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  1. RE @Zod well he's a slot WR and could be the best one. Give him 10 carries a game too why not? But really I think he's a slot WR in this offense because Cam isn't going under center for most of his snaps so I don't see us lining up in the I just for the CMC plays. He could/should be a 1000 yard 5TD slot WR who can return punts and get like 50 rushing yards a game with a TD on a "cool" play here and there. NE been doing it with great success with any grocery bagger RB that can decently catch.
  2. 21st & Prime

    We'll never be a complete team with Rivera as HC and Shula at OC. Nevermind the front office.
  3. LOL people still support EA? can't take a person like that seriously. They know less about football than the Huddle.
  4. This type of thing may show if Hurney is actually paying attention to the roster....it's clear he'd be better than CJ who has done nothing but show up. At least he's trying?
  5. I love Twitter

    Happened to my sister and my brother as well.
  6. Team Stats through Week 11

    That #9 in 3rd down should be ranked higher but Rivera has always given up 3rd and 10 and 3rd and 15+ like giving out Halloween candy. The longer the YTG the more cushion we give at a default of 10 on 3rd and 1-3 YTG.
  7. I love Twitter

    Yup, between the offended and the low wit, it is indeed.
  8. QB's are currency we should start and keep drafting QBs like the best teams do and trade them away for steals. NE been doing this and others keep trying so yea we should draft a QB in this draft since it's the best QB draft in a while....could turn a profit. There was a great write up on this(or show i forget). If you knew football you'd realize the value of it....hardly any QB's can play these days and if you got 2 you got value, premium value. Teams like us who pass on future starting QBs in the 3rd are doing other teams a great favor.
  9. Yea we got nothing to say...Rivera has done that numerous times and continues to try to pull it off.
  10. fug You, Washington.

    That's what happens when Rivera single handedly cost us the Eagles and Bears games....
  11. I still have the Sheppard thread bookmarked from when he was going to break out and be the next somebody according to Saca. Course I said he'd be what he still is....and always will be.
  12. If I was famous I would wear a body cam for real. That way I could easily prove I didn't do the dumb poo I wouldn't do. Can't believe it's actually hard for someone not to rape or sexually assault someone else....like....it's pretty damn easy not to do that mate.
  13. Even though they filmed our poo and cheated you can see the Pats defense who shut us down in the first half of the SB. They win by FG...seems like a defensive game to me. They also played this team called the Greatest Show on Turf....you don't beat TGSoT with trash defense.
  14. Yup been defending him for a while now saying he was young and he'd be fine. Welp.
  15. Everyone knows if his last name was "Person" like a certain Joe we know he'd be a nobody and a neverwas.