maybe even adding a WR like Garrett could improve the time Cam waits to throw. Better blocking TE (Sandland?) and better RB protection is a way to improve the pocket. While we tend to blame the OTs all the time, sometimes, the scheme is to blame. Run the ball, get rid of the ball, protect the qb. To be honest, if all goes well, we will be better this year--maybe not a better record, but we will have a better football team.
  15. Good read on UDFA WR Keyarris Garrett

    Without reading the entire thread, I can say that he seems a lot like Funchess, but I think he is good. Benjamin Funchess Brown Ginn Garrett Hill