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  1. Cappy's 7 Round Mock

    He is and it's especially true considering if we had even mediocre weapons: aka PS player WR doesn't drop a TD pass....we beat the Saints in the playoffs with our current D/team so...he's wrong regardless....and that's the vaunted Saints with rookies of the year all over.....1 TD drop.... Yea Cam and the offense finally need a complete side of the ball.
  2. Charleston has a big fanbase and NC talking about trailer parks? lol http://www.statemaster.com/graph/hou_per_of_hou_uni_tha_are_mob_hom-housing-percent-units-mobile-homes You really wanna gloat about being #2 with that 2% difference? That's by % too and seeing as how NC has a bigger population....haha? But honestly they seem to stack these trailer parks right outside of every neighborhood, to the chagrin of basically everyone.
  3. Josh Norman's Next Career

    Aww i'm too late for the Harding jokes. oh well watch yo knee Josh
  4. This literally just shows what we already know. We get good first round picks(ap/pb) and have poo for FA/2-7th round. Can't win or fill out a roster like this. When you hit well in the first round with such low amount of picks guys like Peppers will keep the average AV high like Fiz said. Lets do this spreadsheet and see how well your AV is with the first round separated so we can judge the meat of the draft and compare first rounds then 2-7th....how ugly you think it looks then?(and yes even compared to everyone else).
  5. Yea but can he pla-- I mean hold onto the soap?
  6. LOL you literally don't know poo about this team if you think Rivera values the S position. It's probably the least valued position on his team even behind a fugin long snapper or punter.
  7. It's rare since I'm usually right but when teeray wanted to make love to me and Snake and made a thread I showed up when we beat the Vikings after saying we wouldn't. Now when I'm right about this again I'll be sure to let you know specifically.
  8. Everyone in the NFL is on something. Usually steriods and or HGH. Mostly HGH as they don't test for that. Well technically they 'test' for HGH but....just leave it will the " " says all it needs to. LOL @ the "cheater" remarks... The NFL is easy to beat and they only test once a year for street drugs and are mainly concerned with steriods specifically while all but saying take HGH instead and it's well known and widespread. That way the NFL looks good by testing and the players can heal and get swole AF for what it takes to play most positions. https://deadspin.com/its-remarkably-easy-to-beat-nfl-drug-testing-1695935246 Just a basic overview from the AH trial. Can easily research it yourself or if you know former players/personnel you been known. They plan their schedules around the testing times and most people know even when the "random" testing will be but at any rate it's about cycles for all players(in most sports not just NFL).
  9. inside info

    Bruh you're too smart for them. Blow their mind when you tell them just how they go about assigning that 'value'. (Has to do with a number.) "We have a guy graded as a 2nd rounder and he's at the top of the 4th, make some calls" The best part is you can go back on panthers.com and there are post draft videos detailing how something like that has happened. GMan has discussed how they had a certain round grade on a guy who was there later in the draft so they picked him. They make trades based on this too obviously....
  10. inside info

    LOL at the morons who don't think we have 4th round grades on players just because we don't have a 4th round pick. Never-mind a breathalyzer we need to have computers who give you a basic IQ test before you can log on.
  11. And we're not drafting a S in the first, just gonna keep saying it like every year.
  12. LOL But hold on now lets see what the owner can/will do and without Hurney.
  13. We don't draft Safety's in the first at all and barely CB there for that matter. Not sure how many times that needs to be said for it to sink in. Check out Rivera's S players/picks his entire coaching career and something should sink in if you have any sort of brain material for something to sink into.Also has to do with philosophy/scheme. I think it would only happen during a trade back but of the two CB is more likely for the first round.
  14. Yea that's the Gettleman era we know he's a better drafter than Hurney.
  15. Oikos yogurt

    Yogurt bros is the new natty/PBR.... This is how I know we'd get our ass kicked by the other fan bases in the league in a fight. Or maybe we'll out last em as they tire out from Philly cheese-steak and pizza fatigue...something tells me the 'lifters' on here are really fedora wearing hipsters high strung about their yogurt choices.