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  1. That would honestly be an absurdly sick defense my god....
  2. Love the picks!

    Yea Tillman was a probowler long before he arrived in Carolina.
  3. I'd fugin sign Hardy right after this draft....ESPECIALLy after THIS draft....we gon need those 10+sacks.
  4. I guess I commend him for coming out and being honest instead of trying to poker face lie about it....I mean like you's too damn obvious done reached Gman...hope like hell it works out. But yea there is no way he was going to convince anyone he was going BPA anymore after this nonsense.
  5. I'll throw a bitch to the floor if she's attacking me or my wife whether cameras are present or not.
  6. LOL You mean you're not nuts rugged bruh?
  7. I wonder if I'd rather have that kicker or the corner we ended up with.... I mean it is hilarious but that kicker is a better kicker prospect than our corner is a corner prospect. Neither are/should be a 2nd round pick though.
  8. The actual reason Bradberry was drafted.

    LOL Thomas is so gone....dunno why that gets me but I'm got.
  9. 2016 NFL Draft Round 2 General Discussion

    Well Hurney/Fox was a pretty shitty combo all in all.
  10. That's my thing...I don't dislike the player...but he would have been there at least in the 3rd and probably the 4th...just odd.
  11. 2016 NFL Draft Round 2 General Discussion

    Thomas Davis would like a serious word with can you be a Panther fan and not know that.
  12. Bradberry is amazing...

    LOL this pick has caused Thomas96 to completely'll be ok bro
  13. Kug sucked in the few instances in which he was healthy.
  14. I'm pro Gman and clearly defend him against nonsense but....this is one of those show me don't tell me picks...a lot of us hated the Kug pick and we proved to be correct....this stinks of that same nonsense honestly.