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  1. I'm happy with these picks! I'm curious to see how thing pan out with them. I seen people all over social media bashing the "no name" picks. I trust our front office. Hell, I didn't even know who josh Norman was when we drafted him
  2. Cam makes another wish come true.

    I literally had a tear in my eye. That's some good stuff right there. As an adult, we go through things but to see a kid battle through illnesses and still able to put on a smile is awesome to see and out things in perspective for me today. Thanks for sharing
  3. Super Bowl/Work schedule Delima

    I'm going to try and get that Monday off. No way possible that I can drink like I planto and be sharp come 8am the next day especially if we win.
  4. Video: Kids talk about Cam Newton

    This made my morning. I was having a lackluster start to this day but when I seen this, it brought a smile to my face
  5. Huddle Contest: Tickets and Pregame Field Passes

    My love of the Panthers is what brought me to NFL football. I considered it boring at one point in my child hood but when the Panthers were introduced to the league , I really became interested in football. From the playing at Clemson days. To Ericsson stadium to Sam Mills intercepting Favre in the NFc championship , I have followed this team every year. Now it's our time and I would love to be at the game acting a fool cheering us on. in short form, I will take them!!!! Lol
  6. Is anyone having a tough time concentrating at work?

    I thought I could get rowdy but I iust got an email saying they need us to work Monday. We are all fighting this *tear* I can't make the game but I was going to a bar where a lot of "Seahawks fans" will be and I planned to cheer my ass off. This email will limit my alcohol consuming and celebrating that evening if we win.
  7. Is anyone having a tough time concentrating at work?

    I'm with you man and it feels like the work week is dragging by. What makes it worse is I work from home and I get to watch all the build up on ESPN
  8. Cam meets 9 month old before Chemo

    Aw this touched me. I hate to see anyone go through cancer especially a child. I send my prayers that this little fellow will destroy this cancer. This is one disease I really hate. In recent times, it took some of the most important people in my life . Keep pounding!
  9. Along the Sidelines - Packers at Panthers

    Great work my dude! Keep it up
  10. Official Panthers - Seahawks Gameday Thread

    I'm Excited! Got my new panthers hat (breast cancer awareness) in the mail and new shirt. We wil beat Seattle!
  11. *sings* Sometimes I dream he is me the greatest linebacker in history the way he hits, like the madden hitstick like Luke if I can be like Luke twitter: creativelycool
  12. Official Panthers - Dolphins GameDay Thread

    I'm debating about drinking for the game but after the game I planned on being an uber driver.......tell hell with driving tonight, I'm taking uber myself tonight
  13. Kelvin Benjamin carted off at practice

    Wow just got back from the gym only to hear this bad news. I'm hoping it's nothing serious but that video scares. I am a doctor by no means and won't try to be but this looks just like I did when I tore my patellar tendon. I'm hoping its minor and the cart is just to be cautious.
  14. I really hope he retires a panther. Kind of reminded me how the 76ers and Iverson had a nasty break uponly for him to spend his final game as a player with the 76ers. Jerry loves this guy so I see it ending that way