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  1. What are You Drinking Right Now?

    I really enjoy a beer from NC...Green Man IPA. Recently discovered it and it is my go-to lately. Tasty! 
  2. Washington Football Team Look-a-like thread

    RG3 looks like Andre 3000. Have said it since he was in college.
  3. I keep hearing "you guys need that 1 loss"

    I'm too superstitious to even consider that right now. Not to souls like coach-speak, but I'm just nervous about Washington right now.  The Giants will give us a good game as will all of our division rivals in December.
  4. Official Panthers - Titans Gameday Thread

    Posting from section 319. Tons of Panthers fans here! 
  5. What Titans Fans Are Saying

    I just read, "we have NO chance of winning today" by a Titans fan on While I don't agree with that, I love the respect. 
  6. The Dark Days of Panther QBs

    I really liked Moore and thought he could have had a much more successful run at things with a better OC. 
  7. So I'm in Nashville

    Heading to Nashville with my 5 yr old for his first ever pro game tmw. His kindergarten buddies are all Titans fans so he thinks he is too. I expect that to change by about halftime tmw when we are thumping them. 
  8. Official Panthers - Packers Gameday Thread

    I feel like it's a certainty that Rodgers throws a TD here.
  9. GG, you guys are heading in the right direction. Best of luck next year!!

  10. I like to get to all of the ones i know of every now and then, i'm usually on volquest but i don't post a lot i just like the info.

  11. I'm a big Panthers/Vols fan. Welcome to the board! What UT boards to you use? I like

  12. Which UT boards do you read? I'm a Volnation fan. I'm afraid both of our teams are going to have a tough year. It's sad when 6-6 and 8-8 could be realistic/ambitious for us in 2010.

  13. Yes the winner was the Vols!!! You win!!! I wrote a long and pretty funny post saying who the winner was but when I posted it, it turned into what you saw, and I just haven't gotten back to write another one since the bug that messed it up has been fixed.

  14. I tried to see who you picked as your college team to support, but it took me to another thread. What was the final verdict? Are you going to be a Vol??