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  1. He should probably be our HC but we'd never do it because this team doesn't make great moves like that. We've made one great move in the last like 20 years and we just let that go over butt hurt.
  2. Yea what does Cam....have to...do...with....wtf is this....so are confused.
  3. Well then Rivera needs to go down too. No one will cry about that at all he's barely an average coach at best and looks like Wilks himself could do just as good a job but probably even be better. Nevermind the other good coaches we passed up a long the way including some in the division that would have been upgrades. "Who is Jim Harbaugh" - only a HC who wins everywhere he goes (not even saying I wanted him in particular but it highlights a major issue that we all now know is a HUGE issue for this franchise)
  4. Yea I am now seeing his dropping back from the gun even more on his own...there is 0 reason to go that far back when you're already back in the gun...he is putting himself in line with where edge rushers go without them even having to change their direction. If he's a few steps forward the rushers will be too far outside to affect him....(not just talking about this play)
  5. Glorified Preseason Games?

    You've never seen a fanbase have the OC on a team call 7 step drops against a historic defense with rollerstake joes at OL in the SB either. We know we are wasting Cam and a good defense as when we play a team with all 3 phases we are likely to do what we always end up doing and it sucks. We know that we are 1 good OC and some OL players away from being 12 win team easily for years....and it sucks because it won't change because of all things we fired one of the best GMs since he started here...you can stack Daves drafts up to anyone since he took over and he's in the top 5 easily but we remove him and keep a perpetual failure. Hurney is our GM...rofl Richardson is the meddler we all thought he was but it's been outed by himself now and these things suck regardless. We're happy for 2-0 and on a message board you expect some discussion...why would anyone post if all are going to say. "welp we're 2-0 nothing to improve see ya next game" Edit: even Hurney himself knows he's a moron GM and doesn't know poo about football...but anyone would take that check. Richardson doing the good ole boy bullshit and is the type of man to keep a beta around just to feel stronger himself.
  6. You can't make two catastrophic failures on the 1 and hope to score. Not blocking #90 was just hilariously stupid by our OL and could have been the TD right then and there. Then we miss a wide open TD pass....I mean that part was player execution for all the times Shula derps it up he can't block and throw a good pass there....that was def on the players that possession.
  7. lmao yea... He's surprisingly soft for a defensive player. I'd rather have Wilks as a HC at this point....he seems to actually have balls between his legs.
  8. PFF: Refocused Panthers v Bills

    If we drafted Hunter Henry instead of a DT in last years draft it could have been one of the best all around in time.
  9. Barnidge Time

    If we had a GM (Dave) we might actually make a move but we have....ROFLMAO...Mar-ROFL...that guy as our....figure head for Richardson so....yea...gl for us anymore in FA. With the BS he pulled we'll be lucky to get anyone to come here as there is also a reason why other people left instead of staying to take jobs that were theres easily here after Dave. When we have people leaving for Buffalo after a SB team then you know we're the problem.
  10. I wanna be carefully optimistic here because we have played horrible offenses with no QB play. We will know for sure in two weeks.
  11. Cam was 40% of that....(rounded down on all fronts but still)
  12. Would you trade for Jimmy Graham?

    He's worth a moldy slice of bread so naturally Hurney will offer a 2nd or something Hurney like.
  13. What would a pick 6 and a punt return TD have to do with Shula in this fantasy 14 point win? (op said nothing of offense or how the points were scored)
  14. Replace board with society and you're fixed. It's also one of the biggest and most active boards in regards to the NFL so the more people you have the more....well...people you have and people are asshole POS motherfugers.
  15. It was a boring POS game. Look we all love defense and yes you have to have one to win championships but offense sells tickets and sells the game as a whole. Well it does now that the league got sued and people whined about the glorification of big hits and "YOU GOT JACKED UP" stuff. They tried to sell defense and like with a lot of things in modern society the overly sensitive were...well....extremely over sensitive. So you only have offense to sell now.