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  1. Ties?

    The folks who run the spelling bee twitter won the internet the other day:
  2. Michelob Ultra

    Damn, you and London67 bringing back the Boone memories for me. My worst hangover ever was when I thought I was dead after a night of playing cards as a freshman in someone's apartment, I think in meadowview, downing Big Gulp-sized cups of Fruit Punch Gatorade and vodka. To this day, I can't hardly even look at that red Gatorade, and that was 23 years ago. If I learned anything in college, it's that being reckless with that poo can kill you. But I learned and stuck to Busch Light until I graduated a healthy young man. But yeah, I would have been the permanent DD before turning to Mich Ultra.
  3. Shaq Thompson Involved In Head on Collision

    Crazy, this happened right near where I live. What are the freaking odds of two pro football players in a car accident that doesn't know each other? Totally random, hope Boone fully recovers from his injuries.
  4. I opened this thread thinking Luke got his arm tatted up, but AJ just got a haircut. They look like twins now.
  5. Panthers Question on Jeopardy

    The category was Bad Ass Mother Fuc*ers, true story, Alex could hardly say it with a straight face.
  6. Wise words coming from Nate "Drunken" Stupar
  7. I like my beer like I like my violence - domestic.
  8. The masses don't bother to apply this much hatred towards the there's that.
  9. A Funchess Reminder

    Cam, Stew, Funchess, KB, Olsen, Tolbert, Philly, Ginn Jr. There's a reason we went all defense in this draft. I'm hype!
  10. Did Garrett have 800 yards receiving in that game? Damn.
  11. Game 7

    One of the biggest insults a team can hear is that it lacked hustle or energy. There is simply no excuse for that. And I don't even want to hear about lack of experience or team youth, bullshit. You're in the NBA and in game 7 of a playoff series, you had won three straight against these same guys. If the talent level was a gross mismatch, I can live with that. But these teams had the same regular season record, split their reg season series, and went all the way to game 7. They are evenly matched, but the team that wanted it more and brought more physicality won the series. And I can't accept a team that quits before the ball is even tipped and plays like scared giant pussies jogging up and down the court, like they're afraid of contact. Fug them all, I hope they feel like poo for months over this and can't sleep and have diarrhea for two weeks, and get their cars stolen. Seriously, fug those lazy pricks right in their goddam ears. Eat poo losers!!
  12. Game 7

    If a different team comes out of the locker room, we stand a chance. If the same bunch of hacks come out, then it's goodnight johnboy. This is one hell of a hangover from game 6, I swear they look like some defeated little bitches.
  13. Game 7

    Why is Nic goddam fuggin Batum even playing. He's extremely limited, but sure, let's throw him out there in game 7. Fug these assholes.
  14. Game 7

    These pansies look like they didn't even want to make the trip down. Kemba seems unsure of himself when he has the ball and everyone else seems shell shocked as if the series is already over. Fuggin pathetic, someone needs to light a fire.