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  1. First owner to join a fan message board? Jeremy, he looks like Huddler material to me, reel him in.
  2. DeAngelo with that fake ass smile. Fug him.
  3. seconded, a great mountain locale brings cooler temps and slightly thinner air to enhance training. Plus a quick drive from Charlotte.
  4. Just give him meds for bi-polar and let him rage when necessary.
  5. Chaos

    Mike Rucker

    They have giant heads like caricatures
  6. Just not accepting mediocrity year over year would be a great start.
  7. There is no NFL logo on the 50 yard line of Heinz Field so sign me up
  8. They've already made room for his bust in Canton
  9. Chaos

    James Borrego Is The New Head Coach

    Please be the next Brad Stevens
  10. Heal up Fozzy, Panther Nation got nothing but love for you. And we'll always have this...