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  1. Are there any players on The Huddle?

    Yea pretty embarrassing that people who disagreed with what he had to say brought up his concussions and poo...knowing damn well they wouldn't say that to his face and poo....people on the internet always talk hard and poo and you see some of those people in person and they are teddy bears polite as fug....then they talk some poo like from far away....its hilarious.  
  2. Are there any players on The Huddle?

    I'm JOhn FOx Actually no I can't back that up...*claps chews gum* seriously I didn't make this SN in relation to that fool of a coach.  
  3. NFL Owner Drama: Jerry Richardson a Bully?

    Maybe he needs to bully his way to a damn championship then...he keeps defending and carrying that NFL flag well get one of our SBs rigged in our favor then JR....stop taking it on the chin for the shield.
  4. LOL Voth is a toolbag and an idiot... Yea the NY Media really let into OBJ after he tried to murder Norman on the field...all you heard from stars, ex players, and their media was more anti Panther bullshit and trying to blame it on Norman or justify it in any sort of way. fug you hypocrite(voth no tthe poster).  
  5. This is crazy

    Players on both sides were slipping all night...I agree the SB needs to be played on a real fugin field...this turf bullshit shoudl be figure dout can you not have the proper footwear....or better than has a billion dollar entity not unified field conditions.... Each team should play on the same field type it obviously matters.
  6. 1 Pic that tells the story of Cam's Season

    Hopefully there isn't a  second half of that pic  where Von Miller is in spear mode ready to lay Cam out :(
  7. Just told this to a Colts fan at work here whose from Indy....he said that Manning is a well known cheater....he apparently has cheated on his wife so many times people from Indy were numb to it....LOL dat Classy man doe. He was literally not phased and was just like  "yea people there know the real Manning"
  8. OMFG....he is "Sir Cameron Newton: Leader of Men, Lover of Puppies...Esquire" for pay for play and it sticks with him forever Manning Sexually Assaults someone.....nothing....from anyone
  9. Wow I honestly never knew about the Manning Mushroom Stamp.....holy fugin poo.....oh GJ white america....may have to join the white guilt club this poo is fugin over the top... Coming from a conservative...liberal hater....non ever race card white as fug dood....poo is insane man...ever since Cam became our QB I've been opened up to a whole new level...I mean I had a lot of black friends growing up and lived in the poor areas of SC and have seen a lot but.....unreal the bullshit level this has reached.
  10. Seriously wtf is this Charlotte?

    LOL Cam got his eh? Gotta love how being happy, giving footballs to kids, charity work, and dancing on your side of the field means you deserve to lose and be humiliated and trash talked down and have your character assassinated. This is why like that other person stated I hate people in general....they like nothing more than to see someone else fail like them...suffer like them...misery loves company and there are a poo ton of miserable losers out there looking to make themselves feel better. 52 other guys on the team but I guess the two NFL man of the year award winners on this team deserve it too huh.......    
  11. Tolbert does whiff on almost every block....dood needs to be called out for's be said before by a few people but it never cost us and that's why it's easy to overlook....
  12. Shula would put Shaq at the 3 point line and have Horry or Kobe drive in the lane and kick it out to him...Shaq misses the game winner and people here would be blaming Shaq for not executing the 3......whereas I'd be like...why the fug was shaq taking the damn 3.....Shula in a nutshell. Bootlegs? na Playaction on 1st and 10 not 3rd and 10? na We kept running up the gut instead of right at one of those DEs....Von Miller is small and fast and we never once tried to just run his ass over with 2 blockers and the RB....yay Shula up dat gut....yet people on here will say that's how you handle a pass rusher specialist...and fail to realize we didn't do it.....even still the argument always incorrectly goes to the "it's not ALL Shula's fault" when no one is saying it's ALL on him...his game plan was trash and the Broncos let us know during and after the game it's trash...I'd listen to the #1 defense yall keep touting...if they say that poo won't work and show you and then tell you again....yea...gtfo.      
  13. Na man players are supposed to execute with 10 in the box. and the 11th not far from it. They circled all of the Broncos defenders on the screen to show damn near every one of them was no more than 8 yards away from the LOS and the secondary was up in on the WRs. Play action on 1st and 10 is better than that bullshit play action they did on 3rd and 12....I lol'd.
  14. 15+ sack guy with this DL...he can move inside too ....him and KK inside...Ealy/CJ/Rookie/Vet outside...LOL k gl... Id bring him in or raise hell trying.....I'd use the good locker room as leverage but his contract would be voidable if he got into trouble and no gurantees...every check would be earned per day no 1 cent of guaranteed money.
  15. Mike Shula's EGO

    I think it's sheer stupidity / lack of skill. How can one whose never been good have an ego? that's really weird. Sure his plays on paper are ok some times but it's his IN GAME skill that is one of the worse ever at any level of play. Dood has no in game management or ability to adjust...just hope the players beat their man straight up ...lets not set ourselves up with a mismatch like OBJ going to the slot and Julio going to the slot etc... And by god we will do 0 screen plays or boot legs. Honestly if you wanna see an easy proof at his many other mobile QBs actually get bootlegged out multiple times per game....then look at Cams bootleg plays....hardly any but when we do almost always scores/works. But why do what works when you can run the ball up the middle for 1 yard 10+ times in the SB.