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  1. PSL Renewal Packets

    With all the revenue the Panthers brings to this state ,the biggest ripoff to me is having to pay the 7.25% sales tax too. Everyone got screwed on that deal.
  2. okay. I'm still looking too.
  3. I'm still looking if anyone has tickets for $2000.00 each. Running out of time though.
  4. I'm still looking and I plan on being at the stadium Thursday hoping to find someone willing to sell their tickets at a price I can justify paying. I don't blame anyone for trying to get all they can for their SB tickets, but the prices on line are way above my pay scale . My wife and I are charter PSL owners and we have only missed about 5 games in 20 years. Two of my seats got selected for the 2003 SB where we had a great time and we are hoping we can do it again.
  5. My two accounts did not not get selected this time so I am looking for two Super Bowl tickets. Send PM if you get selected and want to sell your tickets. Again I just need two tickets. Go Panthers
  6. Do you still have 2 tickets for sale?

    1. Nemesis


      I did sell the tickets this morning..If for any reason my friend backs out I will let you know.

  7. Remove the member title (giant dildo)..I don't know who put it on there, but I'm asking you nicely one more time to remove it NOW


  9. your settings

  10. I am interested in these if they are not spoken for.

  11. i do have can call me at 704-909-8075.

  12. APCegr, If you will give me a call we can discuss the price and your offer. My work number is 704-343-0521 Thanks, Tim