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  1. Damn...lost another dog

    You're a tremendous champion of animals and I know you're a great mom. I'm sorry for your loss, but I also know Max had a very good life with you and didn't suffer. Always celebrate the great life he enjoyed.
  2. Camera advice

    The most popular and highest rated 35mm cameras ever produced, obviously just before digital took over: Canon AE-1, Leica M6 and the Nikon F6. I owned both the Canon and the Nikon at one time and really enjoyed trying different light settings, etc. You can easily find the AE-1 for less than $100 (keep in mind that it originally sold for around $300). The Leica may be a little more difficult to find and the Nikon was pretty popular as well and can be found for less than $100 also.
  3. Predators, perverts and pedophiles over party.
  4. Anyone surprised that one sexual predator is defending another?
  5. #MeToo women that refuse to speak out

    Actually, complainants must sign a non-disclosure agreement, the complainant is not represented by legal counsel while the harasser is represented by the House of Representatives general counsel. http://thefreethoughtproject.com/house-spent-millions-taxpayer-dollars-sexual-misconduct/ Transparency at its finest.
  6. Pubs latest " tax cut " bill

    Better yet, Trump is touting this as the "biggest tax cut in history," which is patently false, but who cares. And the GOP has now tied the ACA repeal to it. So guess what, middle and low-income families? The tax cut the President is lying about a $1200 savings to the middle class only means you'll have to turn around and spend it on your health insurance that he's going to take away at the same time.
  7. Please tell me in what respect he is a "criminal?" Guy had a DWI in 2014. The only civil conviction on his record. Based on my DWI in 1995, I guess I'm to be labeled as a life-long criminal as well, eh? One can only wish they have as perfect a life as you, without the smallest error in judgment or transgression.
  8. What Are You Listening To Right Now....

    Only record these guys did... and it's really fugging good...
  9. But are you the rule or the exception? (Rhetorical question) The fact of the matter is the GOP Senate is sitting on their hands and won't do a damn thing. Moore will get elected and the GOP Senate will simply sit back and say, "Well, voters gonna vote," and accept it all as normal. Just another day in the life of politicians prioritizing nothing ahead of their party affiliation. Morals, ethics, truth, justice... nothing takes precedence over their beloved GOP.
  10. in this thread i give Trump a sincere compliment

    Same can be applied to the AT&T and Time Warner merger. Trump is attempting to retaliate by sending the DOJ dogs after the merger and force the sell-off of CNN.
  11. in this thread i give Trump a sincere compliment

    Unfortunately, Trump has long since established himself as someone who doesn't deliver on promises and who also lies about 70% of what comes out of his mouth. That being said, watching the Church of Scientology series since it began reminds me of the current Administration. A lot of people saying a lot of things about what's really going on and the other party simply denies everything. And, as with this Administration, the Church should be brought up on charges.
  12. Although I'm a non-believer, I enjoy providing believers with their own words and then ask for their thoughts. "For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?" Mark 8:36
  13. What is that? A cap gun?
  14. DC is getting a crackhead statue

    Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, too.... Along with every other Hall of Fame known to man...
  15. "... an offer of women for Trump..." I'd take that deal all day long- Russians give us 5 women, we give the Russians Donald Fugging Trump.