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  1. He probably put a whole new spin on coaching
  2. Saints defense sucks so bad, I don't want any of them to be replaced. Those dumbasses might have a talent upgrade sitting on the bench. Or nah
  3. Rivera probably chewed his ass for dropping that much actual football insight into a press conference. Fug all the pansies in this organization, Wilks is what I want a leader to be.
  4. Ticket Exchange...

    You willing to throw hands for tickets?
  5. Peanut Tillman

    His first case will be to locate Shula's missing nutsack.
  6. Armah promoted to the team

    Where in the Sam hell did you go?
  7. Watching this again on a loop is painful. But if we're agonizing over this missed layup, imagine how Cam feels after watching the tape. He'll get right.
  8. Glorified Preseason Games?

    Shula's holding all the good stuff for the playoffs.
  9. Ron starts rolling dice when his seat warms up. It's cool right now. Your point is valid though.