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  1. Fox007 added a post in a topic Hats off to the refs   

    Pats deserve it no matter what plus lester was in front of Gronk no matter what...that play would have been a pick regardless of anything...even remove Luke from the play entirely and its a pick.
    But yea I'll take as many as we can get since it hardly ever happens...we are the team that perpetually gets screwed over by the refs but yea I forgot they actually threw a flag on the play I mis remembered that they were saying a flag SHOULD have been called but yea they threw it and it was good that the refs let the players decide the outcome of the game instead of a flag.
    FWIW I don't think it was a penalty against Tampa on Brown but contact is supposed to happen AFTER the ball hits the WR not if it was letter of the law type of thing or if it was a crew that stuck to their guns you know you've seen that called and witheld...but yea I think those types of penalties if upheld are bad for the game...but homer gonna homer and I feel we are owed as much as we can get based off past screw jobs.
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  2. Fox007 added a post in a topic Bersin four catches for 54 yds   

    Yea..happy for it's been said he's honestly a better Cotchery and I would use him for those possesion/move the chains type of plays.
    And then try to use opponents lack of respect for him against them as they will not respect him and we can call his number when they put a safety on him like we did today. But yea Cotchery doesn't really need to see the field except in Red Zone opportunities. 
    They keep throwing bombs to Cotch and Screens to Bersin...just like wut...why you do dat.
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  3. Fox007 added a post in a topic Hats off to the refs   

    It will be so 2015 if it costs us a game...especially a playoff game...
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  4. Fox007 added a post in a topic Completely unimpressed with Allen   

    Allen didn't do much but he will also need to put on more weight to play DE instead of LB....he could stand to add 10-15 more pounds and we may not see too much from this pickup until next year or near the end of the season honestly.
    I don't think he's done but I do think he would benefit from training from day 1 of the season as a DE...he'll be coming off the bench next year and probably when CJ comes back so that's not a bad guy to have in rotation.
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  5. Fox007 added a post in a topic Who is this Ryan Delaire?   

    Liked his speed, athleticism, and motor...funny how they said his motor was questionable in the draft profile.
    It was JA who lacked stamina or motor...this dood could get seriously good if he had 2 sacks in his first game...dood could and probably will pack on at least 15 more pounds of muscle too....scary. If he goes from 263 to 278 he'd be exactly Hardy's measurables.
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  6. Fox007 added a post in a topic Next Four-Who do we beat?   

    I got us at 7-1 we lose to Aaron Rogers...he always massacres us....and yup we'll have to see that jackass Matthews do the superman bullshit when he smears Oher and makes him his bitch.
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  7. Fox007 added a post in a topic 8 Game Win Streak   

    I think this is the time we beat Seattle...they aren't all that great this least compared to previous years and we played them within 3 points in most of those games so....I mean if we were fully healthy I think we win by 7 but since we aren't i see 23-24 type of game. or a 16-13 fugly win.
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  8. Fox007 added a post in a topic Hats off to the refs   

    lol not sure if serious...don't confuse not being a disaster with being good.
    We had to waste a challenge to get a TD that was clear as day and had a flag picked up...when is the last time the Panthers had a flag picked up when a flag was thrown against them? I've seen it done against the Panthers a couple of times but never for them.
    Also our DL is obviously never going to get holding calls for whatever reason but they were tackling our DEs again for the 4th straight game.
    I mean yea they didn't get flag happy but this crew had also thrown the most flags and had the worst grade coming into the could just as easily have been them not wanting to extend the game due to the weather...refs don't want to be out there in that poo and you honestly have to wonder how much the rain affects the vision of the ref to see a penalty even happen.(like players have said in snowy or foggy games they try to get away with murder if they can because it's harder to see holds and stuff in weather games)
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  9. Fox007 added a post in a topic Do you think Gettleman will break his cardinal rule....   

    He just found a dood off a PS who came in and got us 2 sacks....the Don Magic don't have to break his own rules or bend to it or not Norman will probably be tagged and then could possibly leave...prepare for it.
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  10. Fox007 added a post in a topic So we need to talk about the Falcons and our wild card standing..   

    I think Quinn is a good coach...sure looks smarter than Rivera....and is doing more with less with his defense.
    I don't know if we'd ever see a Dan Quinn defense give up touchdowns for free...I mean slant slant slant slant...dood knows how to adjust whereas Rivera is content with status quo...which has been working vs teams who also beat themselves but like always our weaknesses will be a full blown boil once we start playing good teams.
    As long as we beat the shitter teams and pull out a good win or 2 we will have 9-10 wins just by the way the schedule looks so it really does look like it's going to be a good and potentially great season...depends on if our passrush is going to keep it up and then improve...our DL has been somewhat of a disappointment.
    Also if Shula can stop herp a fugin derping in the goal to go situations that'd help out quite a bit too....I want to see more CAP earlier in the game and more underneath options like Ginns TD.
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  11. Fox007 added a post in a topic 4-0 vs. poo   

    Eagles look like poo so hopefully we don't make them look good or have them have a bounce back time against us....
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  12. Fox007 added a post in a topic Notes and Memos - Bucs   

    Dear Pass Rush,
    "I'm here"
    -Fresh Prince of Delaire
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  13. Fox007 added a post in a topic Official Panthers - Bucs Gameday Thread   

    Yea I know it shows taht it is scheme rather than players...which is still a problem...we cannot defend the slant and if teams watned to just abuse that they could...some teams have...and we've paid for it.
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  14. Fox007 added a post in a topic Gameball, who gets it?!!   

    Norman...he's basically playing at Revis level of dominance and it's hard for a Corner to take over/dominate a game...he's doing as close to that as you can.
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