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  1. Active shooter at Planned Parenthood in Colorado

    This just in: Donald Trump claims there were thousands of people cheering the suspect in the Planned Parenthood shooting as he was led to jail from the police car. Although no one can confirm, there are no reports and no witnesses, Trump still claims it happened.
  2. Sunday NFL game chatter....

    As bad as Pittsburgh's D is, I don't know why the refs had to turn their heads on about 5 obvious penalties on Seattle's D today.
  3. Active shooter at Planned Parenthood in Colorado

    I also find it curious that while Bernie Sanders and Hillary have both passed on their thoughts and condolences, not a single Republican candidate has uttered a single word....
  4. Active shooter at Planned Parenthood in Colorado

    And there are people out there who actually believe this complete lie. It's not even a fabrication or a stretch of the facts, this is an outright lie. If you understood the insurance industry and how it processes medical claims, you would quickly understand how your statement cannot be true. 
  5. Active shooter at Planned Parenthood in Colorado

    So the guy goes into a PP and starts shooting people. Up to 11 civilians wounded, 2 dead, officers wounded not included in that number.  So, yeah, I'll throw it out there the right wing fabrications and rhetoric regarding funding of abortions through PP had something to do with this. 
  6. SQUAD

    Yeah, you're right... who was I thinking of? 
  7. SQUAD

    Dude was in Philly for a few years...give him a break....
  8. Not sure.... a black QB who likes to celebrate won't add any fans from the rich, old and white football fans. Kinda like a certain important figure who lives in DC....
  9. Phil Simms

    He spent the first 10 minutes of Inside the NFL on Showtime giving nothing but positive props and love to Cam and the Panthers. As much of a Brady and Romo knob-slobberers as he and Nance both are, they were actually pretty fair.   But with 7 minutes left in the 3rd Q, Nance did say, "And it's only a 3-score game!"
  10. Props to Oher

    Likely the most underrated FA signing of the year.
  11. Does anyone have any advice for a future teacher

    It's good to want to make a career of something you actually enjoy doing. So, why not make the best of it and not only do what you want, but get paid what you want and do it in a place you'd love to live? Great, you want to be a teacher! Now, where would be your ideal place in the entire world to live? Next, can you afford to live and work in your ideal place?  There, you have it. Don't be afraid to go elsewhere and explore. Most people don't have the luxury of doing something they truly love for a living. It's a means to and end. But as long as you believe this is your calling and your dream job, there's no reason you shouldn't do it in a dream location.    
  12. Worldwide Travel Alert

    And airline ticket prices are down.  Flying my sister out from California next week for a few days- round trip less than $350.  Got my tickets for my January vacation to the Caribbean- round trips less than $300 each.  Fug 'em- carry on with life because doing anything less is letting them win. 
  13. Regardless of what the PD was trying to do, my point is why none of the protests started until now when the mere fact that a shooting took place over a year ago, was widely reported at that time and the simple fact that 16 rounds were fired at the kid would be more than enough to protest and demand answers. So why wait for the video? Why wait for a year? We knew a fugging year ago a kid was killed by the cops with 16 rounds and now, because the video is out, is the time to protest? And yes, I get all that about the PD and I wouldn't expect anything less from them. But despite their best efforts, the fact remains that a year ago 16 rounds were used to kill a kid. Who cares what evidence they tried to destroy or purge when 16 rounds is enough for me to start asking serious questions. Yes, the system is completely broken, but the fact remains that the only difference between yesterday and October 20, 2014 is a video of the incident was released. 
  14. I'm just wondering how this is now a huge protest issue, complete with "marching in the streets" and the usual posturing when the incident took place in October 2014? I mean, it was reported, made the news, newspapers, etc. and it was known over a year ago the kid was shot 16 times. But only now that a video was released do people want to act like a huge injustice has occurred. Where were these people protesting and demanding answers a fugging year ago when it was known then the cop popped 16 rounds into this kid? Nothing like coming late to the party.
  15. What Really Pisses ISIS Off

    Those damn Christmas commercials and decorations going up before Thanksgiving.