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  1. Anybodyhome

    I clearly need a hobby

    Lots of beekeeping resources at the state fair this year.
  2. Anybodyhome

    Who are the worst politicians you’ve voted for?

    About fugging time you finally understand. And thanks for your sh!t comment without answering the question. I voted for Gerald Ford in 1976. Thankfully, he lost.
  3. Anybodyhome

    Okay I admit it I hate N * * * * * *

    Are you serious? Here's the commercial size to make your next hat from
  4. Anybodyhome

    Eric Reid indeed is protesting during the anthem

    Success is measured in a variety of metrics: First, Kaepernick's foundation is continuing to raise money and donate money. Second, the ill-informed and misguided right, who cannot seem to fathom even the simplest definition of what the protest is, continues to keep the conversation at the forefront. Third, the fact that the national anthem was rarely shown as part of a network NFL broadcast and literally the only people who see any such protests are those in attendance at the stadium yet it still remains a relevant discussion.
  5. Anybodyhome

    Eric Reid indeed is protesting during the anthem

    You're not supporting your team. You're supporting certain players on the team. Big difference.
  6. Anybodyhome

    Eric Reid indeed is protesting during the anthem

    Except for one player in particular, right?
  7. Anybodyhome

    Eric Reid indeed is protesting during the anthem

    Just make it easy for yourself. Go find a team where no one is kneeling, root for them and gtf off this site.
  8. Anybodyhome

    All Things Conservative - Thread

    No sh!t. It's not like you're living under thumb of a narcissistic, ego-maniacal, wannabe dictator... oh wait.... ... and you have a choice... oh wait, again; Republicans don't want women to have choices, either. Oh well, Melania, you're fugged.
  9. Anybodyhome

    Body Transformation Time (again ugh)

    Ha! At age 38 I retired from the Navy and was still competing in triathlons: 6'6" 220lbs Age 40 stopped competing due to knee issues, got married and adapted to civilian work life. By 42 I was at about 240, but still in good shape. By age 55 had my gall bladder removed, significantly damaged rotator cuff and bone spurs in my feet. At 58 I got to 285lbs and didn't have the energy to do anything. Found out my thyroid crapped out. Started a gym routine just to keep my energy up and keep from turning into a total fat, slovenly toad stool. At 62 now, still at 285, but I'm moving all the time; arms, chest, back stronger than ever. Legs are strong as hell, but can only do low impact (bike, 'soft' treadmill, some leg extensions and leg curls- presses are out of the question. Need to get into bile salts to replace the work the gall bladder was supposed to do. On a thyroid med that some people swear they lost weight with, but not me. Anyway, thinking about getting into a keto diet to get in front of the thyroid thing because I'm being told that if I can't lose weight as much as I'm working out now, I may never lose it.
  10. Anybodyhome

    Roy Cooper's fiscal policy grade (Cato Inst) - F

    ...and the KKK doesn't like black people. News at 11.
  11. Anybodyhome

    IPCC Report doesn't look good...

    Yep. Twenty-five (25) 500-year storms in the last decade. "Just beyond the horizon..." Fugging moron.
  12. And it looks like there is no AP, although he was a situational player. But that does make Thompson their only real option at RB, and he will not likely get as many looks in the passing game as a result.
  13. Anybodyhome

    Niki Haley out

    She is supposedly retiring, citing her belief in term limits, etc. Regardless, she'll be there until the end of the year.
  14. Anybodyhome

    Upon further review...

    Refs will continue to allow more not-so-obvious holds rather than get put in a position to call or not call a roughing the passer penalty.
  15. As soon as the game was over I was headed to see the Hurricanes beat the NY Rangers 8-5 in the highest scoring hockey game I've ever been to. In that respect, Carolina was 2-0 versus NY on Sunday. However, from my very cushy seat in the club level at PNC, the Ranger fans were plentiful and loud, but, every time someone started a "let's go Rangers" chant, there came the "let's go Canes" chant right behind it. Thing is, with hockey fans anyway, there is an appreciation for the nuance of the game. Hockey fans don't call out their own players ('you suck!!") and you're more likely to see opposing fans complimenting a particular play by the other guy if it was warranted. Only time you really see fans going at each other or getting into the refs is when there's a blatant hit or missed call. Completely different fan experience.