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  1. Broncos plan to test Thomas Davis "extensively"

    Speaking of egos...I hope we use Boston more than Harper...he's clearly better at this point...also if Jared Allen isn't getting it down he needs to sit...our passrush vs AZ was insane....same goes for CJ althought vs AZ he did better.
  2. What position did you play?

    I have 3 of them....not sure where the rest are....I have no idea how/why I still have them but they were in a box with some mouth pieces and trophies and poo...guess it used to be cool to keep your mouth piece.
  3. What position did you play?

    I should upload some of my peewee cards with my stats on it and poo anyone else play back when they did that or do they still do it?....we played Iron man football since the team was so small and apparently I played RB, Nose Tackle, and least that's what this card says....oh I was 3'8" Says my favorite player was Troy Aikman.....oh boy...dem memories.   To be fair my dad and his family are from Dallas so we had/they still have a reason to root for the Cowboys.        
  4. LOL Cam actually is white in top of his arms doe. Remember the white Vick thing? lol
  5. Yea John Fox is a way too conservative stupid coach....who knew?
  6. What position did you play?

    Slot WR and Punt returner...yes I'm short fast/quick white guy.....the stereo is real. My team just won State go Patriots!....not THOSE Patriots.
  7. Cam Newton disappointed me

    All these super parents talking about teaching moments are probably those who get slapped in the face at the store by their own kids and then the kids throw poo into the cart like "we're getting this" and the parent says "yes dear" to them.... That's what I've gathered thus far...continue...
  8. For Poo and Giggles. Lets Talk Draft Picks

    You always have us picking a WVU player lol...and we never pick one! At least this time the player you tout is actually good and would be a great pickup at the end of round 2....unless we move out of the last pick in the 1st and picked him earlier in the 2nd with the swap. His injury though...what'st he latest on that haven't kept up with it in a while?
  9. Madden Predicts Super Bowl 50

    If we win the SB I plan on doing the Cam victory lap around the neighborhood with my finger in the air screaming. We will take to the streets.
  10. Looks like I'm not the only one

    Yea if people pay for his trip and poo then he better do more than pose for a picture...I'd have him on his damn knees for some oral and poo...but seriously yea dood better damn well shape up if he gets sent to the's a very bad look to have one of our "super fans" have a bad rep and be a well known jerk. Personally I just said I dont' get it...all that is beyond me and I wouldn't give a penny to anyone else to go to the SB...unless I was a billionaire and then I'd honestly try to get as many fans to Cali as possible/reasonable to help support the team...I'd start with those cancer patients and their families first though.        
  11. Calvin Johnson to retire

    HOnestly I dont' expect more and more guys to walk at 30...more people than CJ need the money and most players do not get paid that much....highest paid at their position guys will  perhaps walk away but like it's always been said...most players actually still need to play much less those with actual desires to win chips. Then again newer and newer age kids coming in with different feelings and IMO not really as tough as they used to be......glad our team has hungry players who want to win that ring so bad.
  12. Looks like I'm not the only one

    Fans want to take pics with "super fans" dressed up? uhhh..... then get mad when dressed up for Halloween fan is a jerk or wants to leave? Most people are assholes whether they are dressed up or not...and clearly his motivation is to get noticed by the big boards at the game and the TV cameras so he stands out in the crowd for the viewers at home....I'd be confused as to why other fans would want a picture with me too...and autographs? uhhhhh I guess I don't get people either way, I'd never ask some dressed up regular dood for an autograph or a pic. Find PhillyB and take a pic with him he seems to enjoy it....he's got a beard...that's something.
  13. Maybe there is a reason no one wanted to attend his mothers funeral? I mean yea it sounds bad at first but perhaps they didn't want to be around him or his family? who knows how his family is? I mean wow it's even worse then if you're so bad people don't even want to attend one of your family members funeral... Seems like he's just that we have now seen how this locker room is...the character and unity on this team is at an all time high...but DWill is the good guy right? the rest of the locker room is wrong?   That poo says all I need to know honestly.
  14. Marty Hurney

    Compared to what? what DG himself would have done during that same time span? We'd have better players and better salary cap situation if the last few years are any indication...   Also like others have said and for whatever reason it keeps needing to be resaid...STEVE SMITH WAS NOT HURNEYS... repeat...STEVE SMITH WAS NOT HURNEYS    
  15. We got the black vote/minority vote being that Cam has a  lot of love in the black community and Rivera is Hispanic...usually that does put us at odds with most of white it's Peyton....yea.... That being said I like the love we are getting and where we are getting it from so it's enough for me.