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  1. You’re so delusional it’s hilarious. If you can’t recognize and acknowledge the serious flaws with this team, you’re blind. You can pull for a team and acknowledge their shortcomings at the same time.
  2. Chaos

    Congrats to the Hurney and Rivera Nut Huggers

    Cam gave us a chance to win starting the 4th down 11 points. The first half strategy lost the game, that and turnovers.
  3. This loss was so deserved. Get ready for more next week.
  4. The only missed opportunity I’m focused on is his punt call on the first drive
  5. Need that gif of Cam at the Giants in 2015 now, who’s got it ready?
  6. Bald baby Jesus, please let the D go ham
  7. That was our opportunity for salvation from JP and it didn’t happen. Game over.
  8. But aw shucks he’s so nice and players love him and he wears witty T-shirt’s at press conferences and...
  9. We’re actually bringing pressure
  10. Explain it real slow to Ron, guys