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  1. Doubt Denver throws Lynch into our defense to get destroyed day 1.
  2. Well what was the question? We didn't have enough corners on tab to fill out a roster so....
  3. OH....or pick up that super fat TE from Baylor
  4. YOu guys see that German WR on NFLN? I'd be stoked to give that guy a shot.
  5. This place has always been undermoderated but we do have a few new people(or alts) that are pushing it TBH.
  6. is goobypls the only guy who everyone hates on here...even some of the most hated posters on here historically had some people on their side....this dood...not seeing it.
  7. We could get legit help at WR in FA....for the few wondering about that...and that's if they even think we need help there.
  8. Insert 7th Rounder here

    Trade out of the 7th round to get someone's UDFA
  9. Boldin BOLDIN Do it
  10. Well the media in general is pretty ignorant, stupid, and annoying. But the Charlotte media...they take it to another level of derp and what was that word another poster used? goober? yea they have a bunch of goobers askin dipshit ass questions.
  11. Sign Anquan Boldin

    Yes definitely...I hope we do it man how could you not want Boldin...even when he's covered he's not he'll catch it.
  12. Honestly're too smart to reply to him...I never quote or reply to that guy...people should seriously stop...just ignore it for real...hopefully it will go away.
  13. Honestly guys...we had to pick up grocery baggers to play in the SB for us....can't hate on drafting 3 corners...seriously...WE fugIN PICKED DOODS OFF THE STREET TO PLAY IN THE SB....say that until you are ok with it and then say it some more....then wipe that sandy vag out
  14. I can't wait for the draft where we take 3 WRs(TEs included here)
  15. He fugin ends up walking his Van down the road with the door open and hands on the wheel while it's in Neutral....the salesman chases him down and is like ok ok...come into the office.