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  1. I wish we would consider hands when we draft people who catch passes. KB, Fuchess, Brown, Ginn--we drop a lotta balls.
  2. Kony is turned loose.

    And so was Hardy and CJ during the first 2 years. Rucker was not great during his first two years. Inconsistent? Nope. Developing. One game? The Super Bowl was the stage, and he stepped up. that comment needs to be re-examined. I feel very confident that he steps it up this year based on that "one game" and progress made before then--you ignored that. Last year, we had solid pressure from the inside a lot, but Edwards was 35 years old. He slacked off last year., Inside pressure is needed for 4-3 DEs to get sacks. We will attack in the middle. I am not sure we add another DE--Miley, Cox, Delaire---one will step up to join Addison, Ealy, and CJ.
  3. They are--to me, there were 2 elite CBs and there are about 12 in the "above average category, depending on what you need. We need a starter, but I think it is also a time to maybe grab depth too. I think we are going to draft either a WR, DE, or SS in the second, a CB in the third--based on where I expect value to be. Today is going to be the fun day....
  4. The Human Rollie Pollie?
  5. I know it seems like a reach, but Harlan Miller could be the pick. Jeremy Cash SS is also a possibility. If we trade up, a WR like Michael Thomas or Sterling Shepherd could be the reason.
  6. Quiet names nobody is talking much about: Cash, SS Calhoun, DE Nassib DE
  7. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    For some. And it is a bit ironic. An idiiot is someone who acts on his beliefs without fore or afterthought because he does not have the ability to consider a few common facts: 1. That he could be wrong. 2. That he could be misinformed (idiots believe that which is consistent with their emotions), and 3. They lack the ability and.or willingness to see any other perspective. in other words, they do not walk a mile in another's shoes, the golden rule is not applicable to them. This has caused frustration for the idiot, so the idiot's opinions are usually laced with rage caused by a lifetime of disappointment and rejection unrelated to the topic they have chosen to engage. The idiot calls the person who does not agree with him an idiot for these reasons. Of course, on the Huddle, there are not-so-rare occasions when 2 idiots face off. It is like watching a pair of seals trying to knit a scarf. They both fail because they are incapable of succeeding, but that does not impact their intensified levels of false bravado. One will usually achieve "imbecile" status unknowingly, while his counterpart usually falls short ot that in defeat, slipping into the inferior categories of "moron" or "dolt". These are rather rare in general society, but finding them here is like spotting squirrels on a nature walk--very common.
  8. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    And he did just that. Funny, people are freaking out because they base their decisions on need. I am telling you, we have the best DTs in the NFL now. That will take attention away from the DEs-- There were only a few DTs in this draft who can do what Butler does. Nice move. Wonder if we have a trade up in store for the second round?
  9. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    Let's see, why would we not take 1 hit wonder Dodd or 1-move Ogbah? Vernon Butler is the better player. Second round? We are adding a Strong Safety--Su'a Cravens or Cash, IMO. Heard it here first.
  10. You are right. That is one sexy baby.
  11. Your final predictions (#30)

    We are trading down.
  12. Predict Gettleman's Day 3 WTF pick?

    If we could predict it, would it qualify as a WTF pick? I think it could be a late CB from some school nobody knows.
  13. DeAngelo Williams Tweets he loves dude sex

    Pubic schools are to blame. Yes, I meant to do that.