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  1. Super Bowl/Work schedule Delima

    I'm going to try and get that Monday off. No way possible that I can drink like I plan to and be sharp come 8am the next day especially if we win. 
  2. Video: Kids talk about Cam Newton

    This made my morning. I was having a lackluster start to this day but when I seen this, it brought a smile to my face
  3. Huddle Contest: Tickets and Pregame Field Passes

    My love of the Panthers is what brought me to NFL football. I considered it boring at one point in my child hood but when the Panthers were introduced to the league , I really became interested in football. From the playing at Clemson days. To Ericsson stadium to Sam Mills intercepting Favre in the NFc championship , I have followed this team every year. Now it's our time and I would love to be at the game acting a fool cheering us on.     in short form, I will take them!!!! Lol
  4. Is anyone having a tough time concentrating at work?

    I thought I could get rowdy but I iust got an email saying they need us to work Monday. We are all fighting this *tear* I can't make the game but I was going to a bar where a lot of "Seahawks fans" will be and I planned to cheer my ass off.  This email will limit my alcohol consuming and celebrating that evening if we win. 
  5. Is anyone having a tough time concentrating at work?

    I'm with you man and it feels like the work week is dragging by. What makes it worse is I work from home and I get to watch all the build up on ESPN 
  6. Cam meets 9 month old before Chemo

    Aw this touched me. I hate to see anyone go through cancer especially a child. I send my prayers that this little fellow will destroy this cancer. This is one disease I really hate. In recent times, it took some of the most important people in my life . Keep pounding!
  7. Calm down you cotton headed ninny muggins

    Exactly Igo! We had the worst game offensively and defensively that we had all year. We got it out of the way. Yes I would have loved to go undefeated but as other posters said, I rather lose now than in the playoffs. We know what needs to be fixed and we will fix it. Eliminate that dumb penalty by Tillman and that miracle catch by jones and how knows how things would have turned out. I have my eyes on the bigger prize and that's the Super Bowl. We win next week and Charlotte has a chance to host a nfc champ game. Just let that marinate. No one said this was going to be easy but I believe in my team and believe we can get to the super bowl and win. As Aaron Rodgers said, Relax!
  8. Never Forget....

    Oh my damn.....I can't believe I just watched this lol. 
  9. Congrats! That's awesome! I was surprised with a Benjamin jersey and a fossil watch. Made my day
  10. My view of the OBJ helmet to helmet

    I really hope he gets fined: I respected his talent but after yesterday, he loss all respect from me. 
  11. Off to NYC...

    Have a safe flight man and enjoy! 
  12. I met Cam Newton last night......

    Cool story! Thanks for sharing 
  13. New Batman vs. Superman Trailer (Panther Related)

    I think it will be good. I really don't think that is doomsday. I'm thinking bizarro?
  14. Some factors to consider

    I love how we are in the drivers seat at this point and we decid our on destiny. I'm not into the idea of resting starters but I would love to see our backups get more time but that will only happen if we blow out teams. We are capable of doing so but we have to convert those 3rd down into 1st downs.i want home field advantage throughout the playoffs and we can control that.