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  1. Old School Football

    Cam is new school type of QB though...the rest is definitely old school...bashing and pounding on these new age throw it around 60 times a game sissy teams.
  2. LOL @ Friday Morning Coverage

    ........... NE is the best franchise in
  3. PSA: To the new Panthers Fans

    You're get's em every time   Oh and it was terrible the first time...didn't need a 2nd.
  4. Watching first take (skip Bayless)

    WOW He actually ate it ...LOL...maybe there is at least one nut under his skirt....
  5. Along the Sidelines - Panthers at Cowboys

    Pie for pieing before even reading before even reading.
  6. J.Jones.... Karma is a bitch

    LOL Hardy was sick and would still be destroying with our team...the fact that our teammates still show him so much love speaks volumes honestly.
  7. Romo discusses playing against Luke

    LOL sissy as fug OP calls him a wimp? Dood played with a clearly not healed up shoulder and always plays hurt....he was probably upset since his season is over and possibly career depending on how bad it is. You're the the others that post stupid poo like this you gonna cry about any little fugin thing someone does or does not say about our team good lord grow a pair.  
  8. Let This Soak In

    Yea man....without our #1 WR hahaha So yea love having a real GM....gon b gud for a long time.... Brees almost done in Saints - get the bags ready Quinn gonna realize the Falcons will be soft no matter what and Ryan isn't poo anyway no talent on D Tampa has a much shittier version of Rivera as HC...Rivera made him  
  9. Look closely...

    Hardy we hardly knew ya We had drums and dabs and dabs and drums haroooo haroooo (keep poundin drum)
  10. There is no such thing as Falcons country...did you guys not see that comedy segment on that one pre game show that had that their fans are no where to be found?
  11. I'm usually really reserved, skeptical, and negative about stuff but yea fug that...we are the team to beat period no more of this oh no trap game or whatever bullshit. We have what it takes to go 16-0 as long as we keep playing mistake free football(from the turnover perspective) Cam hasn't thrown a pic in how many games? If our D keeps holding teams under 20 and Cam keeps doing Cam we got this. STs is the only real concern going forward as it always seems to be this teams Achilles heel but if Gano kicks it out of the end-zone and Nortman doesn't poo hte bed we'll be ok...BTW we should really take a luxury draft pick this year and draft the best punter...I mean if we can get a punter like the one Dallas has that would go hand in hand with this teams style...
  12. Resting players vs 16-0

    Play all the way, not even a question for me.
  13. Props to Oher

    Yup the OL had some WTF moments there but Cam also completed some clutch 3rd and longs and had protection most of the time.
  14. J NO ... Respect him and show him love

    Shut down that mofo....tru shutdown performance.