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  1. Yea he said planet....basketball isn't top 5 planet wide.
  2. Especially considering the rules changes and the not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5 but 6 steps they take sometimes to dunk a basketball. MJ just be like shiiiit taking off from the free throw line kid.
  3. People do commercials only if they are besties! Never seen actors or other people working on a TV or movie related item that weren't friends forever!
  4. KB is like Carmelo, good but needs too much volume to get the same production other players get with less attempts. Or they have more production with that same volume.
  5. No, no they didn't.
  6. Berate Employees? the fugin horror man i tell ya! That only describes like the majority of managers that have ever lived.
  7. I live in Charleston area and we don't have the roads/infrastructure to support a stadium here. The roads are terrible and people can barely get to fugin work. As cool as it'd be to have one here/so close to the beach we need to get some city planners/engineers with more than 3 teeth to come and update the fugin infrastructure. If somehow a stadium was put in the Charleston area no one would make it to the games because they'd be filtering in 1 car at time and getting ran off the road by the Trucks going to/from the docks. Too much 18wheeler traffic and they don't even have their own routes/support. It really is retarded.
  8. 5'8 170 WR is the same as a 6'0 210 WR DAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Thanks for dat. Oh and another YT is film guys. There's no quicker way to invalidate your opinion than calling highlight videos "film". rofl
  9. Fox007

    Yes, this is it

    You can't just post high times videos when niggas ain't high yet....the fug is wrong wiff you. NVM I was high at that time yesterday, uhh point stands.
  10. Fox007

    CMC = Curtis Martin

    Every team stacks the box vs the Panthers because we had no WR or just 1 WR when they'd triple Smith and still stack the box. Read my above post, it especially applies to you, and Charlie means 'c' next time...that's why I said it so you can't mistake the fugin letter....hot fries too bitch.
  11. Fox007

    CMC = Curtis Martin

    Are you keeping these imbeciles around just to feel smarter? I mean it is hilarious but at the same time these are the people who are screwing up your fast food order(or just food order in general), the data entry retards who enter your information wrong at the call center and we really wanna keep them here screwing up message boards too? Used to be you'd get it if you were wrong but they also lack self awareness so it's extra stupid.
  12. You mean a year with NFL strength/conditioning combined with a drive for greatness could yield results? AND the resident retards are against it? poo that's a twofer.
  13. Speaking of which how long do warnings last?
  14. This isn't the same as the Panthers....ours is still much worse as usual.