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  1. It's more than just bulling too. Everyone see's other peoples gains and little of their struggles so if you don't have what you see you want that too and feel less adequate. I do remember there being a study or two going over how social media has increased depression overall and it isn't just about bullying. To a lot of people I guess it seems like everyone else has everything and a lot of people seem to focus on their negatives instead of the things they do have. It's a weird thing and the constant bullying and lack of escape is definitely a big factor. I was bullied too but was the type to fight back and bite people in the face and poo so they'd stop but couldn't imagine if getting jumped and spit on and poo was posted online. I might tuck something too...i dunno....
  2. The case for Billy Price....

    Yea if all the DEs are taken up by then. And the LTs went as well. Or a move back or something.
  3. Also my future favorite is when he gets fired by the new owner.
  4. No it doesn't, no, and nope. Triple loss.
  5. I don't care if he pushed her and she tumbled backward like in Super Dodge Ball for the NES when a guy gets hit real hard after flying across the screen. What likely actually happened is he told her to leave she got in his face and was talking this or that and probably put her hands on him first. I've literally never seen an altercation like that where someone was just sitting in the hallway waiting to be shoved down and some other person just comes out of no where and obliges them. What needs to actually happen is the man/men getting hit or spit on or run up on need to just call the cops themselves and have the aggressors who instigate it dealt with. We know Hunt could take care of that physically so do the smart thing....he's got nothing to prove in the physical department and maybe this would stop if the retaliation started to be the GUY is the one who calls the cops.
  6. Giants hire Mike Shula as OC

    ROFL k nvm rest in piece Giants cuz there went any hope of the rebuild.
  7. If you watch people take a leak for a living and said person slips you a few hundred bucks you gonna be like "na man you're getting tested for weed (if the pee watcher even knows why) gotta stay crackin down on fools who smoke, can't take that false sample" We're a long way away from a post money civilization.
  8. If everyone's attitude was knowledge of history we'd be much better off actually. Just clarified a fact. Start asking yourself "why" that is and you'll be less surprised when poo like this happens.
  9. You mean every legal system ever. In the middle ages you couldn't even file a court claim without paying money first(which was much higher than most peoples salary). In Rome the bribes were literally out in public and armed men came to "supervise" elections......yea just now is a problem guys....
  10. Yea no poo if it went that way we take it and never look back.... Not if the draft actually fell that way we'd be stupid not to do that...that's a ridiculous outcome but I'd take it.
  11. I dislike Hurney more than anyone on here but this is nonsense. Judge dismissed her poo and she's harming all real victims out there with her bullshit(and is a big reason the pushback is so hard when it's just verbal accusations with 0 proof)....called being a crazy ho.
  12. Unless his job is on the line yea he is. He's a horrible game day coach all around.
  13. Yea the Eagles had 164 yards rushing with a 90 yard rusher.....so....its more when you run. Every 1st down and most 2nd downs won't cut it.
  14. The Eagles had the ball for 7:10 in the 4th quarter on the drive that gave them the lead...just one drive...you can play ball control without running on every 1st and 2nd down. Rivera too dumb to understand that though.