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  1. 3 nights, 6 bands, October 7-9 in Indio, CA. Two bands will play each night and do a full set each. Not the usual festival with several different stages and music all day and night, this is a single stage event. First night: Rolling Stones & Bob Dylan Second night: Paul McCartney & Neil Young Third night: Roger Waters & The Who $399 3-day general admission all the way to $1500 reserved seating.
  2. Best Hair Band songs

    Nothing more to say...
  3. And McCrory wasn't bad as Mayor of Charlotte, either. And look at the massive douche he is now.
  4. Yeah, well Trump was once voted one of the most hated people in NY, too. Short term memory, I guess.
  5. A shovel and a couple bags of lime help, too..... learned that from "Goodfellas."
  6. How convenient of the right to forget a Republican majority Senate confirmed Loretta Lynch as the Attorney General and thereby, boss of the DOJ. How convenient of the right to also gloss over the fact they felt it perfectly okay for the state to dictate to the cities, but it's not okay for the Feds to dictate to the states....
  7. Oldie but goodie

    Nope. I'm not implying anything. I said Jesus F. Christ is a fictional character. Nothing about you. Are you offended or just jealous?
  8. Oldie but goodie

    Yep. Just like they made a name for the fictional character you mention in your opening words.... except I think you added the middle name on your own, which is a rather ironic and yet common colloquialism. And my native American name is "Hunglikehorse."
  9. I thought he was talking about the first Super Bowl... against the Pats. The Panthers were closer to winning that Super Bowl than they were to winning against Denver.
  10. F***, just when I'd almost erased that complete and utter embarrassment from my mind. Thanks for nothin', Scrum.
  11. Jake Delhomme's performance against the Arizona Cardinals at home Saturday, January 10, 2009.
  12. Nothing more than a reflection of the vitriol spewed by Fox News people. This is precisely the viewing audience Fox News commands, why is anyone surprised?
  13. Anyone ever cook Sous Vide???

    But aren't most cooking "mistakes" due to not paying attention?
  14. You could actually say the same thing about the other guy as well.
  15. I took it as the writer was trying to build the hero card even more. Former Marine, married, kids, hero, cross-fit,blah, blah, blah. We get it, you want us to believe he was a "man's man." If this guy was just another "Jackson, the cubicle 9-5 guy" there would not even be any press coverage.