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  1. Dale Earnhardt Jr is Benedict Arnold!!!

    Some people will bitch about anything. Huddle Panther fans are the most easily offended fan base in sports. It won't be the only bar with bandwagon Seahawk fans. Who cares? They have to have somewhere to suffer together.
  2. WTF?  Watch much football? Sometimes players blow it and it usually isn't the kicker.
  3. No he is not the best GM. Should be obvious. Is he doing a great job? Yes.
  4. Hidden Truths Carolina Panther Flaws

    In other news the Panthers have more strengths than weaknesses.  Of course there are flaws.
  5. No one I know but it's perfectly normal for the casual fan to be more interested when you are undefeated and the best team in the NFL.
  6. Got to lock up home field...but there may be opportunities to rest some guys up here and there.
  7. On most other teams Ginn would be benched...

    The obvious answer is obvious.
  8. WTF are you smoking man?
  9. J.Jones.... Karma is a bitch

    Hardy is a baller but Jones is a clown. I love watching the Cowboys implode every year.
  10. Romo

    I do feel bad for Romo but seeing Jurry and the boys implode again and again and again is sheer joy.
  11. Official Panthers - Packers Gameday Thread

    Still gotta win
  12. Julius Peppers is a Bitch

  13. Official Panthers - Packers Gameday Thread

    This is one of the biggest "statement" games in the history of the franchise! Just fantastic!
  14. Official Panthers - Packers Gameday Thread

    LOL at Peppers little bitch move....