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  1. Even Wade Phillips is trolling Cam on Twitter

    HOpe things changes Rivera and he takes notice...his soft ass conservative woe is me mentality has to stop. They are now just talking mad poo based off the actions of 1 player on our team when it's a 53 man effort...fug that Rivera better turn the dogs loose next year and stop being a soft punk on the side lines.
  2. Mike Remmers

    So Rivera and Shula are fools confirmed? Cuz uhh...that's what happened.
  3. Super Bowl 51 Is Ours

    Can't give more pie but yea...said so myself it was almost sad to see...this fanbase talkin some nonsense poo about 30-13 Panthers and all  
  4. Yup we have choir boys on offense...we always talk poo about finess but what is Ginn and Brown...Cup Cake ass mofos....1 is fine to take the top off but you need some toughness out one really went after Talib either...Panthers offense be like...meh do whatever you want to whoever you want we just gon sit here and get beat up.   Smitty was probably watching it like...yea they still needed me...that dancing is cool until a fight breaks out...then you need fighters not dancers....definitely need an attitude readjustment on offense.
  5. Blandino on the no catch call

    I real...and comes around on Mr Fixarino there... Sadly I don't believe in that poo or god or all that but if it's true...that's one that deserves it...but hell the fact that poo like that keeps happening is further proof to the contrary...assholes and bitch ass motherfugers always get away with poo and good guys finish last each and every time...HGH Manning throwing his fugin wife under the bus...Clips of him yelling at teammates and poo...narrative man....people are what the narrative is and the TV will show you what they want and you'll get exactly what they want.  
  6. What about Charles?

    If his production matched even 1/3 of his money....but nope...
  7. The media seems to get it

    Whoever said that was right though....@nick_81 THey did force us to throw the ball but Shula kept running into that stacked fugin box...every first down every single Bronco was in the one back nor scared of poo from our O...
  8. Positions we need to upgrade

    Oh and OC Shula done showed us why we hated him even when Cam was carrying his fat ass slog all season....and we never let up...because booya we just ran another 1st and 10 run up the middle with 16 Denver broncos and the water boy in the box.
  9. Positions we need to upgrade

    DE - too old at this spot Denver showed and we already knew from our history what DEs can do RT - lol LT - Oher good but probably not good enough WR - need people who can both catch AND get open..not one or the fugin other WR - need people who can both catch AND get open...not one or the fugin other Punter -25 yard punts in the SB...grats man if only there were little kids in the punt pass and kick competition who could do that CB - JNo tagged and then gone unless he home town discounts which he said he wont...need more depth here
  10. That's dirty SB champion douchebag to you....we need more douchebag on our offense....Brown and Ginn were scared shitless all night...running out of bounds and duckin like shots were fired in the hood and poo.  
  11. I'm here all night to defend Cam..

    Honestly I wish Cam woulda done like....most everyone not on D... Shula please bitch slap him Cam worse than that to em Oher... fugin fat fug Tolbert with 2 fumbles My god Cam coulda went Ham...not to mention all the drops...including the one that led to his pick....he threw the ball a wittle too hawd for Teddy Ginn.  
  12. 2016 Early Power Rankings

    THe Steelers almost beat this Broncos team and that's with Big Ben in a wheelchair no Brown and no #1/2 RB....we let a much much easier SB slip by than a fully Healthy Steelers team or the Pats again at full str...Broncos are done obviously this was their.....uhh...fug...superbowl.  
  13. I admit this season meant nothing to me until I saw the SB appearance I'm always SB or bust...the AZ playoff win really got me up but that was the only true high point of the season for me does beg the why question...why do I care so much or why isn't every game super hype and happy wins or whatever it used to be...dunno wtf...I used to celebrate every win now it's just....dunno.
  14. TD deserves a SB ring more than fugin Peyton...he already had one fug this now i'm even more fugin fuged...fug this.
  15. I hope DG learned something tonight

    Can't believe you guys are responding to the anti Gettleman seriously you know what they say about arguing with an idiot. And right now I can't tell the difference....