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  1. Sorry. Gettlemens Draft This Year Blows

    If we've learned anything over the last several years, it should be to sit down and shut the fug up when Dave Gettleman is drafting football players. This man lives and breathes player evaluation 24/7. Questioning his decisions on draft day is foolish. Just sit back, enjoy the draft, and bitch about the busts that don't pan out once a few years have passed, like the rest of the Captain Hindsight's around here. More fun that way.
  2. Game 6 vs. Heat

    Dear Lord let our three's fall tonight! Let's get Whiteside and Dragic in foul trouble again, and keep Deng from running loose at the three point line.
  3. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    Someone start taking names of all those bashing the pick. We're going to be able to look back in a few years and laugh at em all.
  4. With the number one pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, the Los Angeles Rams select....
  5. Game 5 - Hornets @ Miami

    I was there too, that series was ours for the taking, we gave away game 6 at the end, blown out in game 7 on the road. Our team that year was awesome, with all the dunks from Davis and Eddie Robinson.
  6. Cliff fires shots at the Heat

    Thug life Cliff
  7. today's off -season workout tweets

    How awesome would it have been to see Nortman and Gano get some reps in the ballroom? I'm just picturing plaster and ceiling tiles raining down and chandeliers exploding into millions of glass fragments.
  8. NBA Playoffs Discussion

    I don't get NBA TV, will a local network be carrying game 4?
  9. Norman was not a production of a system

    I'll agree with you there, however we have a better group of LBs now than we did then. Either way, i think with our overall front 7 (assuming we draft pass rush help), I think we'll be fine without Josh back there. At least that's how I'm looking at it.
  10. Norman was not a production of a system

    Remember Terry Cousins and Reggie Howard? Not hall of famers or household names, but they were our starting CB's in the 2003 Super Bowl season. They were successful because of our dominate front 7, that's not a coincidence. I'm not saying Josh isn't top talent at hisposition, but I can't see regression of our defensebecause he's gone. If we find more successful pass rush this year, I think that offsets the loss of Norman, and I for one am excited to see if Kony Ealy picks up where he left off.
  11. Cam shirtless

  12. Batman vs Superman on MNF Dec 19th

    I hear you, but it should be as simple as saying "we're not willing to break our bank for you the way other teams might because it jeopardizes our long term success.Therefore go get paid young man." You can't hate a team for making a responsible financial decision, just like you can't blame Josh for wanting his big contract. If Josh feeds off the disrespect card, then all the power to him, but I don't think he should bear any ill will towards management. JMO
  13. Batman vs Superman on MNF Dec 19th

    Josh should have no axe to grind with the Panthers like Smitty did. He got paid above his worth, not disrespected.Plus we know he'll be amped up so just get him to lose his cool early. Cam will go right at him.
  14. I could have sworn he was the Eagles GM after that debacle of a trade the other day. Maybe he's on retainer as a consultant to the NFC East front offices.
  15. I doubt you could find too many examples of a high-priced FA turning down a big raise to be loyal. It's just not today's NFL. DG is looking out for the long term success of the Panthers - we've got Short, Star, and Ealy to sign in the near future, priorities.