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  1. Chaos

    Hiding Profile Pics

    Wait, people still use sigs?
  2. Chaos

    A few reminders as the school year begins

    I never post in the TB, but this is a great thread. I’m married to a first grade teacher going on 18 years in CMS. I’ve had this dream a few times that the crazy popularity of Fortnite might spawn some gun incidents at schools this year. I pray that doesn’t happen but I guess I’m predicting the media backlash and blaming of the game since nearly every school age kid plays it and many spent their summer doing nothing but playing.
  3. Chaos

    Fights at Skins and Jags camp

    Looked like a bunch of pansy ass pushing bs.
  4. All indications are that if the Panthers say they want a player, even if they really don't, then the Pats will sign them.
  5. He used the term "plentiful" on Thursday night. Mick fapping to Ron's pecs.
  6. Your few posts on this site is nothing but slamming our franchise QB. Not debate, just bullsht regurgitated hyperbole. Somebody bounce this troll clown out.
  7. Will someone please destroy Josh Allen with all this scrambling?
  8. Somebody screen cap that dude in the stands holding the 13 jersey that said Sell Out and Dough Boy on it lol
  9. That bitch Cowherd is probably already scripting how Cam angrily stalked KB and he should have ignored him like a classy QB would have
  10. Must still be Byron Bell
  11. Yeah, whoops. At least he was off screen.
  12. Eric Washington, you made it up through the ranks to DC, but you’re now accountable for this circus of a defense. Good luck sir