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  1. Bersin's Contract status?

    Who cares? non active #5/6 WRs aren't a big deal and are easy to find.
  2. Mike Wallace expected to be cut

    If taht Wilson kid from MS is there in the 3rd grab him yes.
  3. Yea people showing they don't watch the NFL in this poo...LOL Harper anywhere near Weddle...hilarious. Then others flat out admitting they dont' follow the NFL by saying poo like they only seen him in the Dante Rosario game....yea where is Rosario Dawson at these days? Meanwhile Weddle continues to be one of the top safeties in the league.
  4. Boldin is a free agent

    We needed him the last couple of years. Also LOL @ the current squad bullshit. Can't have half your WR corp with drop issues....even Benji was dropping the easy poo and making the hard catches. 11 drops  poo we need all the sure handed WRs we can get...too many sentimental people here...Brown type WRs can be found anywhere....except even better versions.      
  5. Let's talk about Ted Ginn Jr.

    And Ginn had a drop that led to an INT and Brown is like a scat back...can't use him all the time and he gets nicked up and will get even more nicked up if he actually plays with an ounce of physicality(which he doesn't he runs out of bounds just like Ginn). KB is no guarantee as much as we all are just ignoring that even though I fully expect him to come back and dominate. Ginn and Brown...especially Brown are easily replaceable at WR and I have no doubt Gettleman will be looking at some WRs to bring in. Now's the time to surround our franchise QB with as much talent as possible....SB losing teams don't usually sit back and rest on what LOST them the SB...Gettleman thankfully is too smart for that.    
  6. Let's talk about Ted Ginn Jr.

    Ginn and Brown are #4/5 Wrs so "We good" until someone gets hurt... That's why we need to bring in a real #2 or #3 if we dont' feel Funchess is a true #2. Ginn and Brown are bottom of the barrel/roster WRs Ginn had 10TDs cool so did Cotchery before...but he's not a 10TD EVERY year guy like Benji....need more top of the depth help at WR but keeping Ginn is fine.    
  7. 51.... 51..... 51...

    I'll take it if the fix is in...we got screwed in two so they owes us more than 51st.  
  8. Are there any players on The Huddle?

    Yea pretty embarrassing that people who disagreed with what he had to say brought up his concussions and poo...knowing damn well they wouldn't say that to his face and poo....people on the internet always talk hard and poo and you see some of those people in person and they are teddy bears polite as fug....then they talk some poo like from far away....its hilarious.  
  9. Are there any players on The Huddle?

    I'm JOhn FOx Actually no I can't back that up...*claps chews gum* seriously I didn't make this SN in relation to that fool of a coach.  
  10. NFL Owner Drama: Jerry Richardson a Bully?

    Maybe he needs to bully his way to a damn championship then...he keeps defending and carrying that NFL flag well get one of our SBs rigged in our favor then JR....stop taking it on the chin for the shield.
  11. LOL Voth is a toolbag and an idiot... Yea the NY Media really let into OBJ after he tried to murder Norman on the field...all you heard from stars, ex players, and their media was more anti Panther bullshit and trying to blame it on Norman or justify it in any sort of way. fug you hypocrite(voth no tthe poster).  
  12. This is crazy

    Players on both sides were slipping all night...I agree the SB needs to be played on a real fugin field...this turf bullshit shoudl be figure dout can you not have the proper footwear....or better than has a billion dollar entity not unified field conditions.... Each team should play on the same field type it obviously matters.
  13. 1 Pic that tells the story of Cam's Season

    Hopefully there isn't a  second half of that pic  where Von Miller is in spear mode ready to lay Cam out :(
  14. Just told this to a Colts fan at work here whose from Indy....he said that Manning is a well known cheater....he apparently has cheated on his wife so many times people from Indy were numb to it....LOL dat Classy man doe. He was literally not phased and was just like  "yea people there know the real Manning"
  15. OMFG....he is "Sir Cameron Newton: Leader of Men, Lover of Puppies...Esquire" for pay for play and it sticks with him forever Manning Sexually Assaults someone.....nothing....from anyone