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  1. I wouldn't go as far to call any game a lock, ever. Hundley just beat the Bears who embarrassed the Panthers. We better be ready for whoever is at QB.
  2. This offense just put up 45 points on MNF. May have been the Dolphins, don't care. If we get the run blocking and ground game going, less need to rely on the WR's being our only means of moving the football. Let Cam run when he wants, option when he wants, and throw mid-range passes which Dickson has shown the ability to catch well this season in addition to Funchess and McCaffrey. All the talk about deep threats, big deal, just get 10 yards at a time and keep moving the sticks. Real talk - if our offense stops going backwards with penalties and shitty negative run plays, with the defense we have, we're more than fine.
  3. Ranking the Divisions

    Is this also to say that Buffalo has regressed as we barely got by them at home and Saints smoked them on the road?
  4. Shepard looked like he caught a bullet in the shoulder
  5. Kurt Coleman Fined

    For that tackle? Man fug the NFL
  6. Cam joins the 4000 club

    When Cam is inducted, there better be a custom yellow hat to match the yellow HOF jacket. Wait a minute......
  7. The Lebron's vs the Hornets 8 PM ESPN

    Well, Cody and Frank are still giant pussies, so they didn't correct that over the four day break
  8. CamNewtonism #1542

    Just a lose gas cap.
  9. I think to take heat off of Greg, the other 52 guys should all attend the game in person, in the stands, to "observe" the Vikings.
  10. Panthers Snapchat last night

    Nice. Panthers social media team still owns.
  11. Why? That’s a desperation type move and we’re 7-3.
  12. LMAO

    Clearly some honey mead wine drinkers in this thread. And is that Ray Lewis in disguise filming the video?
  13. "So, coach Zimmer, what defensive strategy would you plan to use against, say, I don't know, the Panthers?"