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    I'd love Noah Spence!!
  2. ESPN vs. NFL Network

    The addition of Louis Riddick helped ESPN a lot last year. I like that guy.
  3. Anybody remember Donkey Lips from Salute Your Shorts? I interviewed him on my podcast last year and he's a big Raiders fan. Like, he shows up with the spikes on and the whole-nine.
  4. Everyone can see that he's a shadow of what he once was, but I think it would go a long way with helping people understand if he just came out and said, "guys, I get it! I just really like to play football." I think then we'd all go, okay, cool. I'm fine with that. It's almost like people just want him to know that he isn't very good anymore. I think he knows. I think he just really doesn't want to quit playing the game that's been such a big part of his life for so long. He might be like those people that work hard all of their lives and then drop dead a week after they retire. Playing just might be everything to him.
  5. Peyton Manning's Sexual Assault Case

    Wow! We are just making things up now, are we? Not even Shaun King alleged that one.
  6. Peyton Manning's Sexual Assault Case

    The chick signed that document. Don't act like you can't understand why she'd change her story many years later, once he's recognized as one of the highest paid players in the NFL. On another note, I heard a former player talking about this girl today on the radio in Knoxville. He said that he knew nothing about this particular incident, but he could speak to her character. He said she was by far the most vulgar person in the locker room. Said he has still never met another woman as profane as her. Not suggesting that this makes it okay to (allegedly) sit on her face, but in a male locker room, at some point you have you have to ask, "what did she expect?" Why was she even allowed in that locker room. Guys sure aren't allowed in a female locker room while there's changing going on. I still just fascinated by the way people are attacking Peyton's character over this thing. Either none of you played sports growing up, or you had some extremely tame locker room behavior for you to be so up-in-arms over this.
  7. Peyton Manning's Sexual Assault Case

    I was asked to share this document. Says nothing about him sitting on her face, which she didn't allege until about 7 years later.Doc on Smoking Gun. She signed off on this.
  8. Cam on Saturday Night Live?

    The Von Miller thing fell flat. It had potential but he didn't do a good job with it at all. People love to dog SNL like it's Creed or Nickleback. I still watch it every week, and it really isn't as bad as some say. There are only three people in the entire cast that I'd like to see replaced. Example:SNL Dirty Dancing This was on last week's episode. If itdoesn't make you laugh out loud, then well, we probably don't have a lot in common.
  9. Peyton Manning's Sexual Assault Case

    Why did she sign something saying he never touched her in 1996 but then changed her mind in 2003? Also, again, for the record, Peyton is not my QB anymore. Cam Newton is. Peyton was my favorite player for 3+ years in the 90s. Right now my guys are Cam and Joshua Dobbs. Even if the tea-bagging or mushroom-stamping (whatever you want to call it) occurred, I feel like the debt was paid a long, long time ago. The life-ruining stuff is a bit dramatic. You've all now read the part of the book they cite as how the Mannings threw her under the bus.
  10. Peyton Manning's Sexual Assault Case

    That's not why the Shaun King piece was written. This guy is on a Peyton-tirade, not a University of Tennessee one.
  11. Peyton Manning's Sexual Assault Case

    I'm embarrassed for you that you just made such a ridiculous parallel. Remember that I wanted Peyton Manning to lose the Super Bowl. I wish the story this week was that he blew another big game.His being a Tennessee graduate has nothing to do with my ability to discriminate between real news stories and obvious page-click-bait.
  12. Peyton Manning's Sexual Assault Case

    First of all, being a professional trainer shouldn't have anything at all to do with it. Sexual assault is wrong, no matter who it is. Furthermore, this story is bringing back some unfortunate memories of when I was a freshman on the Fike High School soccer team in Wilson, NC. Anyone on here that was a senior in 1995, I'm pretty sure you're also guilty of "sexual assault." I call her "some chich who got $300,000 for being tea-bagged" because that's what she is. She signed an affidavit in 1996 saying there was no contact whatsoever, but then in 2003 it all suddenly changed. She also accused some fashion designer of the same thing later. If you really care about this story, I encourage you to read Clay Travis's piece. If you just want to jump on this so you have something to be outraged about, carry on.
  13. Peyton Manning's Sexual Assault Case

    Here's the part of the book where they "went out of their way to ruin her life." Riveting! Excerpt from 'Manning' Following is an excerpt from the bookManning(HarperCollins, 2000). The excerpt is taken from sections that appear in court documents. The way it happened, Tennessee had hired a female trainer, and never mind that women in the men's locker room is one of the most misbegotten concessions to equal rights ever made. When Dad played, there was still at least a tacit acknowledgment that women and men are two different sexes, with all that implies, and a certain amount of decorum had to be maintained. Meaning when it came to training rooms and shower stalls, the opposite sex was not allowed. Common sense tells you why. I admit that even in the context of "modern" life, what I did to offend this trainer was inappropriate. Not exactly a criminal offense, but out of line. I certainly didn't dislike her. I thought she had a vulgar mouth, but I always tried to be nice. … Then one day I was in the training room and a track athlete I know made some off-color remark that I felt deserved a colorful ... response. I turned my back in the athlete's direction and dropped the seat of my pants. … But I did it thinking the trainer wasn't where she would see. … Even when she did, it seemed like something she'd have laughed at, considering the environment, or shrugged off as harmless. Crude, maybe, but harmless. But as luck would have it, this particular trainer had been accumulating a list of complaints against the university that she intended to take action on … alleged sexist acts that, when her lawyer finally put it together, resulted in a lawsuit charging thirty-five counts of sexual harassment. In the end, the university settled with her for a good bit of money. My "involvement" made headlines.
  14. Peyton Manning's Sexual Assault Case

    Why don't you tell me more. Tell me why this should be a story 20 years later. Tell my this chick who got $300,000 for being tea-bagged is relevant now. Understand that I'm not suggesting at all that this is an okay thing for someone to do. Yes, it's unfortunate and nasty, but we all knew about this years and years ago. King is trying to benefit off of the news momentum Peyton has established this week. After somewhat participating in the Super Bowl for the team that won (I refuse to say he won the Super Bowl) talks of his retirement are swirling. Hey! I know!! Let's rehash a very old story to get tons of hits! It's gross!
  15. Peyton Manning's Sexual Assault Case

    I can't tell if you guys are being serious or not about this story. King clearly has an agenda.We all did stupid things in college. Cam included. Nothing to see here besides Shaun King begging for attention.