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  1. Some factors to consider

    I love how we are in the drivers seat at this point and we decid our on destiny. I'm not into the idea of resting starters but I would love to see our backups get more time but that will only happen if we blow out teams. We are capable of doing so but we have to convert those 3rd down into 1st downs.i want home field advantage throughout the playoffs and we can control that. 
  2. Anyone getting Black Ops 3?

    After playing a few more matches, I like it: I will say that this just feels different to me. I haven't started campaign yet but that's next on my list. What I learned so far is , I suck!! Lol. I can't believe how bad I fell off.  I can't aim quite well yet. Not sure what's hindering me but I like it so far 
  3. Carolina Panthers #4 Scoring Offense

    I proud of this team but there is areas of improvement . We have to approve on 3rd downs to keep our offense on the field and let the d rest. We clean that up and these teams will not rallying back in the 4th
  4. Anyone getting Black Ops 3?

    I picked it up. Haven't had much time to play. I see where it has a Destiny type feel to it. I only got to play a few team death matches which was solid. I noticed server issues though. I might play some other work 
  5. Along the Sidelines - Packers at Panthers

    Great work my dude! Keep it up
  6. No it wasn't a jab. They didn't show Mannings passing TDs either. 
  7. Anyone getting Black Ops 3?

    I have finally made my re entry back into the video game world After a long hiatus. Purchased a PS4 after a struggling to pick between Xbox or PS. I have been playing Destiny and I love it. Now I preordered black ops 3 and just curious if anyone plans on getting it. I haven't heard much about it so I don't know what's new. I do know that Gamespot wanted me to pay a total of 100 plus dollars for the game and a season pass. I declined and just got the game. Any thoughts on this game?
  8. National Championship thread - Duke vs Wisconsin

        Well said!

    It was amazing to see a guy like Greyson Allen give Duke the much needed spark that was needed. They were down 9 and were spiraling out of the game but he stepped up. Good job young man!
  10. National Championship thread - Duke vs Wisconsin

    I really don't get how the whole game is now being shadowed by "two no calls". This was one heck of a game for both teams. I guess people seem to forget that the Badgers had Duke on the ropes and up 9 points with two of their star in foul trouble. They way those younger guys (Greyson and Tyus) stepped up in the biggest game of their lives was a sight to see. Badgers has some great players as well. It was overall a great game! Proud of Duke.
  11. Thanks! That sounds do tastey! Appreciate the inside